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Ultramarines in Codex....

I was wondering if any non Ultramine lovers are annoyed at how many Ultamarine references are in the new Space Marine Codex. I think there should be more of other chapters. Does anyone else think this?
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LOL it was the same way in the 3rd and 4th edition codex and IIRC as wellas the 2nd ed dex. Umies always get much love as they are the flagship marines of the Imperium.
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I don't mind the Ultramarines per se. What I mind is that they're flawless. They don't have any baggage over ten thousand years, just a long list of (relatively) good things they've done in the name of the Emperor. Most Chapters have something they sort of rock their heels and whistle innocently about when someone asks, but not the Ultramarines. It makes them dull. They're like Superman without the kryptonite and racist propaganda.

I think a lot of the hate for the teeming masses of Ultramarines comes from the fact that people new to the hobby see them on all the covers for the boxes and assume that's what all Space Marines are supposed to look like. I know I did when I got into 40k ten years ago, when the Emperor still walked amongst his people... and a lot of folks just don't bother changing to a different Chapter when they realize that there are just so many cooler things out there, and their models don't have to be blue.

Mercifully, in Indiana, people seem to tend to shy away from the Ultramarines, because if you show up at a store with them, everyone's first reaction is, "Oh, you're a Colts fan!" Now, there's nothing wrong with the Colts (they're one of the top teams at the moment, after all) but it definitely takes away from the models all the same for some reason. When I painted the store's Assault on Black Reach display, I was going to do Ultramarines, but I had visions of passersby looking into the window and saying, "Oh, look, the Colts are fighting those green monsters!" The store gets enough traffic from random people due to its location that I decided to go with a different Chapter-- and the Blood Angels fighting Orks is a classic matchup all the same, so it works.

The real reason I think Ultramarines are the flagship Chapter, though, is because they're really god damned easy to paint. It's outrageously difficult to screw up blue power armour, so if you're new to the hobby end of things, you can make a presentable army without any time-honed skill. There's something to be said for that, too-- it helps keep people from getting discouraged.

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I know of most of this but I dont think there should be as much on them. They have 6 or so special characters whilst most chapters dont even heve 1.
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The Black Legion and Red Corsairs get almost all the fluff in the Chaos codex too. It makes sense: focus on the vanilla army to keep things simple.

Of course I wish my favorite legion got more love, but Emperor's Children get two special characters, both with some really cool fluff, so I can't really complain. (Poor Alpha Legion...)
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I don't understand people who got annoyed over all the Ultra references, I mean, there only a fictional race of super humans, or blue toys, why get so emotional over them, its only a game, I've seen people get more annoyed at ultramarines than they ever would having there family murdered.

if you don't like them, ignore them, and the old "they got 6 special characters" argument is pointless, anybody with a chapter using that codex can use them, so its not like there ultra specific

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Personally I like the fluff and background of them. I just don't like how the codex has them mainly and barely makes any reference to anyone else really. How about shading some light on the rest of the chapters or making the book BIGGER to get more general SM fluff instead of the Ultras in there.

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I see no reason why people should be annoyed or anything just because the UltraMarines are the most prominent chapter in the codex. People should be happy with what we have and stop bitching and moaning about what we haven't. I think its justified to a degree anyway. As someone else said they are (relatively) easy to paint and are a good beginning point for those new to the hobby. So it makes sense to focus on them, avoid complicating things for new people. Also, fluff wise they are supposed to be the pinnacle of 'Marinehood' so it makes sense they should be the de facto chapter when compared to others. I can understand frustration from players but I do not think it is justified. Just my two pence.
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Personally I think people should just get over how much they read about the Ultras. They should try coming up with their own chapter name, history, and special characters.

People that complain about how much fluff the ultras get just can't come up with their own so want to pull from another chapter with a color scheme they like. Well to bad. The best part of this game is its ability for new fluff to be added in by players without (generally) affecting the old fluff of the game. Players should learn to come up with their own.

and Son of Horus I know what you mean about Indiana. I was at Gen Con Indy this year when they opened the new stadium. I've never seen an entire city wearing the same colors before
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I just don't like the fluff (as said they're near enough flawless) I like more complicated fluff (DA,IF and CF being my favourite)

I have my own fluff and like all other chapters (save the Flawless smurfs) I ensured a flaw to the chapter.

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