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Over the top HQ's

Hi All

Just successfully fielded a very over the top HQ which was as follows
SM captain
Storm Shield
Relic Blade
Hellfire Rounds
Melta Bombs
Artificer Armor

He seems to me to have far too much gear but he did survive massive volleys of fire and wipe out a Crisis suit team, but then got massive numbers of bad rolls and failed to finish of the commander in CC which lasted until the last round when the Tau Commander dropped

So I want to see some other peoples over equipped HQ's I bet there are some real shockers.
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HSO, Power Fist, Refractor Field
Medic, Standard, 2x Plasmagun.
Commisar, Power Fist.
Priest & Psyker.
2x AT Support Squads (3x Lascannon, 3x Missile Launcher)
2x FS Support Squads (3x Autocannon, 3x Heavy Bolter)
2x Mortar Support Squads (6x Mortar Teams)
1x Sentinel Squad (3x Multilasers)

Slightly over the top for an HQ choice?

Tactica: Infantry Platoons
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Originally Posted by bishop5 View Post
2x AT Support Squads (3x Lascannon, 3x Missile Launcher)
2x FS Support Squads (3x Autocannon, 3x Heavy Bolter)
2x Mortar Support Squads (6x Mortar Teams)
1x Sentinel Squad (3x Multilasers)
i thought you could only have a maximum of 5 of these squads? (2 each of the heavy weapons platoons, and only 1 sentinel)

if i have this wrong, please throw a book at my head and ignore me

Quisnam praesumo, successio
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Never played them myself, only had them inflicted on me: An Inquisitor Lord with so many Henchmen with so many different rules and bonuses that we just try to avoid engaging the unit at all (To spare us from the time it takes to have the player reference his rules yet again ).

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Shame the 4th Edition CSM Codex isn't around anymore... the only thing even vaguely wrong with it was that a Lord could take a flank by himself most of the time.

These days, it's hard to make an HQ unit that's really "over the top"-- you get what you pay for. The Captain listed above is something like 260 points, and the Imperial Guard Command Platoon is, while illegal due to too many component units, well over 1000.

You could argue that an Ork Weirdboy is an over the top HQ choice because it's so inexpensive for what you get from it.

Now, if you want to just talk about generally good HQ models, that's fine-- I'm a fan of the Space Marine Captain with dual lightning claws, a jump pack, an auxiliary grenade launcher, and artificer armour. Powerhouse in combat, as well protected as he can be; and despite having a pair of lightning claws, he's still got a good ranged attack. A slightly different setup (which meets with an equal stamp of approval) is the Captian with a jump pack armed with a relic blade, plasma pistol, digital weapons, auxiliary grenade launcher, and artificer armour. Negligable risk with the plasma pistol, an extra shot (albeit of less punch, but still another shot) from the grenade launcher, and has really an equal ability in combat as the previously mentioned Captain-- the tradeoff is a higher initial strength but with fewer re-rolls for failed to-wound rolls. It's a more expensive setup, but the returns are really about the same. It falls to personal preference, I suppose.

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Hhmmmm.....Abbaddon, you can't get more over then him

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with the new SM dex, just for the hell of it i figured out how much Calgar and 3 honour guard units maxed out with ever bit of gear they could possibly take and it came out to be 2300\2400 pts or somesuch. almost as much as a warlord battle titan....
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the nightbringer......

W:9 D:0 L:0

Chaos Marines
W:21 D:2 L:3

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Yeah, toughest are theC'TAN, I remember playing a game against the space wolves and aside from a couple of power fist guys, no one could actually hurt him in close combat! The memories....

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having played the nightbringer several times against various armies, im forced to conclude thats hes way overrated. if you have a C'tan in your army, pretty much all of the time your opponant will fire pretty much every thign at it in the first couple of turns. and this will usually kill it! on the one time when thay did not take it out in the first minute, it managed to hold up an entire flank of stealers for about 5 turns. its powerful, but not very well protected.

MC is way overpowered, as is Abbadon.

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