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Default Competitive army list

Hi all I'm back...just wondering if anyone can give me tips or guidelines to build competitive army lists please.

Thank you in advance

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It would help if you gave an army type, points level, and general background for your list before anyone can really comment.
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^ what he said.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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I play iron warriors much toward the siege fluff and
I have 2 sets of dark vengeance
Hellbrute with lascannon and thunder hammer
2-3 rhinos
1 land raider
3 obliterators
Squad of 5 terminators
Squad of 10 marines
5 possessed

1500-1850 ( the standard points mainly)

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@Mossy Toes is going to be one of the best members to seek advice from when it comes to chaos marines.

However, some of the stuff your likely going to be told, regardless of what you do or do not want, by anyone that can help you will probably include:

1. Get a different army if you want to play competitive, chaos marines are low tier (true or not someone is always going to tell you this, personally it annoys the hell out of me when they do.)

2. Get a helldrake with baleflamer

3. Give those obliterators the mark of Nurgle and take them as three groups of one

4. Take two five man squads of marines in rhinos, and probably invest in two more identical squads

5. Get another terminator and take two squads of three with combi meltas/plasmas and deep strike them

6. Take a squad or two (depending on whether your told to get one or two helldrakes) of three strong bikers with meltas or flamers

Personally, given what you have and the theme around your army, I would look to swap the hammer for a missile launcher on the dred, get ten more marines, get a unit of havocs, and consider either an allied guard detachment (I'd suggest Death Korps) or the guard artillery formation to get you some ordnance.

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What are the meta armies for this format then

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Do one or two things very well (lots of hard hitting firepower, lots of speed, lots of choppiness in combat, very resilient units, ability to summon more units as you go, so many units you can flood the table and lock down the objectives etc.). Have means to take down the big stuff like imperial knights and wraithknights- or a high enough volume of units that you can win without having to kill them

Have answers to the various types of competitive list out there

Or just build a list with lots of points efficient units that are good at what they do, give it your best shot and have fun- win, lose or draw.

edit: Coming back to this I'll repeat something I read elsewhere about competitive 40k armies. Good tournament lists are often effective because they nullify large portions of the opponent's army. A few examples are imperial knight armies, tyranid flying monstrous creature lists and KDK flesh hound lists. Imperial knights are impervious to small arms fire so any points spent on bolters, flamers, low strength CC attacks etc. are wasted because they can't scratch high armour value knights. Tyranid flying armies can spend the game swooping around the table shooting your units while the only way to interact with them them effectively is skyfire shooting, and most likely they won't be facing armies prepared for that type of game. Khorne flesh hound lists are fast, good in close combat and can scout up all their doggies and charge you very early in the game, and you can't shoot them or move if they've trapped your shooting units in combats they aren't going to win

^ Balanced 40k!

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