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Default Sonic Weaponry

Thanks for all those who helped me choose Emperors Children. How many sonic blasters shouls i put in each noise marine squad and should i have a blastmaster in each unit.I was think 2 blasters was enough maybe. o and should i consider using regular marines with marks or just use noise marines.
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Well generally even though standard chaos marines w/ icon of slaanesh will always be cheaper than noise marines without sonic blasters, the blasters make the noise marines very good. I run a squad with all blasters (the blasmaster is just TOO much) and its pretty expensive but I like it, especially against nids/orks.

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the amount of shots blasters can put out on the move or standing still is quite impressive, and the blastmaster while pricey is good against those bigger things so use that one at your own discretion, but also fyi the niose marine box only comes with 1 blastmaster and 1 sonic blaster, so you would probably be better off getting a box of normal csm and going to the GW bits page and ordering their niose marine kit, and as for standard marines, they can act as fairly good tie up units since they are much cheeper than your niose marines, good for getting your marked marines into CC or having them as a counter-attack unit so your niose marines can keep shooting those plentiful shots of the sonic blasters, lesser daemons are also good at this and cheeper but do die faster

So simple, use niose marines with max sonic blasters(since if you dont might as well take marked standard marines) and use those in conjunction with marked standard marines to keep your niose marines shooting, and take the blastmaster, see how you like it, if you do keep it, if you dont toss is out, that one is really for preference

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Just to add, that the Doom siren (super heavy flamer of death) can be easily converted without buying the noise marine box or EC hero with the dirge caster from the vehicle upgrade sprue (the thing that looks like a boombox made from a daemonic face)

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If your happy converting then all sonic blasters are the way to go I have 2 squads in my army and made all the sonic weapons from scratch I also have a couple of normal squads with icon to bulk out the force as noise marine armies are to small otherwise.

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I personally use an equal amount of boltguns to sonic blasters so that there are the boltguns to take off as casualties.

Blastmasters, I use one in the entire army just because I feel there should be one in the there, but at 40 points it is possibly the most overpriced bit of kit in 40k.
Quite what possessed the GW rules testers to make it 40 points I shall never know I mean 5 points more than a lascannon in a havoc or devestator squad, so where did that come from? really who lost a game to a shot from one of these when it was being playtested thats what i want to know? Drone, mumble mumble, moan moan, whinge, whine, bleat, mutter............................................ ................................................
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All sonic blasters is the way to go. As already suggested I would agree with normal CSM boxes then get the blaster bits. It fits in with fluff and they are great even if they do cost a lot.

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I have to echo DaemonsR'us. Good points.

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Yeah, all Sonic Blasters is the better option, I think.

Side complaint: It is really annoying that whatever you do, you'll end up with surplus metal weapons. The EC box has a blastmaster, one sonic blaster and a doom siren. And the weapons pack has a blastmaster and five sonic blasters. That would have made sense back when you could make noise havoc squads, but it just leads to useless stockpiling now.

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In my 3000pt E.C army, all my troops are 5 man noise marine squads with 3 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster and a champ with a doom siren and power sword. The fire power these guys can put down is awesome plus the fact they cause pinning is a good plus. I've won a lot more games than lost with these guys as in a good round of shotting, you can take a large amount of the enemies army out or they can't move.
The extra sonic blasters can now be bought from GW as a bitz pack so you don't have to hunt them down.
Hope this is some help

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