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Army Name Race Game System Points
Athau Crusaders Black Templars Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2300
» Athau Crusaders
4 HQ- Castellan. 160~plasma pistol, power sword, Artificer Armor, Adamantine Mantle, and Terminator Honors
-Command Squad 240~Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Chapter Champion, Sargent, Marine with Meltagun, all with term honors
Emperor's Champion 90~ gotta choose oaths... so add 10,20,35, or 50
Master of Sancity

3 Elite- Sword Brethren 1 190~power fist, meltagun, bolters, w/ term honors
Sword Brethren 2 185~power sword, power fist, close combats and bolter pistols, w/ term honors
Assault Terminators 225~ Furious charge, 3 Thunder hammers, 2 Claws

2 troops- 10 Initiate squad 216~Flamer, Missile Launcher, rest bolters
5 Initiate + 5 Neophyte squad 151~Flamer

1 fast- 5 man assault squad 246~Flamer, Meltabombs, power axe, and plasma pistol

2 Heavy- 1 Stormraven Gunship 245~extra armour, multi melta, assault cannon, and hurricane bolter sponsons ( i know, technically not allowed which is why tisn't calculated into above points but awesome still)
1 Land Raider Crusader
» Basic Founding
I derived it from the Black Templars Chapter cause of their honor and faith, but i did a little change in that my squads dont go full out melee. Many of them do, but not all. I got the colors mainly from Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. I just really like the tealish blue and the milky white of the knights. The name i've been tossing around and trying to find one that rang for no psykers. Athau is the greek meaning (so my translations say...) for "Without Magic."
» Iconography
The Marines of this chapter feature a turquoise base colored armor with milky white shoulder pads. Two orange fires are for visual optics. The right shoulder (viewing Marine from front) features a red cross covering the whole of the pad. The edging and detail of the power armor is golden, including the lining between ceramite (if my memory serves the name properly...) plates. The skull symbols on the weapons and armor look realistic. The Blood Sworn Veterans sport milky helmets featuring blood red bands and studs around the head in honor of the blood of the Emperor given so that the Imperium survives.
» Persons of the Chapter
Athau Marshall Crozious Tiberium

Emperor's Chosen Vladamir Caldrim

Master of Sanctity Albany Kai

Chief Apothecary Apollyon Griswall

Athau Champion Alexander Fury

Command Squad Athau Blood Sargent Tiberius Manteal (Man-Teel)

Meltagun Athau Blood Veteran Lesander Draco

Terminator Athau Blood Brother Ignacio Valen
» Fluff
The Athau Crusaders were founded by Crozious Tiberium after a crusade of Black Templars suffered heavy losses from the battle of Forge World Graia in support of Captain Titus, the Inquisition, as well as the Blood Ravens and the Cadian unit stationed there. (yes i am a heavy 40k fan as i have the movie and all games...) With High Marshal Helbrecht's, and the Inquisition's approval, Crozious became the first of the Athau Marshals. With some gifts from Helbrecht, some suits of Terminator armor and some battle barges, Crozious's crusaders became dead set on defeating the powers of the Warp. They fight day and night against the forces of Chaos and believe that every psyker, even Space Marines and those of the Inquisition are just time bombs to implode into a Warp Gate, because of this they will never work with those who control the warp, although they begrudgingly will work with the Grey Knights and the Inquisition when it is required... Because of the infancy of their chapter, the Crusaders have very few relics, such as Terminator armor, Predators, and have no Land Raiders. Instead of the Sword Brethren that are in the Black Templars armies, the Athau veterans make an oath of blood to the Emperor. These veterans become Blood Brothers and use their own blood, pured by the Master of Purity(Chief Chaplain), to adorn their own milky helmets. The Crusaders also do not have the blessing of having an Ancient with which to guide them as of yet because of how young the chapter is. The preferred route of entry by the Athau are by Drop Pods from orbit or dropping in from the Thunderhawks and, a rare gift from a Blood Angels company, a Stormraven. In defense of high priorities, the Crusaders prefer to draw their enemies into a narrow corridor to make better use of their assaulting skills as well as crossing lines of fire.
» Images
  • High Marshall and Emporer's Champion
» Comments
Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/08/2012 12:37
Thanks. been trying to get it down cause I really like it, but I think tis only gonna stay on my terminators as I can't quite master it. Hopfully i'll have pics up of one of my Crusader squads soon.
Learchus's Avatar
05/08/2012 12:31
the command squad looks great, gotta buy me one too. i'm not fond of the glow effect though. you paint gold very well by the way.
Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/07/2012 12:00
Pics aren't very good, but here's some. The terminators were my attempts at the glow effect.
Learchus's Avatar
05/06/2012 16:45
have you finished the new bases? would like to see more pics.
Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
04/27/2012 12:42
I am currently working on re-doing the bases in a ruins setting as well as finishing the painting and getting better pics.
Learchus's Avatar
04/10/2012 06:05
nice painting scheme and background but the pics are quite blurry, would be interesting to see it better.

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