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Announcements in Forum : Tau Army Lists

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  05-15-15 until 07-15-15
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A friend NEEDS our Help!

Last week I was belatedly informed of the plight and situation of someone very dear to me and frankly I was both hurt and saddened by her situation, her reluctance to tell me directly (I'm not the most approachable person in the world after all). Most of all though I'm furious with myself for not noticing the 120 post thread Zion made on her decision and not being able to help sooner.

I've been speaking with Zion quite a lot over the last few days and things her end are rough right now, it seems her family are blatantly refusing to accept her decisions and I fear for her, she needs help getting on her own two feet away from negative influences and is probably going to be pissed at me for posting this, maybe ever so slightly embarrassed by it but honestly I couldn't give two fucks. A friend of mine needs help and I'll give it the best way I know how. Through support, both emotionally and in light of recent developments - financially via a small donation.

I've sent Zion a few payments for writing over the years so I have a little paypal email address here chibi.zion@gmail.com and want to ask kindly, if anyone has a spare dollar or two lying around and wouldn't mind helping out please consider sending it over. I can't begin to imagine what shes going through right now and honestly whatever you can spare will be the best money you spend all year.

Thanks for reading folks lets make a difference!

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The Subforums Are For LISTS ONLY!

I know it's awesome having the Army Lists forum divided up into neat little sub-forums, but you need to remember: Just because the forum is called "Space Marines" (or Tau, or whichever) does NOT mean it is for posting anything and everything related to that list. It is just for posting Army Lists for that faction.

If you have questions about rules or tactics for a given race then come down to 40k Rules Discussions or 40k Tactics or even General 40k and ask the experts.
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