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Default Necron Combos and tactics for 6th edition

Since about 10 days or So have Passed since the release of 6th I figured it was about time to accumulate a list of tactics and Combos For use against those barberic Corpse on a throne worshipping Imperials and anyone else foolish enough to stand in the way of our glorious galactic reclamation. Now I have already looked for something similar on here but have not found anything yet but If I missed something feel free to lock and delete this

Now Without further Ado lets begin.

The Goal: Its quite simple really. If you have a Cool Necron Combo or just an awesome tactic Just Post it (With details of overall points cost and effectiveness as well as some variations on it), Test it and I'll add it to the list. I'll also note who posted the combo so credit can be given where Credit is Due

Guide: All COmbos will list 1 of the following Class and an effectiveness Grade.
  • A Tactic or Combo Will be Classed either as a Death Star, a 1 use Game Changer, Army/Tactic Discrimintry (EX anti-Mech), Character Killing or Just simply Hilarious
Grades are Taken on the Following Table
- Cheesy (Broken)
- A (Very Good take it if you have spare points)
- B (Good, Not great but gets the Job Done)
- C (Average)
- D (Niche use's otherwise not worth it)
- E (For the Lols but otherwise acheives nothing)

Combo's : To Get this Started I'm going to Post 10 Combo's that have been made possible thanks only to this edition. I'll post older ones later along with combo's people post themselve's. I'll do my best to keep them in unit Order
  1. Challange Accepted
    (Mind Shackle Scarabs + Sempiternal Weave + Warscythe on Lord)
    Class: Character Killing
    Summary: Think Necrons are terrible in combat. You have yet to face an overlord and all the dirty trick's 1 can use. By facing this combo you have 2 choice's watch your Character kill itself, die to a Warscythe or meet some other horrible fate or watch your unit get decemated by the Overlord while your character sits back and does nothing. Thats what this Combo give you. Its nasty
    Cost: Between 75 and 135 based on choice of Lord or Overlord. Exludes extra gear
    Grade: A+ (Unless you have a good reason not to use this you carry it in all cron lists)
  2. Challange Denied
    (Some sort of Lord or Cryptek in the same Squad as your HQ)
    Class: Character Killing
    Summary: Yet another great dirty Trick. Dont want Trayzyn, Orikan Or Obyron Fighting Abbadon Or Ghazskull and would rather put there talents to infantry killing. This is your combo. Simply let your oppenent challange you say yes and just put a Lowly lord or Cryptek in there place and watch the look on there face as there accompaning unit is destroyed and while Other armies can do this with Sgts and the like we have the advantage of Re-animation so we can rinse and repeat if necassary
    Cost: How much you want it to be
    Grade: B (Usally you want HQ's in challenges but this is a great way out if needed)
  3. Ctan Deathstar Killer - I saw it after Iron Angel posted in another thread
    (Ctan + Times Arrow + Gaze of Death)
    Class: Character Killing
    Summary: This is even more powerful then the Mind Shackle Combo. This is your Draigo and Abbadon Killer. With High Toughness, 4++, S7 Ap2, Fear and the ability to regain wounds even the most combat savy oppenents dare not face this less whole units die and while slow getting too combat its nothing sticking to cover or Using tarpits cant mitagate. And once you've finished disposing of character you can turn your attention to everything else. Very Powerful
    Cost: 275
    Grade: Cheesy (While the cost does take some sting out of it. The potential of it means I cant rate it anything less)
  4. Canoptek Doom
    (Destroyer Lord + 5/6 Wraiths)
    Class: Mini Death Star
    Summary: Wraiths with prefered enemy everything and a Warscythe Lord. Need I say More
    Cost: Bareboones this will combination will set you back 335 but will more then like cost more due to gear
    Grade: Cheesy (Expect this to be a bullet magnet as the moment it gets into combat all hell break loose)
  5. Earth Scourer - by Creator of Chaos
    (Destroyer Lord with Res Orb + 20 Necron Warriors)
    Class: Game Changer
    Summary: We all know how powerful the Phearonic Hoard was in the last edition and while this lose's the infamous move/Shoot/Charge aspect it gives us something everyone has only dream off till now. Warriors with re-rollable Guass Flayers and combat throws. To put simply expect your unprotected infantry or Vechiles to die should you see this (Hence the Name) and while its a Tad Vulnerable to Termies or Battle Cannons the Res Orb and if you decide an accopanying Ghost ark can go a Long way to mitigate that.
    Cost: 415 excluding Additonal Wargear and potential Royal Court Members
    Grade: A- (Those Cost and Destroyerlord losing its mobility prevent it reaching the same level as the Phearonic Hoard but still Feared nonetheless)
    Variations: Watch your oppenent cringe when you include a Tachyon Arrow
  6. Disco Earth Scourer - By Creator of Chaos
    (Destroyer Lord + Phearon Overlord with Warscythe + 20 Warriors + Res Orb + 2 Mindshackle Scarabs + 2 Sempiternal Weave)
    Class: Game Changer and Death Star
    Summary: Combining both the Earth Scourer and Phearonic Hoard gives us this all killing monster but unlike Other Death Stars This 1 is Actually Afforable in standard Games. Everything that can hit and wound gets re-roll's on 1. Few Problems in Combat, Kills Vechiles and Can Move/Shoot/Charge and the Cryptek can augment you further. If you use this make sure you take Ghost Arks because this thing is a magnet for bullets.
    Cost: 595 without other gear Cheaper then most other death Stars in the necron Army and has double the members but still expensive
    Grade: A+ (Very tempted to make this cheesy but the Cost maybe a Tad to much)
    Variations: Add Tachyon Arrows or Harbingers to make this even more Nuts
  7. Prefered Enemy Royal Court
    (Maxed Royal Court including 5 MSS, Res Orb, Veil of Darkness and a varitey of other gear + Destroyer Lord)
    Class: Death Star
    Summary: The Footsloogers that make even the Chaos Gods weep. This thing is extremly expensive but extremly versitile and resiliant packing a variety of weapons and Special rules that this Court is Famous For but now all with prefered Enemy Everything. Sadly tho due to its Steep Cost (At-least 75 Points a Necron Lord and gear and 45+ a Cryptek) you wont see this monster outside Apocalypse Game's. However when it is fielded it anything it touches just Dies and Dies quick.
    Cost: anywhere from 700 upwards of around 1000
    Grade: Cheesy (What else could I rank it this thing does not die)
    Variations: For even more brokenness throw in addional independant characters
  8. Terminator Hunters
    (7-10 Preatorians + Destroyerlord with Res Orb)
    Class: Army/Tactic Killer (Anti TEQ)
    Summary: The Destroyer Lord has found his way into a few combo's now but thats testament to his new found versitility. Anyhow Terminators are probably the greatest threat necrons and this is your Answer. Fast and effective in movement and shooting and reasonable in combat the Only thing holding it back is sheer Cost but if terminators are a problem then you have little else you can use. Note Only use preatorians with Destroyer Lord
    Cost: anywhere from 375 Upwards
    Grade: B- While definatly useful the lack of invuln save and there cost seriously hold them back
  9. Mass Murder Driveby - Some Random from last edition
    (Trazyn the Infinite + Command Barge)
    Class: Humourous and Game Changer
    Summary: Originally created and subsequently nerfed last edition due to the FAQ. Is back thanks to the Command Barge Becoming a Chariot and while some question remain about sweep Attacks the Chariots ability to charge into combat and give Trazyn a +2 save ensure he at-leasts gets the chance to safely let off the emphatic obliterator which is deadly against hoards and best of All Trayzyn turns the barge into an objective claimer.
    Cost: 265
    Grade: B (While it is definatly back still struggles against more powerful units but the ability to claim objectives and kill hoards makes it a contender in most players Lists)
  10. Return of the Monolith Phalanx - New Rule Book
    (1-3 Monoliths)
    Class: Game Changer
    Summary: Thanks to the new rules for Skimmers which grant Snap Firing after firing ordanance blasts and the ability to scatter onto enemy units without mishapping Monoliths are once more terrifying bringing back many of the Old Tactics including the infamous Phalanx and while Melta immunity is missed the Eternity gate opens up many new tricks. For example Deep Strike 3 Monoltihs in front off oppenents either suck them all in or bring your army through. Is it scary yes and while its not the return of the pyramid of Death Monoliths are back
    Cost: 200-600
    Grade: C+ (Not exactly the pyramid of Death but I'm sure combos will open up soon)

Todays 5 Combos
  1. Trollzyn the Infinite
    (5-10 Lychguard with Swords/Shield + Trayzyn + Necron Lord with Res Orb, Mind Shackle Scarabs, Warscythe + Nightscythe)
    Class: Laughable + Game Changer
    Summary: Step 1. Bombard your enemy for 2 turns and lure them foward, Step 2 Come in from reserve and fly 36. Step 3 Unload over Objective and dare oppenent to take it back Step 4 ??????? Step 5 Profit. No really its that simple By Transporting Trazyn and a Res Orb Lord over an objective you get a Unit that not only doesn't die and takes a point but makes your oppenent flip out as he vainly wastes resource's on them taking attention away from the rest of your army
    Cost: 600 to 825
    Grade: B+ (This combo works and works well however due to the steep cost you wont want to use it outside of large games unless you wish to be restrained in what your army uses)
  1. Marine Smasher - Corrected By Da Joka
    (Ghost Ark with + 5 Crypteks un-upgraded + 1-5 Necron Lords Un-upgraded)
    Class: MEQ Killer
    Summary: Possessing no less then 15 or more AP3 Shots and a myriad of Guass Flayer shots even the most heavily defended marines perish to this quickly at the rate of a squad a turn. Simply at the start move your royal-court into an un-occupied Ghost Ark then off you go. Move 12” in your fist turn then every 6” after that to keep in range of those pesky marine's and Viola you have a marine Killer thats both effective and very Survivable
    Cost: 270-410 (Surprisingly cheap)
    Grade: B+ (While Definatly more resiliant and Versitile then a destroyer squad this thing is a Bullet magnet so protect to get the most use out of it)
  1. Gunline Breaker
    (Anrakyr the Traveller + Despair Tech with Veil of Darkness + 5-10 Lychguard)
    Class: Line Breaker
    Summary: Designed with the soul purpose of disrupting defence formations Deep Strike behind the enemy or where every its safe to do so take a vehicle Then Destroy it and then go around curb stomping your oppenents back row While He scramble's whatever power units he has to counter it. Not the most effective unit in the galaxy but 1 that make guard player's run for the hills
    Cost: 450-675
    Grade: B+ (Gets the Job done but requires support to be fully viable)
    Variations: Swith the Lychguard for Immortals if you wish for a shooty variant instead
  1. Vehicle? Where? - By Farseer Darvaleth
    (20 Warriors, Zandrekh, and a Despairtek with VoD)
    Class: Anti-Vehicle
    Summary: Warriors deep strike near a vehicle using VoD. Zandrekh gives them Tank Hunters. They rapid fire, dealing an average 10 hull points in one volley at full strength. Kills vehicle.
    Cost: Altogether 505 points, but these units aren't straitjacketed into killing one vehicle then becoming useless; Zandrekh is useful across the board, and these 20 warriors can strike multiple times and take objectives.
    Grade: For killing a vehicle, Cheesy. For their points cost, A.
  1. Backrow Hunter - By Madden
    units: 5 praetorians with void blades and casters 1D lord scythe semi and orb MSS
    Class: Back field Removal
    Summary: Deep strike into there back field wreck artillery/heavy support units with 5 s6 shots (with preferred enemy) then following turn assault/chase them down (don't forget the praetorians have entropic)
    Cost: 380pts (depending on upgrades)
    Grade: (A, a good disruption unit can also be used to challenge support characters with the right upgrades on the lord.)

5 more Combo's. Thanks to everyone whose's Contributed Thus Far
  1. Unlimited Power – By Iron Angel
    (Harbinger of Despair + 2-4 Harbingers of the Storm)
    Class: Anti heavy Vehicle
    Summary: Cheap, Versatile and capable of appearing anywhere at-once this Unit is capable of destroying a tank faster then a Hoard of Scarabs and thanks to ever-living are surprisingly hard to completely eradicate. Its Job is simply to Harass and annihilate your opponents power vehicles as quickly as possible and where-ever they are reaching locations that other units sometime cant reach and once there are no vechiles they can take to Infantry Harassment. Also good for Psychological Warfare.
    Cost: 110 – 160
    Grade: A- (The combo is brialliant and devasting and should it get going expect all your vechiles to die but a Bad Deep-strike can ruin your fun due to there short 12'' Range)
  1. Mind Shackle Kill-yourself Squad – Archon Dan
    (5 Necron Lords with Weave and Shackle Scarabs + Overlord with Warscythe, Weave, Shackle Scarabs, Res Orb)
    Class: Anti HQ and Anti-Combat
    Summary: Possessing no less then 6 Shackle Scarabs. This slow unit is the ultimate anti-combat and Character tactic in the necron Army whose job it is to hunt other characters and combat units. While slow Its a unit your oppenent will want to avoid at all-costs as if it does not out-right kill something will tarpit forever making the likes of Mephiston and the Hive Tyrant redundant. If you find the unit is slow combo it with a Ghost ark for the Move and assualt.
    Cost: 485 with 5 staffs of light and 1 warscythe. 535 with all warscythes
    Grade: B+ (As powerful as this unit is its expensive and has bullet magnet written all over)
  1. Blot out the Sun
    (15 Squads of 5 Necron Warriors + 15 Night Scythe's)
    Class: Laughable
    Summary: Taking advantage of the 2nd Force Organisation Chart but Only Viable at 2700+ pointss this tactic's purpose is to block the skies, Spam the field with Tesla and make your opponents objectives un-holdable. Just start with some of your warriors and whatever Hqs you have on the field and then around turn 2 and 3 Unleash all hell. Shoot down Opposing flyer's, Destroyer hoards of infantry and drop warriors on enemy objectives. And Cause flyers can only be hit on a 6 theres no way they can all be shot down
    Cost: 2475 excluding Other aspects of your army but should you manage the result will be absolutly hilarious
    Grade: B- (As good this I see this Being its sheer cost prevents it being used in most standard tournaments.)
  1. ByeBye unit
    (5-10 Deathmarks + Harbinger of Despair with Veil of Darkness)
    Class: Anti-infantry
    Summary: Tho is existed last edition it has been improved by change's to sniper rules and Deep-strike. By combining the Hunters in hyperspace special rule with an AP1 Template gives us a 1 Shot at getting rid of any problem unit in the game be it terminators, an infantry hoard or a problematic character. Simply by deep-striking next to a problematic enemy you get this chance and should the template fail you still have 10-20 Sniper Shots to go. Now I say 1 chance because I guarantee no opponent will let this unit get a 2nd Deep-strike or let it live after you Just wasted there power-unit.
    Cost: 140-230 (Affordable in most game's)
    Grade: B- (If it goes off Will more then likely kill if not cripple any infantry unit in the game However due to deep-strike it is very unwieldy and will rarely get 2nd chance to either finish a unit or kill another So use wisely)
  1. Super Scarabs
    (Nemesor Zahndrekh + Scarabs)
    Class: Laughable
    Summary: Thought Scarabs couldn't become anymore problematic well you just got Proven Wrong. Scarabs with furious Charge and chasing down infantry check. Oppenent about to stomp them Counter attack Check. That Transport refusing to be Eaten Tank Hunter's Check, Check and Check. Ok you dont really need to do this with scarabs since there scary enough already. Its just there to play mind games and make your oppenents Freak
    Cost: Varying
    Grade: C+ (Its ok but Zahndrekh should be put to better use elsewhere as scarabs are crazy enough as it is but it does work if you want to give it a go)

Everyone Sorry I took So long here is 11 New or updated Combos for your Convience in the war against the Imperium
  1. Flying Rombalith Circus – Iron Angel
    (3 Monliths + Coms Array + an Oppenent who doesn't throw thing)
    Class: Game Changer
    Summary: With the ability to trap your opponent and enable other combo's simply start your monoliths in reserve and come in turn 2 using the Coms Array. Deep-strike all wihin a few inch's of your oppenent and make the choice between Using Ordnance and bringing a unit through or using the Exile Portal because either way when you destroy a large swath of there army and have them traped there going to want to throw your monoliths. Make sure you killing anything with melta
    Cost: 600 Points
    Grade: A- (While the new rules for skimmers make this viable and it may lead to other combos deep-striking is unwieldy and this is expensive)
  1. Smackin Nobs - Falcoso
    (Zahndrekh + 5-10 Lychguard with Warscythe's)
    Class: T4 Killer
    Summary: Nobs, Chaos Termies or other T4 multi-wound units got you Down. Well why not insta-death them and deal with silly loadouts at the sametime. Use Zahndrekh to take away any combat edge they may posses and then give yourself furious charge to have strengh 8 warscythe that cause's both Insta-death and stops Feel No pain. Best used as a counter charge due to there slow speed and lack of invulvns but once they get into combat anything that doesn't have a +4 invuln is going to be crushed.
    Cost: 385 – 585
    Grade: B (A decent but slow unit that'll have your oppenents flipping out as there extra investments become meaningless)
  1. Special Delivery: returnoftheclown
    (3-4 Deathmark Squads + 3-4 Harbingers of Despair with Veil of Darkness)
    Class: Spam Killer
    Summary: Exploiting the double Force Organisation Chart comes Byebye on steriods with the primary purpose of Destroying spamed units weather they be Termies, Genestealers or Massed Guard. Simply Drop your Deathmark and Despair-tek Squads and make your oppenent pay for taking excessive numbers of 1 unit Type. No matter where they rest on the field or what they are they die on a 2+ anything that survives will get chewed by the deathmarks. For further info look at byebye combo
    Variations: Switch out your veil of Darkness for night scythe's if you want to avoid mishap
    Cost: 465 – 620 (Surprisingly cheap for what it does)
    Grade: B- (Like the byebye Combo this unit suffers from the same potential for mishap and is likely to be 1 use so use it wisely)
  1. Phearon Hoard
    (20 Necron Warriors + Phearon Lord with Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Mind Shackle Scrabs Res Orb)
    Class: Deathstar
    Summary: The Warrior Hoard that started them all and while the changes to rapidfire have reduced the need for this and enable Earth Scourer and Zahndrekh hoard to come into existence this is the only 1 that can both move shoot and Charge. The concept is simple a large hoard that is survivable and augmented by a Harbinger of your choice should you wish it.
    Cost: 540+
    Grade: A+ (No longer the sole 20 man Hoard but still a powerful choice nonetheless)
  1. They Will Not Die
    (1-2 20 Man Necron Warrior Squads + 1-2 Necron Lords with Res Orb + 2-4 Ghost Arks)
    Class: Psycological Warfare
    Summary: Seen the Zombie movies where they keep on coming well this is the tabletop version and it literraly does not die. So long as 1 warrior per squad lives they can be back up to full strengh within a turn due to the Res Orb and number of Ghost Arks while your oppenents numbers Constantly Drops. To use simply March your Warriors up the middle exploiting the 24'' Rapidfire range while the ghost arks follow killing everything as they approach and taking anything they ditch back..
    Variations: Add Either a Phearon, Destroyer Lord or Zahndrekh for even more madness
    Cost: 440 – 880
    Grade: A+
  1. Flashlight
    (Imotek + Harbinger of Destruction With Solar Pulse)
    Class: Gamechanger
    Summary: Tho a tad Conflicting if you wish to open up the skies for a turn of shooting this is your tool for doing so. Simply activate solar pulse when you want to unleash a guass storm, Particle Beamers or any shooting weapon for that matter apon the enemy and then once done let night-fighting comeback. Just make sure your close enough to make up for the lost lightning.
    Cost: 280
    Grade: C (The combo is not useless but you need to build an army that can exploit it to gain the most out of it)
  1. Scarab Farm
    (8-18 Canoptek Spyder's + 3 Canoptek Scarab squads in 3s)
    Class: Hoard Maker
    Summary: a 5th edition Combo made even better thanks 6th. Spyders now have Fear and with a 2nd Force organisation Chart you could take as many as 18 Spyder's. Thats 18 new scarabs a Turn. Simply start a game by placing your spyders in cohesion with scarabs and off you go. Nothing in the game can survive such ludicrus numbers and anything that does will simply be tarpited until the Spyders arrive to finish the Job So unless you have a way to Kill 18+ Scarabs per Unit Get ready to run for the hills because if you dont start now you'll scarab food.
    Variants: Add a Destroyer Lord to give your Scarabs Prefered enemy
    Cost: Variable
    Grade: Cheesy (Get ready to face hell and throw away your vechile's a games workshop near you)
  1. Now you See me Now you Dont - Tim/Steve
    (Zahndrekh + 1-3 Doomsday Arks + Harbinger of Destruction With Solar Pulse)
    Class: Siege Warfare
    Summary: Yet another use for Zhandrekh simply sit back with your ark's laying siege to whatever they have and anything the arks cant handle Zhandrekh will ensure they do. Cant Bust that land Raider, No problem tank hunters, The enemy trying to hit you with Lascannon's pfff Just give them stealth and make it even harder for them to kill you, Did they just use nightfighting, Ha Nightvision and once you've finished giving them hell just activate solar pulse to deny your enemies the same privilege and by the time turn 3 arrives's his army will be reduced to rubble allowing you to claim the board for yourself.
    Cost: 415 - 765 (A very pricey combo but 1 that could reduce an oppenent to dust without taking anything back)
    Grade: A- (A very powerful combo but the cost does take some ofsting away)
  1. Just Point and Shoot – returnoftheclown
    (Zahndrekh + Doomsday Ark + Nightfighting/Imotek)
    Class: Laughable
    Summary: Zahndrekh has many uses, you want a furious charging warrior unit? He can do that for you. You want a 72” cannon to hit its mark in the dead of night? He can do that for you as well. On missions when night fighting applies or your using Imotek. Simply give your Ark Night Vision and deny your oppenents the safety of the dark. No hiding in the back and no Cover save's. Just pain and the best thing is it does not conflict with Imoteks Lightning so you get the best of both worlds should you wish.
    Cost: 360 without imotek 585 with Imotek
    Grade: B- (This combo as good as it looks on paper is expensive and is hindered by blast scatter so unless Zahndrekh is already in your list for something else then this may not be worth it)
  1. Tomb Blade Madness
    (30 Tomb-blade's with Particle Beamers)
    Class: Anti-hoard
    Summary: 30 S6 Small Blasts, 30 S6 Blasts and at only 40 points a pop on a jetbike Need I say much more Just use the 2nd Force organisation Chart and this wonder of bombardment is yours. Just Zoom around under the protection of night-fighting keping at-least 15'' away from enemies and blasting anything your oppenents have to bits. Hoards no problem. Light transport again no problem. Heavily armoured terminators Just wound Saturate them and they'll die eventully oh and did I mention Tomb-blade's Re-animate.
    Cost: 1200
    Grade: Cheesy (30 S6 Blasts that re-animate how will you use yours)
  1. Thunder From the Skies – returnof the clown
    (5-10 Immortals + Necron Lord with Warcythe, Res Orb + Nightscythe)
    Class: Objective Claimer
    Summary: Shock Trooper literally with the purpose to take well held objective's or clear out enemies from ruins. Just send your nightscythe out turn 3 or 4, Clear the Site you want and then Drop the immortal's to claim the objective. The Necron Lord ensures they survive any counter attacks from light units and the Nightscythe can then go around keeping heavy units Away
    Cost: 250 – 385
    Grade: A- (A great lategame objective claimer that can win a tight match right under the enemies nose but try to avoid it coming on to early)

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Ok people Here is todays 5 new combos I hop you all enjoy
  1. Later Land Raider - by Imwookie2
    (5 Warriors+Stormtek in a Night Scythe)
    Class: Anti Vehicle
    Summary: So basically you fly in with your Night Scythe moving up to 24" and then disembark and kill most tanks in the game. This squad will do an average of 3.335 glancing hits and if you have a second royal court you can throw in another Stormtek and that number will go up to 5.558 at which point it easily takes care of LRs.
    Cost: 190-215
    Grade: A (More reliable but more expensive then the unlimited power combo it does come with a Bonus Nightscythe.)
  1. Eternal Storm
    (Imotek + 1 to 4 Chronoteks with Choronometrons
    Class: Game Changer
    Summary: This is your answer to everything from Artillery to flyers and while it did exist in 5th its been made better by the possiblity of having 4 royal Courts. The Goal is to use the choronotek to keep Imoteks storm thus nightfighting and Lightning alive as long as possible re-rolling whenever the roll fails. While you could use as few as 1 why not use 4 and re-roll all those lightning rolls to. Nothing better then ensuring that Lemun Russ tank bits the bullet first turn.
    Cost: 265 upwards
    Grade: B+ (While definatly powerful permanent nightfighting requires a list built around it to get the most out of it)
  1. C'Tan Party Van - The Sturk
    (Monolith + C'Tan Shard)
    Class: Unit Delivery
    Summary: Start the game with C'tan hiding. When the Monolith comes in, Deep Strike near the enemy and pull the C'tan through. They now have a tremendously powerful Monsterous Creature in their lines and horrific choice of either trying to kill the monolith or kill the Ctan assuming they survive the particle whip. For maximum effect, have the C'tan suited up with CC gear such as Gaze of Death or Time's Arrow.
    Cost: 400-450 (depends on C'tan's setup)
    Grade: B (A lot of this strategy depends on a successful Monolith Deepstrike. Deepstrike safely and you have a C'tan at their front door PLUS multiple Ordinance blasts. It is also expensive if it something goes south).
  1. Decloaking Nightscythe's - Septok Note the legality of this is unknown and awaiting a BRB FAQ on when the game starts
    (Ctan Shard with Grand Illusion + Night Scythes)
    Class: Unit Delivery
    Summary: Since Grand Illusion lets you take units in and out of reserve at the end of deployment Why not use it to bring in some scythe's. flyers are only required to start the game in reserve (Nothing about them needing to stay there) and as such is The only way to get scythe's out onto the field first turn. Simply use Grand illusion after all requirements have been met and move your scythe's onto the field and get ready to get alot of anger from enemies.
    Cost: 335 upwards
    Grade: A (Bringing in Scythe's 1st turn can open up other strategies ike Trollzyn or thunder from the skies and have them operate from turn 1)
  1. All your Vechiles belong to Us
    (Anrakyr + Command Barge
    Class: Anti-Vechile
    Summary: Quite literray back from the dead and improved thanks to the chariot rules Anrakyr can once again use his MITM ability to take vechile's. Simply move 12 to the nearest most threatening vechile and then take it. Simple and afterwards if your in charge range destroy it to add insult to injury. Trust me Sweep, MITM and Charge will frustrate your oppenents to no end
    Cost: 245 (For something that can screw over even apocalypse vechiles is very cheap.)
    Grade: Cheesy (When on a Barge Anrakyr is 1 of the best HQs in the game)

Alright guys these are the 5 combos for day. Tell me what you think, Debate and add new combos as you see fit

Bwahahahaha I've got many new Combos for you all today. Get ready imperial's. You'll soon scream
  1. They'll Shall not Pass TDBehr
    (2 Hargbiner's of Transmorgrification with Seismic Crucible's + 5 warriors or Trazyn)
    Class: Objective holding
    Summary: The goal is to simply to hold an ohective as long as possible and deny your oppenents the charge privelge. Just shoot your staves at the closet enemy unit possible to create difficult terrain and then use your crucibles to reduce there charge range further.
    Cost: 145 (Very Cheap)
    Grade: C+ (A with Worldscape) The Combo is at its most effective lategame
  1. World Quaker
    (Ctan with Writhing Worldscape + 2-5 Tremorstave's)
    Class: Gamechanging
    Summary: Ok this existed in 5th but its One of the best control combos ever created. Have your Ctan preferbly with Dust as a secondary ability hidden in the back and just shoot your oppenents units to create difficult and dangourous terrain all over the board. Units will die, vechile's will get immobilized and his units will be slowed to a crawl
    Cost: 300 upwards
    Grade B+ (This combo as good as it is wont win games on its own. You must have other units like wraiths, warrior Blobs and Barge's ready to pounce on crippled units to get the most out of it and besides it pales compared to the next 2 combo's)
  1. Planetshaker
    (Orikan the Diviner + 2-5 Tremorstave's + Ctan with Writhing Worldscape)
    Class: Laughable and Gamechanger
    Summary: Be prepred to have your enemies throwing models because this thing is downright Ridiculus. Similar to the last combo it goes 1 greater and turns the whole field into dangourous terrain for the first turn. Thats either an army that does not move or 1/6 of his units dead/Immoblized. Against Hoards this wins game's and against everything else its downright crippling.
    Cost: 465+ (Expensive but it always makes its money back)
    Grade: Cheesy (Seriously this thing is bust and 1 sided)
  1. Apocalyptic Planetshaker
    (Imotek + Orikan + 2-5 Tremorstave + Ctan with Writhing Worldscape)
    Class: Ridiculus Game Changer
    Summary: This should be an apocalypse formation given how powerful it is. Unlike the Planet Quaker combo where your oppenent could keep still and at-least shoot and not die he cant here. Imotek force's the enemy to move if they wish to shut down the combo or shoot lest they lose the game which means your garanteed to kill 1/6+ of his army first turn. Simply Place all said models on the field to activate and go absolutly nuts and the scary thing is its viable in 1500 Point list's
    Cost: 690+ (Worth every Point)
    Grade: Cheesy (Arguebly the best combo in the game if you can afford use it especially in apocalypse its just cheesy)
  1. Hoard Hunting Mobile Alasdair
    (5 Harbingers of Despair + Ghost Ark)
    Summary: Got problems with Hoard's Just board your 5 harbingers onto a Ghost ark at the start of the game, Move 6''-12'' and go hunting. With 5 AP1 Template's and 2 flayer arrays and protected in an AV13 body you'll be roasting haords with little effort while there's little they can do to strike back.
    Variants: Swap the Ghost Ark for a Veil of Darkness for Teleporting fun
    Cost: 265
    Grade: B- (Its a good combo against hoards but against high leadership, low model armies it can fall flat on its head)
  1. Da Ork Allies - Lord Azune
    (Necrons with Imotek/Solar Pulse + Orks)
    Class: Game Changing
    Summary: Complementing each other brialliantly Orks solve what is arguebly the great issue in the necron army Combat and at an affordable Cost. The Orks weather they be Nobs in a truck or big hoards of boys simply run ahead of the main necron army and attack and tarpit whatever the necron's dont wish to face in combat (Gene Stealers for instance) under the protection of Nightfighting which prevents them getting all shot up before they get there
    Cost: Varible
    Grade: B (Probably the necrons best choice of allies and while it works your best off only using it in larger Games)

Alright Guys heres 5 new Combo's for you to enjoy
  1. Stealing "Immitiative" xAndurilx
    (Coteaz + Imotek)
    Class: Always go first
    Summary: Should be self-explantery. Ally with Grey knights as cheaply as possbile, Deploy 2nd and use both pre-game effects to steal the initiave thus enter 75% of your games with a tactical advantage. The only issue is that beyond this Unless you spend big The Grey knights will have little synergy.
    Cost: Variable
    Grade B+: (Good but unless you invest in the knights you'll get little beyond going first)
  1. Psy Scythe's xAndurilx
  2. (Psychic Communion (Inquisitor) + Comms Relay + Scythe Wing Strategy)
    Summary: Again ally with Grey Knights as cheaply as possible this time takeing an inquisitor and Comms relay. The prupose is to garantee turn 2 reserve's which greatly benefits scythe wing
    Cost: Variable
    Grade: b- (While its good to bring your reserves in quick you need to have a dedicated list to take advantage otherwise it goes to waste)
  1. Floating Earthquake
    (Ghost Ark + 5 harbingers of Transmorgrification)
    Summary: Ever wanted a flying earthquake that you could use on you hated enemies. Well here's your chance. Simply start the game with the ghost ark empty and have your 5 harbingers walk on. Then you can go flying around making everything difficult terrain for your selected enemies with 5 s4 Blasts. Sweet.
    Cost: 265
    Grade: B+ (While only a novelty on its own when combined with worldscape or some other list this can really come into its own)
  1. Disco Inferno
    (Trayzyn the Infinite + Nemesor Zahndrekh + Varguard Obyron + 10 Lychguard + 2 Necron Lords with Warscythe, Weave, Phase Shifter and Mind Shackle Scarabs)
    Class: Deathstar
    Summary: So you want the Power of the Royal Court Deathstar without the cost. Well for those of you out there I present to you the Disco Inferno. boasting no less then 10 Lychguard, 2 Necron Lords the ability to take objectives and give your unit extra abilities. This thing is a combat monster that'll send enemiies into a panic and best thing of all it gets back up. Warning expect your enemies to fire everything they have at them
    Cost: Well Ok its still very expensive Only 1045 but its worth it
    Grade: Cheesy (if you can afford it this will win games assuming you can get it there)
  1. Teleporting Unit Killer
    (Harbinger of Despair + 4 Crypteks + Necron Lord with Res Orb)
    Class: Unit Harasser
    Summary: With no Job other then to kill infantry and draw your enemies attention comes this constantly self resurecting marine Killer that thanks to the Res Orb and ever-living wont go away. Simply teleport the court into your enemies backrow and start killing his Marines and before you know your oppenent will be pulling his hair out as the units gets back up while his precious 3+ armour save units disappear to no less then 5 ap3 gun and an AP1 Template
    Cost: 225 (A bit pricey but can be given more utility depending on choice of upgrades and compared to preatorians and Lychguard are good value and makes a great support unit for deathmarks)
    Grade: B- (Unfortunatly the unit is a deep-striker so while fast can mishap taking away alot of the potenial sting but when it works it works well)

Here is 5 new Combo's For day
  1. Catch me If you Can
    (Nemosar Zahndrekh on Command Barge + Varyguard Obyran + 20 Necron Warriors/5 lychguard)
    Class: Speed attack
    Summary: The lastest cheese combo I've wroked out Taking advantage of obyrons no scatter ability with 6'' of zahndrekh you can effectivly turn him into a quasy fast attack mass transport vechile and have you oppenents screaming.
    Zahndrekh starts the game on a command barge as far foward as possible and moves flat out towards the enemy while obyron 6'' Deep-strikes infront avoiding mishap. The use's are endlless you can bring warriors into rapidfire range turn 1 or lychguard into attack range ready for next turn in later turns you can keep those same units out of enemy assualt range while Constatly harrassing them. Best of all anyone who tries to stop the combo by assualting zhandrekh gets an obyron warscythe to the face
    Cost: 625+
    Grade: A+ (Ive only tested it twice but each time my oppenent wasted resources trying to stop it or I Took out a landraider turn 1. the combo has potential)
  1. Shadowed Pyramids of Death
    (Imotek the Stormlord + 3 Monoliths constantly moving)
    Class: Deathstar
    Summary: Remeber the old pyramids of death well this is the closest you'll come to it because unless your oppenent is packing barrage by the ton he'll be dealing with slow moving AV14 3+ save's of death as this combo seeks to take advantage of the new skimmer rules. Simply start the game with monoltihs as far foward as possible and just go. THe pyramids Pie Blasts and imoteks stray lightning will do the rest and once nightfighting finally does end use the portals to bring your warriors and Ctan through into what should be charge range. Your oppenents will scream blue murder
    Cost: 825 (Expensive but 3+ AV14 is something that should only be possible in apocalypse)
    Grade: C++(Unfortunatly monoliths just lost the ability to Jink and while the combo is still viable thanks to imotek giving them some cover Dont go relying on it like you could before. Still Fun tho)
  1. Goodbye Character - The sturk
    (Times arrow Ctan + Whip Coils)
    Class: Instant Death
    Summary: Thanks to the way whip-coils now work in 6th by comboing them with times arrow your can essentialy give yourself a 5 in 6 chance of getting rid of any unit you desire everyturn once you get into combat. Simple and deadly
    Cost: 300+
    Grade: A (While you will face problems getting it into combat once its there your going to be laughing manically
  1. You may not Land here(4 Harbingers of storm with Ether Crystal)
    Class: Preventative measure's
    Summary: Think deep-striking is hard well you can make it alot harder. By taking advatange of the double force organisation chart you can essentially make your side of the field unlandable. By placing the Cryteks exactly 12 inchs apart even if your oppenent manages a successful landstrike they'll get hit with d6 S8 hits on arrival making it essentially impoosible for enemies to survive on your side
    Cost: 120
    Grade: B- (more of a deterant then anything as most oppenents wont chance the strike knowing you have this set up)
  1. Eternal Orikan
    (Orikan + Chronotek)
    Class: Rule manipulation
    Summary: The Goal is simple have Orikan become a monstorous creature from turn 1 while running around amongst warriors and then keep him that way while making your oppenents panic and waste valueable time on him.
    Cost: 205
    Grade: B- (Limited uses actaully but a combo that shines when used in conguction with Others)
  1. Snatch Steal
    (10 Deathmarks + Trayzyn the infinite + Necron Lord with Res Orb, Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Mind-shackle Scarabs + Nightscythe or Harbinger of Despair)
    Class: Objective Claimer + Unit scourer
    Summary: Known to make players pull there hair out this Versitile and cheap unit is capable of literraly stealing a game from the jaws of defeat claiming distant objective's and scourering well guarded ones from your oppenent. Used in a similar fashion to trollzyn without the added cost of lychguard the goal is to simply either fly, Teleport or footslog to a distant objective, mark a nearby unit and rip it from your oppenents grip around turn 3 or 4 and dare him to take it back
Cost: 530- 570 (For what this does it can be a tad undercosted)
Grade: A
  1. Blade Hunters
    (Destroyer Lord + 5 Tomblades with particle beamers)
    Class: Hoard Destroyers
    Summary: For when 5 S6 blasts are not enough and for when hoards just dont die. This is the tool you turn to. 5 S6 blasts with that are re-rollable. Yes you heard right S6 that are re-rollable. These are blasts that'll all but destroy most hoards and make the already feared tomb blades even more feared and on top the cheese on the cake is that the unit can then charge in to finish whats left. Brutal utterly brutal
    Cost: 275+ (Cheap for what it can do)
    Grade: C+ (WHile there are better things for your destroyer lord to do if you have already fufilled such needs then give this a go. It is a huge load of fun and it will draw attention away from your enemies)
  1. Court of the Destroyer
    (Trayzyn the Infinite + 5 Necron Lords with Warscythe, Mind Shackle Scrabs, Res Orb, Sempiternal weave, Phase Shifter + 1-5 varying Harbingers Harbingers + Destroyer Lord with Sempiternal Weave, Mind Shackle Scrabs, Tachyon Arrow)
    Class: Deathstar
    Summary: Perhaps the most powerful unit in the game. It takes the already Power Prefered Enemy and regular royal Courts and ups there power even further by making it capable of Claiming objectives which if the unit was not already a top target by your enemies should be. This thing literray re-rolls all 1s, litterly kills yourself dead and can out special rule anything that dares challenge you and to top it off the unit has everliving and an emphatic obliterator. If that is not power I dont know what is. Luckily its cost will most likely restrict it to apocalypse but if you use this 1 vs 1 be prepred to lose friends
    Cost: 1000+ (Expensive but once fully kited it will kill all that they touch)
    Grade: Cheesy (Quite possibly the most ridiculus unit ever concieved by the warhammer universe)

Bringer of Truth, Slayer of the Incompetant

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Vehicle? Where?
(20 Warriors, Zandrekh, and a Despairtek with VoD)
Class: Anti-Vehicle
Summary: Warriors deep strike near a vehicle using VoD. Zandrekh gives them Tank Hunters. They rapid fire, dealing an average 10 hull points in one volley at full strength. Kills vehicle.
Cost: Altogether 505 points, but these units aren't straitjacketed into killing one vehicle then becoming useless; Zandrekh is useful across the board, and these 20 warriors can strike multiple times and take objectives.
Grade: For killing a vehicle, Cheesy. For their points cost, A.

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Sweet Jesus... We're all going to die...

Rep candy.

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Originally Posted by Farseer Darvaleth View Post
Vehicle? Where?
(20 Warriors, Zandrekh, and a Despairtek with VoD)
Class: Anti-Vehicle
Summary: Warriors deep strike near a vehicle using VoD. Zandrekh gives them Tank Hunters. They rapid fire, dealing an average 10 hull points in one volley at full strength. Kills vehicle.
Cost: Altogether 505 points, but these units aren't straitjacketed into killing one vehicle then becoming useless; Zandrekh is useful across the board, and these 20 warriors can strike multiple times and take objectives.
Grade: For killing a vehicle, Cheesy. For their points cost, A.
bwahahahaha I quite like this, I'm surprised nobody else thought of it because its fantastic and while it lacks Phearon or prefered enemy, Zandrekh gives them a new rule each each turn which in some ways is better. and to take it a step further and turn it into a teleporting Tank Hunter I can see Mech Players Cringing right now. I'll add it to the list Tommorow when I do an update bwahaha. +Rep for you.

Originally Posted by Kelann08 View Post
Sweet Jesus... We're all going to die...

Rep candy.
Yes yes you will Gene-bred one and while I'm greatful for your gift it wont stop me or my Kin crushing your barberic domain into slavery bwahahaha. Lol thanks

ANyway what else do people have certainly me and Farseer Davalath aren't the only grand thinkers around here and you dont even need to Drop a tactic if you just wish to begin a discussion on 1 feel free

Bringer of Truth, Slayer of the Incompetant

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Class =Back field campers (removal of)
units=5 praetorians with void blades and casters 1D lord scythe semi and orb MSS
uses=Deep strike into there back field wreck artillery/heavy support units with 5 s6 shots (with preferred enemy) then following turn assault/chase them down (don't forget the praetorians have entropic)
Cost= 380pts (depending on upgrades)
Grade= A, a good disruption unit can also be used to challenge support characters with the right upgrades on the lord.
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Originally Posted by Madden View Post
Class =Back field campers (removal of)
units=5 praetorians with void blades and casters 1D lord scythe semi and orb MSS
uses=Deep strike into there back field wreck artillery/heavy support units with 5 s6 shots (with preferred enemy) then following turn assault/chase them down (don't forget the praetorians have entropic)
Cost= 380pts (depending on upgrades)
Grade= A, a good disruption unit can also be used to challenge support characters with the right upgrades on the lord.
Grade might be a Tad High but otherwise THis is a very fine combo and a good outside the Box use for preatorians that I may try in an upcoming apocalypse game. I'll add it to the list shortly

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Alright Heresy 5 new combos have Been added. Trollzyn the Infinite, Marine Smasher, Line Breaker as well as Vechile? Where? by Farseer Darvaleth and Backrow Hunter by Madden.

Tell me what you think and feel free to debate and contribute. I'm trying to assemble a definative combo list so any combo good or bad as well as tactics good or bad are welcome

Bringer of Truth, Slayer of the Incompetant
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Don't forget that on your C'tan Deathstar Killer listing, there are two important things to note:
1: Time's Arrow has a chance to outright kill almost anything before the enemy can attack, and
2: If somehow he has not managed to kill his opponent at the end of the Challenge, he can still kill other models despite being locked in a challenge because Gaze of Death doesn't give a damn who it hits, it jsut hits everything under the template. So all those models standing around with their thumbs up their asses because they can't do anything to the C'tan in a challenge can still die horribly.

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I had no idea that times Arrow stikes first. That makes it even better and I also read Gaze of Death allows no armour save's on top of being able to kill outside of challanges. I'll list what you said in the Ctan Entry.

Just on a side note have you or anyone else ever tried the Combo against grey knights and if so how well did it fare?. Because I'm tempted to take it against the Player who is currently building Draigo Wing at my Games Workshop

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