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To add a bit more to my theory posed....

In the beginning there was a reality encompassing all realities...of which "God" (I use the term god as it is one individuals in the west most commonly correlate with "The" higher/rulling power/entity, however I do not agree to naming "God" with any term....of any sort...

For when one applies a term, name, title to "God" they are limiting it, limiting their own understanding and or perception of "God". Humans most often indulge in applying names, definitions to concepts...ideas....they do so in order to apply control to that which they have no inherent control over....

Similarly I utilize the title "Michael" as it is one individuals across this reality understand and correlate with the concept I am attempting to display....however "Michael" is but one name among a pool of infinite that all are accurate when attaching to the "Entity" I speak of...Michael is but one name this entity carries, for the perceptions of humans have divided one living concept into a thousand finite, and limited ideas.

Furthermore the lightbringer who I will be speaking of far more in depth very soon....is but one title...one name that concept has had "forcefully" or "Fatefully" attached to it. In the beginning Michael perceived "Lucibel" as a living furnace of wisdom...reality it self...however as Michael became increasingly jaded through the wars against the many levels of "God's" subconscious so to did his perception of his "peers" shift as well...they say Lucifer was the most proud....that lucifer was infinitely jealous...but no that is not the case....lucifer was extremely selfless to the point of denying its own self in order to carry out the Will of "God"....it was the very presence of Lucifer that caused jealousy in all those around him/it....it was this jealousy in Michael and others that caused them to wage war against reality, and using Lucifer as the scapegoat for it...

You see Michael (The Emperor) developed his own interpretation of "God's" will, he then sought to eliminate all other factors upon the chess board in order to perfect "God's" vision...the warp (Lucifer) and all that it represented, all that it brought forth Michael saw as a imperfection....as a threat to the plan of "God"....thus why his perception of the war turning violent...dark...materialized in the warhammer reality.

However the warp itself was always meant to encompass destruction, deceit, chaos, infinite potential, it was the tools and gifts from "God" that were given to Lucifer in order to grow, strengthen, and evolve mankind....for without them Lucifer knew mankind would become stagnant...and suffer the same fate as the previous incarnation of "God's" subconscious that he, michael, and the host so fought against prior to humanities creation.

A war was led against Lucifer (the warp) by Michael, however in the beginning of their war Michael was not yet fractured by Lucifer...not yet in stasis, thus his self perception was entirely different, for Michael so perceived himself as the Necrons, with his inherent power being that of the Star gods...the C'Tan....while in the beginning of this same period Michael perceived Lucifer as the Old Ones....

For in the beginning they worked in unison seperately, however Michael soon sought to bring regulation to Lucifer, to bring about Order, Law, to fulfill his inherent coding...

Lucifer held to his loyalty to God, what some called an act of hubris and infinite pride, Lucifer denied all reality and those who sought to change "him", and fought back against all those who wanted to twist the original will of "God" that was given to all of them....for Lucifer's loyalty was of such magnitude that he was willing to carry out what ever it was, no matter how dark others perceived it...he was willing to carry within himself the darkness of "God's" subconscious...while others far more limited in wisdom saw it as...evil....which evil and good do not exist in the eyes of Lucifer, only the "Will of God".

Michael originally self perceived as the Necrons....wanted to overthrow Lucifer (the old ones) whom he perceived as a entity which had taking the "power" "God" had vested in him and used for his own manipulative purposes....Michael soon sought to tap the power "God" vested in him, and when he found it he found that it consumed him and made him more machine like then ever before in terms of perception....Order, Law, Consequence....

Thus Michael's self perception shifted from that of the Necrons, to that of the Star Gods (his internal power God so vested in him that was prior untapped), he merged with it...and so too did his perception change...to the machine like race the necrons became, ruled by their star god masters...as he Michael became rulled by his power rather than his original directive.

Through sheer calculation, and machine like intellect Michael waged war upon the Old Ones (Lucifer) and their ways of "Magik" which he saw as an abomination to the "Will of God"...

However Lucifer had allies of similar mind structure who joined with his cause, Michael perceived these as the Eldar, the Orks, and a plethora of other races who he saw as less then Lucifer but followers of him, all partaking in his path of thinking and belief, thus all attuned in the ways of "magik" (psyker power).

I will continue later.

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Most epic fantasy and science fiction stories have some sort of parallel to the rebellion/fall of lucifer. It's not surprising to see that comparisons can be drawn between the latter and the horus heresy.

That aside, I think it is unwise to discuss such things. Ironically, the topic of religion and religious apocrypha tends to devolve into butthurt and belligerence rather quickly, even if it starts out as rather light-hearted.

boobs. that is all.
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This is mythology more than religion. As long as it stays that way I'm okay with it.

An interesting start to the story. How do you interpret the necrons overthrowing the c'tan?

Nonsense is our Salvation

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Riiiiiight. And what, pray tell, is your source for all the things you're drawing upon, with regard to "Michael" and "Lucifer" etc? I've read the Old Testament, and while it WAS a while ago, I don't remember any such detail, calling (for me) into question the validity of the story you're aiming to draw comparisons with.
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nice boy, daft though !
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I would like to see the emp do the smooth criminal lean dance move, only two people can do it Jackson and Chuck norris

7:14 if you want a quick reminder


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Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
Riiiiiight. And what, pray tell, is your source for all the things you're drawing upon, with regard to "Michael" and "Lucifer" etc? I've read the Old Testament, and while it WAS a while ago, I don't remember any such detail, calling (for me) into question the validity of the story you're aiming to draw comparisons with.
I read a few lines of lux's post, and I was reminded as to why I added him to my ignore list.
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I like Lux's philosophy about GW's position about the 40k Cannon:

"They said you can believe what is cannon and what is not according to your own personal opinion... so I decided to throw everything out the window and replace it with my own crap."

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[quote=Lux;1172752]The Emperor of mankind and all that encompasses warhammer 40k, is in fact part of a much larger reality. The Emperor is in fact Michael, it is his own self quote]

This feels alot like the rpg game, KULT.
You could look into Kult to expand on those ideas.
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