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Default Chaos + Tau vs Imperial Fists + Necrons

This has got to be my favourite game ive ever played . Just to get this thing clear this was 4th editiona dn about 6-7 months ago so my memory is a bit foggy but i can remember mostly what happend .
it was definatly where i inherited a lucky streek and a particular name in my local shop for being lucky .


2 Battlesuit Guard

2* 12 fire warriors
6 fire warriors
12 Kroot

3 Stealth Suits


Chaos (Me)

5 terminators

3*10 chaos marines in rhinos and 2 plasma guns

1 Obliterator
5 Havocs w/ 4 heavy bolters
Predator with TL lascannon + heavy bolter sponsons


Lord with veil of darkness

2*20 warriors

2 wraiths
6 Destroyers ( or 5 )

1 Heavy Destroyer

Imperial Fists



10 Terminators
2 Cyclone missiles

Dreadnougth with basic stuff

2*7 Space Marines


I wish i could have remembered more btu it was a while ago so i apologize for the lack of detail in the army list i can't even remember how many points it was i think it was 2500 ( one army 1500 and another with 1000 ) .

I think it was a Seek and Destroy mission , My team won priority.

Turn 1

Everything i had just surged forward except for the havocs and pred .Tau just stood still . The first shooting phase was quite uneventful my obliterator missed (it does this every 1st turn in every game i play and i don't know why)
my predator managed to blow off the dreadnougths combat arm , the havocs killed 4 necrons.From what i remeber the tau shooting phase was awful only 2 space marines dropped dead.
For their 1st turn they did pretty much a mirror of us the lord deepstriked with his veil of darkness following suit was a squad of 20 warriors right in the dead centre of our fire base.Their shooting phase consisted of the warriors pumping 40 shots into my team mates broadside ( my team mate had gona to do some buisness so i took over ) amazingly i pasted all but one armour save meaning the broadside was still alive !! The necron player was very new to the game so i had to correct him on what he was doing with his monlith i even had to get one of the people who work there to convice the stubborn lad that he couldn't shoot the particle whip and gauss flux arcs.

Turn 2

I can remeber this being the crappest turn . The CSM's unloaded one of the units unloaded close to the warriors at our fire base otherwise some serious damage would be done .For the shooting phase my pred fluffed its lascannon on the monoltih and so did the obliterator .Through combines fire of the CSM the kroot a broadside and 6 firewarriors we killed 9 necron warriors.
In their turn though 6 of the warriors stood back up and rapid fired at the kroot killing the whole squad The heavy destroyer mucked up its shot at the predator.

Turn 3

This turn heralded the arrival of abaddon and his motley crew near the imperial fists lines right on top of a hill as a heroic joke.The CSM's at the front line finished off a whole squad of space marines and the master (the master did shit if you ask me) .The CSM's at the back shot their pistols at the warriors and then assualted them killing 12 OUCH ! In retaliation the necrons killed nothing even the lord missed with everything.The Tau player killed half a squad of warriors .
Their phase was dull and they stood still again excapt for some warriors that marched towards the tau lines and the wraiths which assaulted the stealth suits.They aimed all destroyers and a squad of marines at the terminators and abddon and killed nothing with me passing 23 armour saves which really peed them off.The CSM combat came to a close shave as all warriors diead leaving the lord killing 2 CSM's.

Turn 4

This turn was where units were dead or dying unless you were me ofcourse . The chaos marines at the front finshed off the last squad of marines while their other freinds finaly killed the lord yipeee. Abaddon had the time of his life assaulting the destroyer rolling a 6 on his bonus attacks and killing all of them with no hope of them coming back.The fire warriors killed a few more warriors resulting in the necron phasing out .
He then moaned saying how we had aimed everything at him and that the Imperial Fist player was thus going to kick our arses which is true sportmanship.
With a big whoop the 10 man squad of terminators and lysander arrived right next to abaddon.Shooting god knows how many shots at him and once again not a single terminator dies .With a laugh and a real smug face he assaults my chaos marines with his dreadnought (remember how its arm was blown off?) I gave him the dignity of rolling his attack 1st but he missed with them all with a smug look on my face i roll for my chapion amred with melta bimbs which hits and subsequently destroys the dreadnought score one grenades .

Turn 5

This was the last turn as we were all about to leave very soon.
Abaddon charges into the termintors rolling another glorius 6 and subsequently kills no less than 8 terminators then his blokes trike back killing 2 of my terminators my my terminators use their powerd fists to kill lysander.

Result :: Massacre win for the me and the tau player .
Man of the Match :: Abaddon ..hes really worth his points when he gets going.
Most useless unit of the game ::The monlith and vindicator the vindiator missed every time it shot and the monlith didn't kill anything neither did he teleport a unit back into it a bit of a waste for its points when noramlly they do so much more
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god that necron player was terrible. However you played an awesome game and rolled crazy good! I was surprised lysander went down that easy. You have a good memory if this was 6 months back. Oh and i agree Abaddon is definitely worth the points.
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They might of done better if the necron guy wasn't a newbie i'm guessing haha
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