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Icon [Campaign] [PEmpires] The Campaign for Planet Thunderstone

I recently got the Planetary Empire's set and me and a friend decided to run a test campaign before going for a big fullschale campaign.

Planet thunderstone:
2 space ports
3 command bastions
2 shield generators
2 manufactorums
1 powergenerator

planetary map of planet Thunderstone after the first battle between the rival forces.

Fighting forces:
Imperial Guard, The Netherheim 1st. Flag colour: Space wolves Grey.

Space Marine renegades, Sons of Sin, Blood angels second founding. Flag colour: Scab red.

now in the following post I will give a battle report of the first battle.
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Default First battle.

The first battle was fought over the Manufactorum of the Sons of Sin.

[while the Netherheim had pushed deep into the region to the the manufactorum, they felt that takin it was a piece of cake. they met zero resistance. and zero enemy's. Little did they know they where walking into a trap.

for this battle we decided to go for a space marine scenario called surprise attack from the battle missions suplement. we agreed on a point limit of 1250 points

Netherheim forces.
Ivan(straken) and melta command squad
2 demo/melta veteran squads with chimera's
1 x banewolf
1 x Leman russ demolisher
1 x Leman russ Executioner
2 x vendetta's

Sons of Sin forces.
5 x vanguard veterans with various melta and power weapons
5 x sanguinary guard
1 x stormraven
2 x 5 man tactical squads


while the Sons of sin would deploy from reserve the netherheim positioned their tanks around an Imperial temple ruin in the centre of the field. with their backs to the walls they hoped not to get a melta in their rear from deep striking units. in the meanwhile the vendetta's flew over the highway ot have a clear vantage point all across the field.

The battle itself.

Turn one Sons of sin.
Sons of Sin started with arriving in full force. from both long table edges came 1 5 man tactical squad, while Dante attached to the vanguard veterans deepstriked next to the Netherheim banewolf.
at the same time the stormraven decided to show up on the battlefield coming from the edge on the highway right behind the vendetta's

in the move turn one of the tac squads moved in the direction of the centre building. and when the shooting fase came all hell broke lose for the netherheim banewolf. taking over 5 melta shots it finaly got hit in the fuel tanks and exploded taking a veteran with him in the proces.
The stormraven shot its multi melta and 1 bloodstrike rocket on the vendetta right in front of it and crashed it into the the highway.

Turn one Netherheim 1st

Turn one saw the Netherheim chimera's with the melta/demo veterans maneuvring to block any exit point for the vanguard veterans while the executioner moved to block the other side.
the first vendetta turned around and started aiming at hte stormraven while Ivan and his melta command squad jumped out and made a run in the direction of the stormraven. meanwhile the demolisher lumbered in the direction of the combat squad on the right flank.

while shooting Ivan his command squad and the vendetta failed to seriously hurt the stormraven only cauzing it not being able to move for the next turn.
the demolisher shot at the left flank combat squad but it scattered wide of the field. the executioner and the veterans met with a lot more effect shooting the right flank combat squad and the vanguard and dante.
first order of buiseness the veterans trew their demo charges right ontop the vanguard squad wich where both a hit and a 1 inch scatter saw the death of dante and 3 vanguard veterans, after wich the veteran squads unloaded their 6 melta guns and killed the remaining 4 vanguard veterans.
now betreft of its origional target the executioner took on shooting the right flank combat squad to great effect. scoring hit after hit the combat squad got completely annihilated.

Turn 2 Sons of Sin
the sanguinary guard unloaded from the stormraven and charged Ivan and his command squad while the stormraven opened fire on the last vendetta left failing to kill the vendetta with all its missiles and the multi melta while the shooting of the charging sanguinary guard on the command squad was completely rubish pinging off the concrete ground of the highway.
when they arrived in close combat tho. Ivan's squad got completely wiped out and Ivan himself was mortaly wounded in the proces.

Turn 2 Netherheim 1st
with the command squad gone the first reaction of the remaining forces was shock. and then. Bright Hot Anger. the vendetta ran in revers in combat speed in an attempt to stay out of reach from the Sanguinary guard while the demolisher and the executioner repositioned to fire at the stormraven and the sanguinary guard. the chimera's turned around and drove to the left flank to engage the remaining Combat squad
while the last turn was highly succesfull the netherheim forces only barrely managed to destroy the stormraven and made 2 casualty's with the Sanguinary guard.

Turn 3 Sons of Sin

with their options limited the Sanguinary guard charged for the last vendetta
only barrely reaching it. and destroying it, while the remaining combat squad holed up in a small ruin along the left flank. destroying one of the chimera's with a rocket launcher and the explosion killed 2 veterans in the proces.

Turn 3 Netherheim 1st

with only 2 enemy units remaining the netherheim veterans spread out around the small building and started shooting only killing 1 space marine.
the vindicator shot at the sanguinary guard killing all EXCEPT for one.

Turn 4 Sons of Sin

wiht limited options the last remaining sang guard made a run towards the executioner only running a couple inches short.
the remaining tactical marines unloaded on the transportless veterans completely destroying the squad.

Turn 4 Netherheim 1st

with their work cut out for them the demolisher and the executioner unloaded all their weapons onthe last sang guard completely destroying him
while the last veterans squad unloaded all weapons and the chimera's weapons on the last combat squad killing them all.

End of Round one

after the battle Netherheim reinforcements arrived to bolster the defences and Ivan was transported back to the space port for Intensive medical care. he wouldn't be able to partake in the next battle and this fact pisses him off to no end.

meanwhile on the battle barge Sinfull Pride The mortaly wounded chapter master of the Sons of Sin was cursing to no end frustrated over the loss of such a strategic asset and cursing his own failure to foresee the netherheim resolve and firepower.

the fact that the netherheim 1st control both manufactorums on the planet means that they have a 100P bonus to add to their army in the comming battles.


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Will be following this with interest. Been interested in seeing a planetary empires campaign for some time.

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So be it.
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Same here. Me and my mate are looking to do the same thing, Necrons vs BA. We're still planning... good luck, and keep the reports coming!
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Nice, Keep the reports coming

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