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Games Workshop reseller changes

Some interesting news cropped up on some of the other sites recently.

Originally Posted by Bigbossogryn
Today I was talking with a close friend who is an independent stockist of GW goods and something very interesting was raised during our conversation. Apparently, GW have confirmed an initiative will go active sometime in June that has been two years in the making (mainly due to legal issues). This initiative involves the use of a tier system to rate indies and then adjust how much discount their trade account is liable for.

Sounds interesting so far, right?

There will be four tiers (one to four funnily enough) with one being the best and four being the worst in terms of trade discount and 'other' perks which I am not at liberty to discuss. Which tier an indie factors into will be determined by a point system with the maximum being twenty four (I'm guessing six points to a tier) and the indie will score points by basically being a mini GW store. By this I mean having GW product advertised clearly and having it on display, running gaming clubs and intro games to name a few.

By the sounds of it, 99% of dedicated online stores will be tier four, meaning that they will clear less on GW products unless they start selling a shed load more. Here's an example:

Space Marine Bike - £10 to us general public
Tier 4 store trade price - £7.77 excluding tax
Tier 1 store trade price - £5.77 excluding tax

So, is this GW finally plugging the hole that is online stores? Discuss
Our very own rich1231 also added later on:

Originally Posted by rich1231
Its not a rumour.

foolish to comment fully until we have the new trade terms documents and I have had them scrutinized.

I still fully believe this will lead to consolidation of online retailers. And that B&M retail is non viable in most areas of the UK and europe in this climate.
rich1231 being the owner of a large online webstore, so obviously in a good position to comment on this particular topic. To summarise the content of some of the rumours and threads (full largely of the usual drumbeating posts that go with these topics), apparently GW intends to offer a tiered discount system to resellers. The idea being that GW rewards those with a brick and mortar presence similar to GW hobby shops and 'penalises' (or 'unrewards' if you like) those resellers who are less like a GW hobby shop, i.e. online only resellers and small LGS's that stock limited GW product.

From my point of view this is comes across as a kick in the nuts for those of us that regard GW prices as too high and only remain in the hobby due to 20%+ discount internet sites. It could be that I have misjudged GWs aim, the proof in the trade documents remains to be seen, but it appears that GW are making an attempt to further control GW product resellers. 'If you have a 'hobby centre' and sell lots of GW product you get a nice discount, otherwise kindly get fucked'.

It would seem that this will really hurt the small independent shops and online stores that aren't just a facsimile of a GW hobby shop or don't have the required turnover to access a good tier. I am sure there will still be some discount shops, but a reduced market and more control over discounts and resellers by GW may (pessimistically perhaps) result in less discount for us, the playing and paying public.

If this proves to be the case, for me I suspect it will mean GWs bizarre approach to marketing in a recession will finally help me kick the habit, I mean hobby...
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seems to me GW are trying to make it so local game stores have as much chance for profit as an online store. online stores dont have as high an overhead as local game stores. online store s that give huge discounts take away business from local stores.
anline stores are great for people who dont have access to a local shop, but they are getting alot of the business the local shops NEED to stat open.

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Weren't Games Workshop in the shit about 3 years back when they raised prices too high and too fast? Oh whoops. What actually happens when Games Workshop lower prices, I wonder? Which is really what this all boils down to.

Oooh look, price increase in our goods! We need to make money to continue making the product! Oh what's that? They're going elsewhere? Bugger that, let's brainstorm and think of new ways to bring them back to fold! We have the sensible, clever, option of going and reducing our prices to a more sustainable level, which will net more in the long run rather than per sale, OR we can be twats and stop others selling it? I'll take B, please, Chris.

I'm sorry, that's the wrong answer, Games Workshop, you leave here with only the £1000 that you had earlier. There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, Games Workshop from Nottingham, got too greedy, instead of taking the lifeline, and walks away nearly empty handed.

I wonder how many GW's will keep their storage sheds more tightly locked in future. I mean, leaving boxes on the side in open view of everyone EXCEPT the staff who sit at the desk? Bright Idea, yeah?

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Whether GW is trying to protect their in store sales or not I think this is great. We need the indi local stores to run the games clubs and too many short sighted people are buying online at a discount and then all of a sudden their game club is gone.

I play in a conference room every Monday night with about 40 people that the local shop rents out. All week they have two tables in store to play on.

The only things I buy online are the random figures that they can't order. I want them to stay open and profitable so that there are plenty of great Mondays. With everyone hanging out and playing, There are fantasy leagues, border patrol tournaments, all kinds of stuff going on all year.

Besides, you can't hang out in an online store and talk to people. It builds a real sense of community to have a local gaming store as a hub.
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It's not really a question of exclusivity of Online Stores - I only do it for bitz and pieces, which nowadays, with the amount of spare heads, torso's and arms I have lying around, is all I need to personalise, and unify my forces - with the loss of the Bitz Section from the main site - Which is where I managed to craft an entire army from, just ordering sprues - now I have to by an army for 3x the cost, and with bits I don't want. Unfortunately, I'm not going about setting up a business myself, so couldn't organise a lot to sell, while I couldn't sell half a sprue, with just the back plates of the marines and the left hands of Chaos Warriors. If they set the Bits section back up, I would be exclusively GW, supporting them, other than, as you say, getting bits or kits that are OOP/Discontinued.

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It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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it doesn't work like that for me though. my local shop is only a GW shop, they don't give me much reason to go there or buy fromthem as they aren't that helpful and I play at a local club so I don't need the tables. why should I pay more for a model from them than buy it from a site online with a nice discount? they should give me a good reason to buy from the shop rather than just remove the competition. I wont buy from the shop because they don't deserve my business, not because some online shop is 'stealing their customers'.

if I can't buy online I am not going to start buying from the local shop for more money, so in reality they just lose any money I would have spent, not give it to a bad business that can't earn it properly like everyone else. if my local shop gave me a reason to support them I might pay extra happily, but they aren't a charity, they are just another business who wants my money, if they have higher prices with no benefit then why would I give them my money?

instead I will just buy elsewhere online but proably less. so if gamesworkshop do this to try and support physical stores at the expense of internet shops then they failed. all they did is lose some of my business.
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I'm confused , i don't get any of this. Does this mean that independent stockists/online stores are getting prices increased or decreased?

Also is anything happening to the local GW stores price wise.

Explain to me in simple words as i'm a bit confused.
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Independant Stockist Prices are going up, but it scales up the higher up the Tiers you go - and tiers increase the less Games Workshop like you are.

Basically, Games Workshop are selling their products to stockists more expensively, depending on your type of business.

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It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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This is a very good thing. As some one who plays at a local shop, online sellers take a lot of profit from the shops that we play at. Now it is sad because I buy all my DE from an online shop because I can't get it anywhere els (Other then GW direct) but if I have to hold off on buying new DE until they get reworked I am fine with that as long as we see less of the online retailers taking money from the indi shops that give us a place to play at.

And did any one here stop to think about it instead of just jumping back on the bandwagon where they can cry all they want and people will feel sorry for them? What is the fuel that feeds the GW hobby? Shops. What brings new people in to the hobby? Shops. Not online retailers, all they do is sell stuff and take money away from the Indi shops that need it to stay in the black. But none of you care to think about that because your to busy crying about how bad and greedy GW is, just because the guy above you posted that GW is some evil company doesn't make it true. try to think for your self.

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