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Icon 1850 NE Big Gunz 40k tournament In Media PA

Hey guys,

my vet gaming club is throwing this tournament in Media PA and we have enough table space for 50 gamers. We are around 30 and climbing. Below is the flier for the event, with my information on iT(event organizer) as well as a payapal account if you want to come on. Please read all the rules:

2009 Cross Country Tournament
“For the players by the players”
When: Saturday August 29th, 2009

Time: 9:30AM Check-in
10:00AM Game time

Where: Granite Run Mall
Showcase Comics
1067 W. Baltimore Pike #185
Media, PA 19063
(610) 891-9229

Entry Fee: $25.00 (non-refundable*)
Payment is due by August 22nd, 2009 to secure a slot. Call after August 22nd, to secure any available slots (first come first serve).
You can pay at Showcase Comics, paypal (Mikenjudyc@aol.com) or see Chris Nanry.

Contact: Chris Nanry 917.886.4939, indiandog@gmail.com - NJ

* Please note: If an emergency arises where it is not possible to attend, contact Showcase Comics ASAP. Examples of emergencies include: death in the family, illness, and job requirements. We reserve the right to refund the entry fee.
•40K - 1850 points
•Codex armies only, GW FAQ's only (Think GT approved lists)
•No Forge World Army Lists or Rules
•Static lists
•Fully painted armies that are flocked and based are required
•3 full games
(you must keep your list the same all the way through and have 5 copies of your army list)
(Army Lists are due by August 22nd, 2009; email to indiandog@gmail.com).

•Overall Winner
•Best General
•Best Apperance
•Players Choice+Smokin' Boots

Sponsored By:


Scoring Packet:

Cross Country Tournament Scoring Rules

Time table(Mission/Deployment): Each game will be 1 hour and 55 minutes. This is only a estimated time table to give you an idea of starting and finishing times. The event may finish before or after the estimated time. Please attempt to show up when the mall opens, at 10:00 to check in and begin setting up your armies, pay entry fees if need be, as well as turning in army lists if you have not done so buy the non-penalty deadline of August 22nd. Earlier is always better.

Round 1- 11:00am until 12:55pm
Lunch- 12:55pm until 13:55pm
Round 2- 13:55pm until 15:40pm
Round 3- 15:40pm until 17:35pm
Awards Ceremony starts at 18:00pm

Game Results

Will be determined by scenario.


The Appearance score will be evaluated by an appointed judge who will use a checklist that outlines certain standards that will have to be met to receive points in this category. The checklist outlines requirements such as the theme of the army, conversions, and if the army is fully painted. You may have other than GW models to represent units and characters. THEY must clearly represent the model in question. I.E., a Balrog model can’t represent a winged Vampire Lord. If the model is equipped with a bolter, a spear does not count as a bolter. Bases with no models on them, or just legs, will not be accepted. You will be asked to remove the model from the table. This also covers models not completely put together. The maximum amount of points that you can earn is a 20. This score is only recorded once, and is added at the beginning of the gaming day. In case of a tie, it will come down to a vote by the judges to declare a winner. An army that receives a 0,or a 5 in their total score may not win Best Appearance., or Overall Winner.

Best Appearance Score (20 Points)
By: Auxellion


Less then 100% of the Army is painted/flocked: 0 points.
(May Not Win: Overall, Best Appearance, Player’s Choice)

The Judge gives points for the level of skill the army is painted/converted for your final Appearance Score.

Display Board: 2 point.
(A board that match’s your army’s bases, not just a cookie tray)

Detailed Basing : 1 point.
(Multiple dry brushes, as well as static grass/water effects/debris)

Army Coherency*: 3 point.
(The army matches in one overall scheme, same unit markings)

Highlights:2 point.
(Highlighting on most of the army)

Good Use of Washes and Inks:2 point.
(Controlled use of Washes and Inks, not splashed all over)

Extreme Detail:3 point.
(Eyes painted, banners, flags, freehands)

Minor Conversions*:2 point.
(Kit swaps, different poses, some sculpting)

Major Conversions*:3 point.
(Full or major sculpts, major greenstuffs work, major kit swaps)

Neatness:1 point.
(Not messy, clean-cut, overall neat)

Modeling Skill:1 point.
(No mold lines, differently posed miniatures, built correctly)

* = If you are playing an army that has different color squads in the fluff/storyline, then you get this point)

** = If the player has a mostly converted army, the player receives points for both minor and major conversions.


Sportsmanship has been dropped for scoring. This does not mean that players can run amuck in the event. We want good play, not only in demolishing your opponent, but also being fair and not putting your opponent in a foul mood for the day. Be a good sport. Rules disputes should be handled in a mature manor; bullying, intimidating, and yelling will not be tolerated. Refer to your FAQ’s, core rule book and army books to handle any questions that arise during the game. If a Judge is called over to handle the issue, their word is final, whether you agree with them or not. Arguments with the Judge can have you excused from the event.

Player’s Choice

Player’s choice is an award given to a player voted by their mates as the best overall gamer. This could be for army design, personality, and gaming skills. At the end of the event, report to a judge and give your vote who the best player of the event in your eyes was. Player’s Choice recipients can also win other prizes.

Smokin’ Boots

This award is given in the gamer’s spirit to the gamer that may be young, inexperienced, or totally outclassed in the event. This player gave it everything that he had and came up short, but still smiled and stuck it out.


Composition will be scored with the army list that you turn in to the judges for grading. This score will be added to the total score, and will be used to determine matches. Players with lower comp scores will be pitted against each other, the middle group and the high group. The higher your score will dictate how “soft” your army is, the lower means the “harder.” Unless called out by a challenge that is accepted, or the last game has to be played with players with armies in different brackets because of points, players will stay in their bracket. This is to ensure the overall gaming experience is enjoyed by all, and the playing field is won by the best general, not their army. A low comp score in no way will prevent anyone from winning Overall Winner.

Challenge Round

The challenge round is always the first round. This gives players the chance to “talk a little smack” and then try to back it up! You can call out a friend or player that you have not seen in a while. The goal of this round is to enhance the fun and excitement of the event. A player does not have to accept this challenge, but may draw some boos from the crowd!

Scoring for the Event

Points that are generated during the Tournament will be maintained by the judges. At the beginning of the event, players will be given a number on a score card that will record their game progress. At the end of the game, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that a judge receives the score card after each game. Please record your score accurately to the judges, fill out the entire card, how many points you each scored, as well as your opponents number. After the conclusion of the gamer’s final game, they are to fill out the player’s choice selection at the bottom of the card, and then hand in the card to the judge.

We will try to prevent gamers from one area from playing each other, but this can’t always happen. Please be flexible. We still will put winners on winners, and losers on losers. This means that if you won your first game, your second opponent should have also won his first game. We will try to keep the integrity of the top tables intact for the duration of the event. We will try to work out situations so that you play new opponents, it is part of the fun to meet new people and see the various styles of play from different areas. This will only hone your own playing style and show you new tricks that you have not seen before.

Other important information:

-You may build an army from legal GW codex’s only, Special Characters may be used. You must use them in accordance with all of rules listed in their profile.

-The terrain will be set up before the game and left in place. Hence, players will not role for or place terrain. If terrain has to be moved, please replace the terrain back in accordance with its original placement.

-If you quote an FAQ, to receive its benefit you must produce it. The judge is not responsible for having them to give you.

-During any game or dice rolling event, your opponent can request that you roll his or her dice instead of your own. This can last for the duration of the game.

In addition to the models and rules, players should bring anything else that they need to play the game. This includes dice, templates, tape measures, wound markers, glue for repairs, a codex or army book, and their 40k core rule book. The store and the judges are also not responsible for providing those items for use during the tournament. You may purchase any needed items that you will need to play from Showcase Comics on game day or before.

It is my pleasure to put on this tournament, I hope you have fun and come back!

Chris Nanry
North East Big Gunz Gaming Club
Showcase Comics (Media, PA)

Please click on the link below to see pictures of the overall winners sword for the event. This is in addition to other prizes for the overall winner.


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Icon Master List

Master List:

Pat V.(VA)*
John Reinhard(PA)*
Al Edel(PA)*
Tim Huddak(PA)*
Steve McDaniel(NJ)*
Ray O'dowd(NJ)*
Kyle Malone(NJ)*
Brian Schmidt(HQ)*
Lou Pagan(HQ)*
Billy B(HQ)*
Jeff O(HQ)*
Joe Ramaikus(HQ)*
Ted Nagel*
Jim Benson*
John Evans*
Jeremy Webb*
Mark Whitiker
Keith Gatchalian (MD)*
Chris Ormando (NJ)*
Paul Miglino (NJ)*
David Hohmann (NJ)

Round 1 Challenges:

Ludwig Vs. Kyle Malone
Pat Vs. Hudak
Schmidty Vs. Charles(Toy Wiz)
Cheeseteak Vs. Jeremy Webb
Ramaikus Vs. Nagel

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