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Default Xbox 360 - Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC

Well people seemed to enjoy my thoughts about fallout 3 so i thought I'd bring you more, I should have 'reviewed' a different game but I was so looking forward to writing this, here we go:

Me and the Brotherhood
By the time I bought Broken steel I was close to completing take it back! I got it because i wanted to continue my fallout experience. By this point I'm a pretty high level, completed alot of quests and got hold of some of the most powerful weapons and equipment the wasteland could offer. But enough of that, let me tell you about the time when i first met the Brotherhood of Steel.

It was the first time I'd entered the ruins of washington D.C. and frankly, I didn't know what to expect. I was a dangerous place; full of raiders, mutants and other horrors I had not yet met, people still lived here though but i couldn't imagine how they would survive in this place. It was quite depressing in a way, it was so empty and I couldn't help wondering was many of these destroyed buildings used to be. Suddenly, i was attacked by super mutants. I began to lay down fire with my chinese assault rifle when four brotherhood paladins came out of nowhere. They were kicking ass, the super mutants didn't stand a chance against laser rifles and power armour. Once the mutants had been killed off I spoke to sarah Lyons who, at the time didn't think much of me. I went with them to GNR and a battle erupted, once again the super mutants were thrashed. i was having a good time, until a massive behemoth came crashing through the wall. my first idea was to shoot it, even though it would have no effect. I followed the quest dialouge and took a 'fat man' from a dead paladin. If you didn't know a fat man shoots mini nukes, just what you need against a huge mutated giant. what happened next is history.

Liberty Prime Vs the Enclave

Lets fast forward and get to the first quest in Broken Steel, 'Death from above' at this point I've got hold of enough armour and weapons to feed an army not to mention Fawkes and the brotherhood as allies. I'm told to report to a car tunnel where a squad of paladins and liberty prime will be assaulting an Enclave held relay station, I use my minigun for this one.

We appear outside the relay station, Liberty prime is in position, an Enclave vertibird opens fire on it but only to be destroyed by Prime's lasers. A whole host of Enclave troops are waiting for us at the end of the road, we can only go forward. Following prime; me and the squad move down the road picking of any Enclave troopers that survived prime's onslaught. It was pretty hecktic, dodging grenades and bullets while trying to return fire. Prime marched right up the relay station saying the usual things: "communisum is a lie!" and "Democrazy will never fail!" in his deep robotic voice and he punches a good sized chunk out of the wall from which a group of Enclave soilders rain down fire with plasma rifles. what happened next was amazing: I stood just behind prime when he booms out:
"orbital strike immenent"


he pointed to the far side of the road, "all personnel recah minimum safe distance"



"Prime NOOO!"

I turned and ran, looking back to see a barrage of missile rain down on Liberty prime from the sky. He is completely destroyed. A brotherhood paladin is sent flying through the air and lands not far from me. as the dust settles prime is completed destroyed, he head to giving out blurred speeches, the brother hood paladin lies dead, the enclave troops in prime's hole also dead. I take one look at prime, then advance into the relay station via prime's hole and vent my anger upon the surviving enclave troops.

when we had finished with any enclave troopers left in the building I collect the data from a large computer leave the station.

deathclaws, Gouls and some wierd tesla stuff
After in the incident with Liberty Prime I reported to Elder Lyons for my next task, which was to recover a 'tesla coil' from old oldny. If you hadn't played fallout 3 this might seem simple, but I know that place to crawling with deathclaws so I went prepeared. As soon as i arrived I was attacked by deathclaws, they arn't easy to fight even for a king of the wasteland but I killed them all. however it seems that the only way into old oldny powerworks was through the sewers which meant: More deathclaws...
I've always hated sewers, I'd rather be up top with the fresh radioactive air then down here climbing through 200 year old waste. But to my suprise I wasn't the only human down here; well...almost human. as i went a little deeper I came across two gouls, where the hell did they come from?

"who are you smoothskin?"

"how did you down here"

"that doesn't matter, we need to escape the deathclaws"

[Macho] "deathclaws don't scare me!"

"your funeral" he said and just left, his buddy went after him. I forgot about them and moved on, although I wanted to ask them what they were doing i would soon find out. the next rooms I entered had obviously been lived in at one point beacuse there was a campfire, a fridge and alot of supplies It seemed to be quite cosy. i quickly came across a dead ghoul, then another and then another. It was obvious what happened here: the ghouls had moved in thinking it was safe and the deathclaws had attacked, only one had been armed; a 32. pistol, hardly a good weapon for fighting deathclaws.

I did find the Oldny powerworks and got hold of a tesla coil, the place had a few robots in them but that didn't bother me. On my way out i saw some odd glowing things, they were Alien power cells! amazing, but I had nothing to use them with. Then i remembered: out in the wasteland there was an alien blaster lying around and i would find it and use it to defeat the Enclave!!

I'll continue writing tomorrow, I have a slight headache and my fingers are getting numb. you'll find out how I got an alien weapon, fired several orbital missiles and destroyed the Enclave all in one day!

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