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Default too many "noobs" online?

(im going to use Space Marine multiplayer for my basis here, but the subject does apply to most mainstream big time multiplayer games.)

to be honest i feel like the tac class is one of the best well rounded classes in a lot of games. decent choice of weapons to suit many situations, lots of perks for not only all those weapons but also simply the marine build itself, the class is everything the tactical marine should be.....tactical.

since i bought the game and have been playing it online i have been in more and more games that have less and less tac marines, and i find myself asking why? i know the other two classes have some very nice perks (i love the jump pack myself ) but i played with a group the other day where i was the only tac marine on the team, the rest being assault marines and two devastators. needless to say the lack of flexibility would have killed us had the other team not had the same problem as us.

granted the class will be at a disadvantage if an assault marine or raptor gets too close but so far i have rarely had a player be smart enough to jump at me from behind so that i dont see them coming. are the other two classes getting more attention from, dare I say noobs to 40k, because they seem a bit "flashier"?

to be honest my highest kill/death ratios in the game have been with the tac class, because it is flexible and can adapt to most situations, not that the others cant of course but its just more well rounded. i feel like people are going for what they think are bigger and better classes just because they have shinier weapons, and ive noticed this across the board with multiple games, not just space marine.

people are going for the easiest way to get kills, not actually developing the skills to make the game fun but still competitive. i dont know i guess im ranting because i feel like they are taking the fun out of the game, flying around with the thunderhammer or daemon maul and getting twelve kills does not make you a beast at the game, let alone any other game.

does having the weapon that can kill anyone in the game with one hit make you the shit? no it just means that im going to shoot your ass out of the sky with my upgraded bolter before you can reach me with that thunderhammer, and still rack up a higher kill count and K/D ratio than you.

like i said ive seen this happening in other games also, just seems like people are taking the easy road to success, but when the shit really hits the fan in a match they cant come through and have horrible scores.

now dont get me wrong its your own choice if you want to use these weapons, i use the RPG in Black Ops, because its a fricken explosive projectile and ive actually gotten really good at shooting it right through windows at people. it provides a satisfying kill every now and then seeing someone get blown to high heaven, but all the time? no lol please people show a little more taste and develop actual skills before using these weapons because you will be THAT much more effective rather than just be a chaotic wrecking ball that really isnt that good

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I agree with you about most things you've said

Anyway, if already discussing Space Marine... The game suffers from a problem that many other online FPS games suffer from, its extremely ping dependent. Because there are no dedicated servers you can easily get stuck on a server with either a crap host or simply a host who lives on the other side of the world.

Apart from that, I do tend to see nearly everyone in each team go Assault Marine and I can't figure why. They are not that good yet nearly all of the teams are build of 7 assault marines and 3 devastators\tactical marines.

Personally if you are already talking about K\D I prefer devastator, although tactical marines are also awesome On the other hand I hate the lascannon, its stupidly overpowered and can take down nearly anyone in 1 or 2 shots which is kind of stupid even if it true fluff wise, in general there are too many weapons in this game who can 1 hit kill.

I prefer my Heavy Bolter devastator with whom I blast all those pesky assault marines. Got myself a sweet 18\1 KD XD
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Originally Posted by komanko View Post
Personally if you are already talking about KD I prefer devastator, although tactical marines are also awesome On the other hand I hate the lascannon, its stupidly overpowered and can take down nearly anyone in 1 or 2 shots which is kind of stupid even if it true fluff wise, in general there are too many weapons in this game who can 1 hit kill.
Melta comes to mind. its like a sniper that only needs to be aimed at the general direction of the enemy from a close distance.
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Really? i am finding the game way to easy to play......
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Every class has its own role.

Devastators will make on heck of an amazing job at adding in suppression fire and pinning a bunch of asses down.

Assault Marines are hard hitting fast attack bastards, good for sneaking behind (and above ) the enemy, kicking that snipers ass and vanishing into thin air.

Tactical Marine is great. I prefer my bolter over anything else (especially with both perks ), thou I aint using it cause I am leveling my other weapons. He is tactical, a good character for teamwork. He is more agile than the Devastator, but weaker at range. He is slower than the assault marine, but a better shot, who can also hold his own in CC.

This game is based on teamwork anyways. Each class should complement each other. Gang up with two other guys, on Devastator and one Assault Marine, and you are able to cover each others weaknesses and kick peoples asses.

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Being a player myself i switch class depending on what is needed.

I go tactical at first then seeing how the game progresses and how the enemy team are reacting to the situation i switch class.

So when the enemy are suppressing us with sniper tacs and devestators i switch to assault marine and get the drop (pun intended) on them. If they are bring out lots of tacs / assault marines i will bring out the storm bolter / heavy bolter to deal with them.

Unfortunately trying to control a group of guys you have never played with before is the most difficult thing and a habit i dont seem to be able to break from my CSS clanning days.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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Tac marine is the best. I got a 13 to 1 with it because 90% of assault players suck. I even meleed 3 of them in that game. The best way to kill a GOOD raptor is the throw both grenades at your feet. Theyll probaly kill yoi but youll get more points uf they die after you ; )
As for the lascannon, only one map i have ever been killed on with it cause you dont just run into the open.

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I've been in a majority of games where there was a decent balance of all three classes. Though I have been in a few games where there was a vast majority of assault marines. Heavy Bolter or Storm Bolter work best in that kind of game. You see them jump for you, wait a second or two, roll/hop to the side, and lay into them as they land. Ahhhh, there is no better feeling than firing torrents of fuck you bolts into the nearest raptor/assault marine whos trying to cleave your skull in two. Good times.

The one thing I hate though, are the people who only use the melta gun to get kills. It is very annoying when they come up out of nowhere and hit you. Or when you ACTUALLY see them coming but they keep rolling closer to you and you miss EVERY FREAKING TIME... and then you die

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Originally Posted by CamTheApostle View Post
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As I said, way to many weapons in this game have a 1 hit kill option set on them.
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