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I will proceed to pat you on the back as that's clearly what you want.

*pat* - Watch me progress as I learn the basics and beyond.
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The only explanation needed is this.

This is a 40k site where many people love Space Marines and the world of 40k.
This is a Space Marine game where you fight Orks and Chaos.

It could have been shit (not commenting on how good the game is one way or the other as I have not played it) and people would still have loved it.
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P2p is a better form of MM as you usually get better connections but honestly this is a game for us it's not going to be MLG pro any time soon.
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Originally Posted by Aramoro View Post
This is faulty reasoning at best. Games are short because the writing teams for CoD and Space Marine are pitiful compared to the effort put into the Graphics etc, the new Dues Ex suffers from the same thing, good graphics, short games. CoD is produced on the back of franchise, bad games are really meaningless there will still be people in camo queuing at midnight for it.

A lot of new game are a lot longer than these offerings and they're better for it really.

Space Marine is a bit of fun, some fluff, no one will be playing it 6 months from now really.
I think its more along the lines of Shooters are not story line games any longer. Halos solo campains are short and the game is fun in Online play.

To the OP, wanna cookies because half your points are not even valid because a majority of FPS/3PS are exactly like that and they are doing QUITE well.
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I honestly stopped playing at one or two points to just take the scene in, like first sight of the titan in its bay.
Yeah I just stopped and stared as well. The sense of scale in this game is right on. I do agree with the multiplayer gripes though as I am a big fan of online play and the matchmaking system in this game leaves much to be desired.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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I'm level 9, and feel no disadvantage against higher level players... matching is fine to, never waited for more then 30 seconds for a game. I also am the only person i have seen so far to use the plasma gun... its really not that bad.

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Yes, I do play orks, yes, I do have quite a few boys on the table, and yes, it does take me a while to move a problem with that...
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Originally Posted by Aramoro View Post
Well in a normal game there's a dedicated server you look at the game list, you see which one looks best for you, you tell your buddies you all join that game, woo, fun times.

In Peer to Peer matchmaking the game looks for players hosting games for you and ranks them according to your speed to the host, then joins the one it thinks best, your friends may or may not get into the same game as you. The game is being run from the Host computer, so everything depends on how good his connection is really.

That's why there's a 12 page long 'Matchmaking issues' thread on the forum, with it taking 10 minutes to get into a match for many people.
Which is just like gears. And thats still awesome.

But im liking space marine. The campaign seems to get a bit repetative but for some reason i still want to go back and play it some more.

I have to say im quite impressed with the graphics and sometimes just stop to admire the details.

One thing i have noticed in its favour in mutiplayer, if theres lag and someone is not where they actually are, if you hit them on your screen it hits them on thiers too. (which can lead to you dying around corners) This makes it easier to play and (mostly) eliminates the rage associated with gears lag.

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I like it. The bolter porn is spot on. The scale, the hopelessness of the world is spot on. Hearing the audio logs and that aweful voice telling you to work hard and praise the machine god made me so glad to live in 2011 and not 40K.

I read a bunch of BL books, and using the books as a foundation to allow the horror of the visuals to seep in was amazing.

I am going slow, pacing myself so I can drink in the game world.

This was a pre-order from jump. Why ?

First week game sales are important nowadays and help the suits decide if there is gonna be a sequel.

This game can ONLY get better.

I want to be Playing Space Marine 2 in 2013.

Seeing the Melta VAPORIZE an ork is something else. I mean I can picture it in my minds eye while reading, but seeing it... Wow

I was also floored by the Scale in the game.

To be honest, I am one of those people who can fully lose themselves in a game world.
After playing SM I came away saying I am GLAD the Smurfs and the others exist.

God-damn that place is teetering on the brink.

'Death is nothing compared to vindication.'

Let them HATE, so long as they fear.
The Imperium is as a gargantuan creature, dying slowly and in great pain, too massive to realise it is as yet a lumbering corpse.
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I'm puzzled when I read that this is a GoW ripp-off. I mean I love 40k (wouldn't be here otherwise duh) and I also love GoW having finished both games and am currently waiting for the third.

Now here's the thing that no one has been able to explain to me (mayhap because I'm a 360 owner and I'm barely able to piece two coherent thoughts togheter as someone said above). SM is a ripoff of GoW because:

1) Manly man-team with huge shoulder pads sets off to save the world against alien invader. Also chainswords!!

Huh... that's pretty much the definition of a space marine in 40k which has been around for almost as long as I am...


I'm sorry but from what I've seen from the demo (game will be out the 9, should be another week before it arrives), GoW is a 3rd person shooter with cover based mechanics and a cool chainsaw attack if someone gets too close. In SM you have essentially a CQC game with shooting options should you so prefer, and not much use of cover (well mechanic wise anyway). Also if in GoW I'd go melee on the amount of enemies I do in SM I'd be dead meat in no time.

3) OMG WHAT ARE YOU BLIND?! SM uses the digital to choose weapons like GoW THAT'S RIPP OFF RIGHT THERE!

Seriously? Why not claim it's a rippoff of pong since it uses keyboard input to move.

Honestly people sometimes...
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Gow and sm are quite different. Eg

Gow : Run, cover, shoot, wait for enemy to come closer, enemy goes into cover, 10 minute staring contest, rush in, shotgun duel, win.

Sm : Run, Charge, Kill, win.

They have similaritys but the few differences make a BIG difference in gameplay.
I mean can you imagine warzone on sm? One life each? it would be over in 30 seconds.

'Luck is the residue of design.' - John Milton

'Let the world tremble as it senses all you are about to accomplish.' - Luís de Camões
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