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Default Alice:Madness Returns

Many of you may or may not remember an old game on the PC called Alice.

For those of you who don't remmeber or never heard of it let me clue you in a lil.

It was 3rd person shooter that played more like a FPS where you were the role ofe the char. Alice running around a very twisted and chaotic version of wonderland, where as the old Lewis Carrol variation was based off of nature this one based off an Asylum. You char. Alice had suffered through a fire where her parents both died and she survived and wound up in a state of dimensia in which she had to save wonderland and hopefully return it back to the happy go lucky place it once was, in which case halped make her cope with her loss and pain and she finally was able to leave the asylum and get on with her life.

Well Madness Returns is the sequal to the 11 yr old game and I will say if I had to describe it in very few words those would be: Imaginitive, creative, and down right demented. The atmoshere of this game is something only the 4 Chaos gods could even smile upon.

It has fully imaginitive char.s that you not only enjoy seeing but always want to come back and keep playing juts so you can see how wild and insane this world gets and how far it pulls away form the happy wonderland we all grew up with. Your choices of weapons gets pretty out there as well, though I so far have not completed the game but have been through at least the first two areas of the game I already have encountered some wild things esspecially the weapons. Your 1st two weapons would include the vorpal blade, a large elaborate butcher's knife which Alice wields like as if she was a pshycotic agent of Khorne. The other weapon I have so far gotten my hands on was a Pepper Grinder! Yes a pepper grinder that work like a heavy bolter rapidly firing rounds into the enemies. On the final side of the overall look of this world is that Alice's costume tends to change from evironment to evironement. In the beginning she is where a dull gray and black prison striped looking variation of her dress then moves to the standar blue and white look we are all most familiar with and by the next area she has on a sort of gothic black variation of the same dress.

Now for the important stuff the game plays as a 3rd person shotter mainly where the combat moves quite smoothly and the ranged combat works almost on the scale of a FPS/ sniper style of play. They game rewards you plenety of times. Another thing that is nice of this game is Alice this ability float slowly to the ground when jumping and she can also perform a double jump, which allows many of the tasks in the levels not to be bogged down too much by giving you a decent amount of time too keep yourself from falling to your doom. Her dodging ability is unique as well as in instead of simply rolling away she kinda telaports around the enemies. The Physics are well done as well and navigating is easy as wel making the games feel and control quite nice. The only drawbacks to the gameplay is that at times Alice won't wlak up a flight of stairs and you end having to jump on them, this seems to be a slight glitch in the game but its nothing that will take away form the experience, a few other minor faults would be that sometime things can get somewhat repetitious and the game tends to focus a lil more on the action and combat than the in depth story taht is being told. There are areas where you may feel that you can explore but really can't go any further in the area. Once again not a big deal just it kinda teases you a bit.

Altogether I give it The Emperor's seal of approval! on scale of on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 ide say about 6.7 only due some slight issues that are easily forgotten. Happy Gaming Heretics

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Don't complain about the game being 'repetitive' or anything like that. That is NOT a bad thing.

This game is a throwback to the games of a decade ago in the best possible way. It's the bastard child of American McGee's Alice, the Legacy of Kain, and Zelda. As such, I expect much of the Call of Honour 76 mentality-based gamers these days will belittle it. Sure, it does nothing immensely innovative, but it doesn't have to. All the elements are familiar, and proven to work perfectly together because this is possibly one of the most fluid games to have come out in a damn long time.
It's fun, it's clever, and it's damn well exactly what us fans of the original have been asking for, for 11 years.

Yes, I'm biased in that I'm a major fan of the first, but this is probably the best game to have come out this year so far, make no mistake. Also, rare for a sequel, but it's not a disappointment compared to the original! (Yes, 3DR/Gearbox, I'm fucking well looking at you.)

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Got a mail today saying it's on the way (I'm in europe so the game is out friday). Was already psyched about the game, but what really convinced me to pre-order was getting the first one as DLC. That's like ordering a cake and then getting another one made entirely of icing :D
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I've played through most of the game (have all the weapons fully upgraded, cleared the first four or five areas, etc) and I absolutely love this game. The characters are all quite unique and eccentric, although some of the voice performances fall flat in trying to show emotion. The combat is fluid and the weapons are different enough to get some really interesting combos; I have not been found wanting.

My favorite part of the game is the aesthetic of course. I'm a sucker for games with a different style such as this game, psychonauts, bioshock, etc. In that sense I have been completely fulfilled as each world is so different as well.

My only complaint is that sometimes it feels like the areas drag on a tad long, but this is a long game so I've gotten my money's worth. It's unfortunate that the game has gotten such mediocre reviews so it's good that I put very little stock in reviews. Wait until CoD3 and see that game get a 9/10 or 10/10.

I'm also quite fond of the hysteria Alice model hence my new avatar.
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Repetitive gameplay was in the first one, and it hardly mattered when you killed them with a Jack-in-the-Box. Only parts I really disliked were the platforming parts. Anyways, this should be a good game.

Writer of crappy fics, I hope you might derive some enjoyment from them. For original stuff. For stuff that is part of an established universe.
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Originally Posted by Masked Jackal View Post
Only parts I really disliked were the platforming parts. Anyways, this should be a good game.
Seconded, those parts really detracted from a great overall game play. I loved how dementid and just overall creepy the whole world was, plus Alice using crazy weapons and killing those damn card men was a big plus.

Favorite character still is the Cheshire Cat, his smile is just epic.

I threw the game on my gamefly as I have been picking up a bit too many games of late... Duke Nukem for one lol. I love how the gamer cycle is starting to tread back into the games of old.

Can re-roll re-rolls
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I saw the ad for this earlier today in an email and want to play it some. Always loved the noire take of normal characters.
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yeah i loved the first game, thinking about getting the second but I have my plate full with models, other video games, and RL

Space wolves -
Warriors of chaos -
Dark Eldar -
My armies.

the key to every good DE army makeup. Always have a backup plan, try to take everything in multiples, and use everything you can to your advantage, being a sneaky bastard within the rules, as it were.
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Originally Posted by Drannith View Post
I love how the gamer cycle is starting to tread back into the games of old.
Because almost everything released as of late has been shit compared to Alice, Legacy of Kain, Baldur's Gate and Tribes. Arkham Asylum played like an old game, and this was no bad thing.

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Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Because almost everything released as of late has been shit compared to Alice, Legacy of Kain, Baldur's Gate and Tribes. Arkham Asylum played like an old game, and this was no bad thing.
I would love to find a game so honest to DnD as Baldurs Gate and NeverWinter Nights where.

And back OT: American McGee's Alice was just so twisted it made me cry when it crashed, lol
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