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Originally Posted by TTIO View Post
'Tis called Silgrad Tower

I've not played it yet, but that's only 'cos I've not finished Oblivion yet
Silgrad Tower is just a mod, It's not a conversion of Morrowind to the Oblivion game engine.
You wont be able to get the converted game either. It was a project called Morroblivion and Bethesda has put the breaks to it as it's a copyright violation. Go to and you can find out all about it.

By the way, sorry for the double post.

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Knights of the Old Republic and Sith Lords was pretty good......

Grand Theft Auot series 3, vice City san andreas and 4 are pretty good too....

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For me, it's got to be Starcraft and Diablo 2. Loads of fun.

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CoD4. Online, nothing else comes close.

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Tough one, after thinking I'd say some of those that caught my attention in particular and I think very fondly back to or still play would include and in no particular order.

Ragnorak or Valhalla, can't remember which was the name, old, old Spectrum game.

Warsong - on the Genesis, my fave turn based strategy game ever, had to import this from the US, good job the Megadrive was compatable.

Civilization 2 - on the Playstation, played it to death

Monkey Island 1 & 2 - loved them both

Ishtar & Ishtar 2 - loved those games, even if it took my 3 months to get out of the city Island in ishtar 2. One of the first proper 3d RPG games I played with Ishtar, and dang I hated that invisible minotaur.

Doom - still probably my fave fps, just because its mindless fun, couldn't stand Doom 3 after about a week.

Halo and Halo 2 - Just like them as a deccent fps, I connect with the story alot due to the war theme, why I prefer halo over Half life.

Tetris - just for playablility and the fact its addictive

Knights of the 'something' Moon - was a side scrolling game on the older computers, where you chose one of four knights and fought barbarians etc, It was the most bloodthirsty game I had played at that time, and love the decapitation mechanic.

GTA 3 - probably the best for showing where consoles could go, although my fave is still Vice City, 80's connection was brilliant. Oddly never got of the second island on San Andreas and have hardly played GTA IV, think I might have moved on.

Lego Star Wars - the game is just easy to throw on and play, loads of fun.

Dynasty Warriors - possibly my fave action series going, loved pretty much every edition, and say 6 is probably the best due to all the improvements they made.

Silent Hill 2 - Although I loved Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 was awesome, probably my fave Horror game ever, and still one of my fave movie conversions that have been done. I liked Silent Hill 3 but haven't been compelled to finish it yet, 4 was awful, and I await Homecoming on the 360 eagerly.

Road Rash 3DO - although I've liked all the megadrive versions of the game and would love to see a remake based on the early games, the 3DO version with the rock soundtrack and over the top characterization of the riders was brilliant and still sticks with me.

Zelda - on the SNES, haven't liked any Zelda game since this one, but this was one of the games I really enjoyed compleating, and did so more than once.

Shining Force - A spiritual successor to Warsong in my eyes, love the game still hope SEGA might do a new one eventually.

Powerstone - possibily one of the best Beat em ups ever, awesome fun, can't believe it hasn't turned up on the newer machines yet.

Soul Blade - a beat em with swords, whast not to love, liked Soul Calibre as well, plan on getting 4 as soon as I have some spare cash.

Resident Evil 2 - Probably in my view the best horror game alongside Silent Hill 2, haven't liked the change of style on Resi since 4.

and finally
Final Fantasy VII - it took months to finish, but this to me is possibly the best RPG game ever, it certainly has one of the best stories I've played. If a remake ever happens, I'm there.

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I don't know if it was made in '02 (Maybe in '03) but Secret Weapons over Normandy. It just felt like running around with an airfix spitfire and setting fire to a stuka and chucking it out the window. The final 3 missions were a terrible disappointment, especially the D-Day one. I don't care if it was a real weapons project, a giant boss plane is fucking dumb.

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
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The Football Manager series by Sports Interactive.
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Originally Posted by Druchii in Space View Post
Final Fantasy VII - it took months to finish, but this to me is possibly the best RPG game ever, it certainly has one of the best stories I've played. If a remake ever happens, I'm there.
WOO! 19th best selling game ever! 2nd best for sony! woo! I did a project on this for my course. Definitely my most loved game. Personal best completing it was 36 hours.... Dams proud of that

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Hmmn. Well I'd have to go with Xenogears for PS 1. I loved the game so much. I'm really sad to see that it wasn't taken a step further, but Square FF series has really run a monopoly over the creative minds at Square Enix.
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i would say balders gate but on the N64 i was allways a massive fan of banjo and kazooie

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