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Default BC2 or COD MW2 ?!

hey yawl!
couldnt find this anywhere on the site, so i may as well post it up.

My freind was asking me why i think bad company 2 is far superior to modern warfare 2. After telling him the countless reasons he stared at me blankly and asked again, even after i showed him the following video.

so i thought why not ask you lot from the interwebz to have a large and brutal argument over this topic (its quite funny when you do ).

also, i know that these games are both soon to be out-dated by black ops and medal of honor, but i figured it was worth a discussion.

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BC2 > MW2

BC2 is newer, but its multiplayer HIGHLY out classes the Modern Warfare series by miles. you could actually kill people without unloading a whole clip into them in BC2, unless you stupidly shoot for their arms / feet
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I didn't even know people try to compare MW2 to BC2 there really is no chance for MW it was made earlier so it's graphics are equalled by BC2 if not beaten and the gameplay is amazing for BC2...that and it's server based instead of Client to Client based

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BBc2 has alot better weapon work then mw2 and i like vehicles and i like huge maps but some parts could be worked on cause bbc2 more realistic then one man army you know so thats my take,

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Modern warfare 1 was decent, its design was horrid for multiplayer though, same with MW2 since a decent player could get a full clip unloaded into him him diving into a prone and regaining ALL of his health, that doesnt happen in BC2.

BC2 has the whole class thing which is very flushed out and works excellently. the 4 classes all have a role and all can get kills just as easy as the other.
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BC2 was made for Multiplayer
MW2 was a bit 50/50 from what I can tell.
MW2 can beast BC2 in campaign by far but multiplayer it just doesnt stack up.

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Originally Posted by KhainiteAssassin View Post

BC2 has the whole class thing which is very flushed out and works excellently. the 4 classes all have a role and all can get kills just as easy as the other.

Add into the lack of killstreaks, i mean i enjoyed killstreaks on bother MW and W@W, since it was simple but my god did i loathe it on MW2, i mean a Nuke!? WTF. Plus the intergration of vehicles on BC2 multiplayer was really well done, add in the destructable environments and awesome game modes, 4v4v4v4 still my fav :D

Plus those countless glitches in MW2 didnt really help, add in the Unlimtied ammo glitch from awhile back really didnt help much, heck i even chose MAG over MW2 for a time

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

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aspects of both games are great. BF2 has the same graphics but id have to say MW2 did a better job detailing the Characters. BF2 has cool things like leveling buildings and explosive effects. The reason i dont like BF2 for these reasons.
1. The firing system is whack. Its like im playing halo i have to fire every single bullet out of my gun to kill 1 person.
2. Shitty movement. your character looks like he is floating on the suface of the ground. dosent look like it is taking any effort to move.
3. you cant go prone. What the fuck is the point of being a sniper if you cant hide.
4. the sniper rifles suck. you can no scope people from across the map because they didnt bother to make a no scope aim adjustment like cod did.
5. its to vehicle heavy. I hate vehicles its one of the reasons i didnt like COD WAW. Stupid nubs who vehicle abuse piss me off.
Reasons i dont like MW2
1. Duel weapons. Never once in my life have i seen a trained soilder running through the battle field with duel weapons. And anybody who can duel wield Shotguns must have indestructible arms because firing a 12 gauge shotgun with one hand would dislocate your shoulder and break your elbows and shove your fore arm bone through your bicep. I klnow this because my dad is a doctor and i have seen exrays of a guy who fired a shotgun 1 handed.
2. 3rd percs should be abolished. They are dumb and un realistic. No one can run with kevlar and a full set of combat gear perfectly quit. just like someone who gets shot with a 50.cal or shotgun isnt going to be able to pull a pistol out and shoot you after wards. also this includes Camando because it is so stupid and glitchy.
3. Lack of admin monitoring because people boost free for all daily.
4. 10th presteige lobbys sending me invites all the time. and hackers for 10th prestiege.

All in all you will never see me pick up a copy of BF because its terrible along with every other BF game that has came out. not graphic wise but operating system. I play MW2 all the time because its more real to the firing system. But we get to see the best of both worlds when the release of Medal Of Honor comes out here pretty soon.
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1. heres a tip: AIM FOR THE HEAD AND CHEST, STOP AIMING FOR THE LEGS / ARMS. I play completely NON hardcore BC2 for PC, it takes me a few bullets to kill ANYONE. chest takes more damage then arms or legs, if your spraying your gun fully auto, of coarse you will use up a full clip before killing people. THIS is far more of a problem in MW2.

2. shitty movement? so because when your not sprinting your dont have MASSIVE head bobing going on, the moving is shit? hate to break it to you, but realistically, people can move quite well without bobbing like a mad man when they want to. these are supposed to be TRAINED soldiers. The SPRINT is supposed to be running, and when your not sprinting, you are moving at a fair pace thats designed more for shooting then it is for moving.

3. Prone is something the game lacks, but with the gully suit, going prone would effectively make snipers more OP then they already are.

4. hip shooting snipers from the distance they are SUPPOSED to shoot from is IMPOSSIBLE since you cant aim at their heads in BC2. you need to aim above their heads to get a headshot. This arguement is obvously Invalidated in HARDCORE, because unlike MW hardcore, BC2 hardcore is just stupidly insane on how much damage snipers do. Think awp from CSS. My point is, the Arguement your making here is that snipers can no scope? on the 360 they can, but BC2 on 360 IS crap, on PC, its THE best game around.

5. Vehicles are easy to deal with when you play the game proper (IE PC not xbox or ps3) since theres 16 people a side, that means probably 4 of each class in general, PER side. and seeing as how snipers can moartar tanks dead, Soldiers can 40ml, Medics can use their nades, and Engineer is designed to take tanks out. they are really not much of a problem.
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Cause of realism? MW2 is the game that is totally unrealistic, and the game does just suck balls compered to BC2... In almost every aspect...

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