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You know, arturslv. I actually still pop that in to my 360 every now and then. It usually descends to me running down Jedi with speeder bikes or owning people with the Dark Trooper...but it's still fun.
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The first time I saw a Sith in "Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" and had a saber duel.

Playing a multiplayer match in K&L 2, and realising my only surviving teamate had no cash, being a bastard and deciding not to share and driving off in the getaway van as he came running up leaving him to the cops.

Downshifting on the Beacon Hill section in Need For Speed Underground 2, and hearing the throaty roar of the Nissan 240SX Engine.

When I realised Gran Turismo was a great driving game.

Driving the F-50 and blowing past everything on the road in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

Realising you were the Sith Lord in KOTR.

Playing "Full Throttle"

Playing Street Fighter

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Originally Posted by Night_stalker View Post
Personally, one of my best gaming moments was beating ME2, WITHOUT losing a single crew member. That's right folks, I beat ME2 WITHOUT LOSING ANYONE!
I didn't understand the Achievement about Not Losing Anyone because at no point was I in danger of losing anyone throughout the game- it wasn't till a mate played and lost a character in the heating pipes at the end that I realised one of your party could even die!

Most amusing moment for me on Xbox would be in Fallout 3:

I was setting loads of mines (I didn't care what sort I just wanted to lay as many as possible) because I'd died at this point to the 4 Super Mutants who were about to come through the doorway so this time I decided to blow the fuck out of them before they could shoot me.
Sadly I spent so much time setting mines that I realised too late the super mutants were in the doorway about to step on the first mine...I got about 2 steps before everything went 'boom' and my limbless corpse went, at great speed, face first into a distant wall.

Favourite moment of all time was on CS:S zombie mod- there were about 5 of us left on this high stack of boxes fighting off about 30 zombies- in about 3 minutes I ate through every single bit of ammo I had (killed loads of zombies though- of course they respawned so there was a never ending horde). So with a scream through my mike of 'banzai!' I jumped off these boxes into the middle of the zombies with just a knife...every fucker ignored me, I stabbed at least 1 zombie to death before I went and sat in a corner and watched my team mates get pulled down 1 by 1- epic.
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The day I got Xbox LIVE, the first thing I did was to play Halo 3 for the whole day. I had played maybe 10 games, before entering an Slayer game on the map called "The Pit". And that was a damn good game! I did win the game ,getting the 25 kills needed, but thats nothing unusual, the unusual part was that I got a Perfection,a Untouchable, a Slice `n Dice and a Sniper Spree, and some Double Kills and those kinds of things!!!!! That was amazing, best game ever...

Here is a link to my stats for anyone who wants to check it out:

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Nice work, Doelago. That's pretty cool. I'm no fan of The Pit, but it certainly plays well. I'd expect to see it return in Reach eventually. Possibly via Forge World, if anything.

I suppose I could brag about the Halo 3 game I scored 80 kills in. 74 via the Warthog turret with my good friend at the wheel. Highest medal was an Untouchable! (25 kills without death). It was a Social (of course) Neutral Assault game on the map 'Standoff'. It's in my fileshare, (my 'tag is Drunken Swede), but I doubt anyone has time for a 20 minute clip, though I'd recommend it if you do. It's absurd. I think our 'Hog survived something like 3 laser hits, which to this day is something that puzzles me. She served me well.

It wasn't actually a lopsided game, either, with an end score of 3-2 for a crazy victory for my team. I'd say if the opposing team didn't have any Generals, we might have crushed them. But they played some good moves.
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One thing for, is dark messiah of might and magic:

Was a assassin/archer hybrid in single player, knew there was an ork ahead so i went into sneak mode, pulled out my bow, shot at him and missed, didnt notice that i was there or that i hit a piece of ham that was now swinging back and forth on its string, next shot i hit him through the hip and linked him to the swinging ham. All of a sudden it stopped moving, then the ham went into a frenzy swinging everywhere like it was strangling the ork and then it swung all the way up to the ceiling and got stuck.

So now theres this ork hanging for the ceiling with a ham.


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This is less to do with the game, more with the setting, but it was still a very memorable gaming moment for me.

I was staying at a friends house with some mates - we basically camped out in her bedroom for about 2 weeks playing games and drinking. Her parents had a very large house and she had a massive room, so it wasn't as odd as it sounds.

Anyway, about 3am i'm pretty drunk and playing the last boss of neverwinter nights. I was struggling in my innebriation and it took me a lot of attempts. When i finally killed her, i was rather excited and proceeded to shout "FUCK YOU LIZARD BITCH!" at the top of my lungs.

Needless to say i woke all my mates up, the girl we were staying with, and her parents, who stumbled up to her room in their dressing gowns and asked me to shut the hell up.

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i beat neverwinter knights 2, not easy, guys like a big skeleton with dual blades and glowing blue eyes

I love killing orks with ham

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Killing Corinav, The Avatar of Water with about 300 people in Everquest just so we wouldn't have to back flag in the zone again.

Yelling "Train to Zone!" in Crushbone in Everquest because the only level 30 guy in a level 8-10 zone aggro'ed me and was out for my blood.

Yelling "Train to Zone from South!" in Bastion of Thunder in Everquest, while bringing down about 16 Storm Giants.

Killing Quarm for the first time in Everquest, when he was the final boss in the game.

Getting Swiftwind, my Ranger Epic Weapon in Everquest.

Beating the last boss of Xenogears, Final Fantasy 6, or Lunar 2 Eternal Blue because they are basicly Gods.
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No! Not everquest!! NOES!

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