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Ive been playing dawn of war II recently, its grand and all but im pretty Crap :/
has anyone got any tactics or tips they use that could give me a hand :]
Thanks guys :]
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Its generally a fairly basic RTS game, once you've played the campaign and a couple of online games you could well have pretty much mastered it. If your an RTS vet, then you'll easily master this game and do well on multiplayer, but it does take some people longer than others to get the hang of the sometime fast paced multiplayer.

Essentially though common sense and multi-tasking are two factors I generally find to be the most useful across the online RTS genre. You need to clearly think what your doing, what your objectives are, and how best to achieve those objectives. Don't leave requisition or power lying around unless your tactically saving for something, make sure you spend it and build up as much as possible with the most sensible units for who your facing etc. But I think one of most important features of Dawn of War II multiplayer (which isn't present in most other RTS') is the fallback function, clicking it as im sure you know will force your selected unit to break suppression and retreat to your HQ at increased movement speed - This is your best friend online. If you can't win a firefight, why take unnecessary casualites? If a Dreadnought is ploughing full on into your support weapon batteries, why stay and fight? Fall back!

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I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
CotE Reviews: Prospero Burns (HH Review), Age of Darkness (HH Review).

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Don't lose units on multiplayer, if you think you are going to lose then fall back.

Be aggresive, DOW II doesn't reward defensive play until you have a massive advantage in terms of VPs. Destroy your oponants gens as often as you can and disrupt their resources

BTW what race are you using? They all have fairly unique playstyles, this is moderated even more by your choice of hero.
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Originally Posted by Barnster View Post
Don't lose units on multiplayer, if you think you are going to lose then fall back.

Be aggresive, DOW II doesn't reward defensive play until you have a massive advantage in terms of VPs. Destroy your oponants gens as often as you can and disrupt their resources

BTW what race are you using? They all have fairly unique playstyles, this is moderated even more by your choice of hero.
I am agree with you. But sometimes good defense is better opinion then mad attack.
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I hae learnt from modding my DC and making the AI supper hard that the best thing to do is get one or two units up and running straight away, keep two being built at your base and run off to the enemy straight away, if all you can do is weaken them, then weaken them. But by all means go for the turrents first, then your next wave can easily get through. I'am mainly talking about Tyranids and Orks here, Mainly because you can build up two or three squads of Gaunts before a Space Marine players can get a Combat Squad ready.
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When you start off units, build new units - it's cheaper and quicker than replenishing squads, and you can also split them across numerous control points.

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Dawn of War II was a horrible game compared to the first. My tactic as a space marine player on DoW II is to rush the points, and continue rushing. Defense is very difficult unless you have a sizeable force, and if you do decide to engage in combat, you must outrank the other player's squads, otherwise it's a waste of manpower (in DoW II, this makes all the difference between victory and defeat). Remember to supply your power nodes with generators, and always supply the closest power node first, as it's much easier to defend this if necessary.

Try to lose as little of your forces as possible, fall back constantly if things are not going your way. Do not lose your commander, or you will lose the game (unless you're in the later stages where this is okay).

Use attack move more than the move command when exploring no-man's land. Your men will make better use of cover.

Do not underestimate transports in DoW II. The ability to reinforce away from your base is an extremely valuable trait. However, don't overestimate them either. Transports are fragile, you'll need a good force to keep them safe.

Remember, melee trumps shooting unless outnumbered. Good jumps with assault marines or stormboys can devestate enemy lines. Suppression weapons are useful if supported, so make sure you have a few, but don't spam them, because they'll just be torn apart.

All in all, it's down to luck from troop choice and upgrade choice if you follow the above recommendations. Each army has its own perks, so try them out and see which suits your style. Tyranids outnumber and prove more than a match for most armies, but when taking casualties become vulnerabilities. Eldar are very specialist and deal a lot of damage, but have fragile units. Marines are tough and can hold up in most situations, but casualties also make them vulnerabilities. Orks are really all-rounders that need a mix of troops for a strong force, but tend to get outranked by forces of the same number. Chaos use specialist tactics and are better away from generalised combat. You choose how to go about it.

But I recommend you leave this game for the original. Sure, the original is graphically lacking, but the battles are on a larger scale in the first, and more focused on base building and orients around classic, good strategy. Defense is a lot more plausible, and the tactical thinking is required, but to a different degree than DoW II. I also prefer the campaign styles in the third and forth game. (But the first and second game have a fun linear and semi-linear campaign too!)
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