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Default Your Top 10 Favourite Video Games

Post your top ten. I'll post mine to kick things off. No Flames please.

In no particular order:

I) Wii Sports
II) Age of Empires
III) Civilization IV
IV) Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
V) Star Wars - Empire At War
VI) Fifa 10
VII) Mario Kart Wii
VIII) Call of Duty 4
IX) Need for Speed Carborn
X) Sims 2
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Your 8 and 10 slots are very different from the rest! very interesting choices... especially Wii sports! Also, go Sims! my Girlfriend is obsessed with that game...

Well, here's my list:

(1.) Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calibur
(2.) Final Fantasy Tactics
(3.) Starcraft
(4.) Super Mario World (mandatory on any list )
(5.) Secret of Evermore
(6.) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
(7.) Spore
(8.) Dawn of War: Winter Assault
(9.) Kingdom Hearts
(10.) Final Fantasy XII/Armored Core 2/Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2/The Sims 2
(10.5.) Pretty much every other game I own... it's so hard to choose when I just love playing games... no matter how good or bad they are, especially when I get to play with other people together in the same room. That's what every game on this list has in common for me, I've played them with a friend or family member as a shared experience... good times!

Current Record: 4/10/2 w/l/d
I don't mind losing, it's fun either way!

Games I play: Warhammer 40k, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Pirates CSG, Other random video games and TCGs.
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i couldnt pick an order for them so heres just my fave 10 in no order

I. Diablo
II. diablo 2
IV. half life
V. doom
VII. borderlands (level 50 and im still not bored yet with 40 hours game time)
VIII. super mario
IX. donkey Kong
X. kingdom hearts 2

honorable mention : resident evil 4

a warning on a crossbow

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if your bored my MSN is, add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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What a difficult question, there are so many awesome games out there. Here's my list in no particular order

I: Call Of Duty 4
II: Super Smash Bros. Melee
III: Mario Kart
IV: Medal Of Honor- Airborne
V: Thief- Deadly Shadows
VI: Legend Of Zelda
VII: Final Fantasy VII (fitting to put it in the number 7 spot)
VIII: Final Fantasy VIII
IX: Metroid Prime
X: Dawn Of War


Records 2011:

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1: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
2: Persona 1
3: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
4: Knights of the Old Republic
5: Dynasty Warriors (Guilty pleasure.)
6: Halo 3
7: Halo ODST
8: Fable 2
9: The Sims
10: Fire Warrior (Yeah, yeah. I know. It's awful.)
There you go. It was actually kinda hard to come up with all of these.

What the f*** did you put in my sandwich?
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In no particular order, except for CoD4,

1. CoD4
2. God of War
3. Onimusha
4. Silent Hill
5. Sensible Soccer
6. Tenchu
7. Lego Star Wars
8. Resident Evil
9. GTA Vice City
10. Colin McCrea Rally

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Tough one this... in no order!

Baldurs Gate 2
Pro Evo Soccer 4
Civilisation IV
Red Alert 2
Sim City 2
When in the mood... Heroes of Might and Magic series
And if it counts as a video game... World of Warcraft!

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Doom II
Quake 3
Quake 2
Silent Hill 2
Baldur's Gate II

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In no order at all:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 4
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions
Uncharted 2
Resident Evil 4
Dragon Force
Super Metroid
Secret of Mana

Honorable mentions into the rankings:
Super Smash Bros. (series)
Dawn of War (series)
Lunar (series as a whole)
Wild Arms (first game and its PS2 remake only)
Zelda (any)
Super Mario (any)
Dragon Quest (any except #4)

The reason I put Mario and Zelda into the honorable mention category is because while they have some games that are truly amazing, (Super Mario World and Ocarina of Time) they have others which were not so great.
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This is going to be a tough one... Yea I can't say that this is the exact order but I know I've spent years (litereally) logged on playing these games. I am a true gamer and love it.

1 Action Quake 2
2 Weapons Factory Quake 2
3 Digital Paint Quake 2
4 Counter Strike
5 Call of Duty: UO
6 Call of Duty 4
7 Diablo 2
8 Battlefield 1942
9 Guild Wars
10 Warcraft III TFT

(if I tried to do it for all time video games from any system I might have a mental breakdown.. so you only get computer games)

Bah weep graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.

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