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The Hebrew Hammer
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Games have shifted their focus away from providing a challenge, specifically, to telling a story with the most impressive graphics they can manage with current technology. The industry focus is on "interactive storytelling" instead of the calssic mentality of providing an electronic platform for competition, whether that competition was with the computer or against a friend.

Games used to have to be good, either from a challenge standpoint or a mechanical standpoint, because the graphics weren't there. While the current industry mentality is kind of awesome, I think-- I prefer an interactive story to a gaming challenge-- I'd agree that some games are too easy, and at a certain point, the player is almost a passive observer-- and that's not right.

If you want to blow your mind on something next to impossible, try XCOM II: Terror from the Deep on Superhuman. TFTD came out in 1991, if I recall correctly, and even on beginner, the game's obnoxiously hard. I've been playing XCOM for longer than I've been playing Warhammer, and I only just recently was able to complete it on Superhuman, and it was one of those things where I only just barely won-- the final mission was won with a single rookie squad member left to finish the job.

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Any FPS I can finish in a day is too short, especially if I can do that first time through. I would much prefer a game that re-uses plenty of the same scenery features and has reletively few textures and slightly poorer graphics so long as the levels themselves arent predictable and have some length to them.

Some games are just a triumph of graphics over gameplay.. the worst of which that I own is Bioshock: its the most spectacular game Ive ever seen but once you manage to jam your eyes back into your head you have to deal with clunky weapon changes, repetetive challenges (oh yay, yet another splitter for me to zap and bash over the head or a big daddy to blast to bits with grenades).
Graphics are nice but pls games makers pls give me a decent game... put the graphics into a movie and be done with the interface completely.

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Personally, for story, difficulty (On the harder levels) and sheer atmosphere, I still love Doom 3.
But the one game I truly can't wait for is Black Mesa.
It's a fan remake of Half-Life, and they're making EVERYTHING in Source from the ground up.

When's it out?
"When it's out."

On the upside, free total conversion of HL2, always good! These guys should be getting paid for this!

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Reminds me of my favourite FPS of recent years: 'Black' is an awesome game (also liked killzone). Still havent managed to complete black on the hardest difficulty level (which is novel).. but thats not in a good way: I can get through the game without too much difficulty but get stuck on the last 'boss' equivalent fight.

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OMG! black mesa - cannot wait.

ps: concerning odst, the campaign is short and easy, but i found the rookie levels had some really atmospheric music - every now and then id just stop and enjoy it. It was easy and short, but it was fun

A computer once beat me at chess...
It was no match for me at kick boxing
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Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
Reminds me of my favourite FPS of recent years: 'Black' is an awesome game (also liked killzone). Still havent managed to complete black on the hardest difficulty level (which is novel).. but thats not in a good way: I can get through the game without too much difficulty but get stuck on the last 'boss' equivalent fight.
Yeah, black was awesome, but the story could've done with a bit of work. Bring on the sequel!

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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yes, games are shorter, i dont know about easier, world at war your team mates AI was so retarded it made the game a bitch to do on veteran, especially when they walk past the enemy RAWR XP

the worst offenders are movie based games, they are horrible rip offs, i got wanted, on special for $20 and im like sweet, brought, installed, 4 hours later id beat it and was bored out of my mind i also brought the new prince of persia with it, they messed that up so bad, i love the art and thats it, they had jack all combat and that was button mashing to me, i miss warrior withen and the button mashing with style while u fight off 4+ enemies as the surrond you, now that was fun.

one thing i found problamatic with world at war was the scripted fights, it was the same evreytime, now if it had been placed around randomly ect replayability would of been more fun as you didnt know when the banzai charge would happen

But on the other had call of duty with its intel or death cards made it fun as you searched the levels for them, ialso remember my favorite level in halo 2 was the city level, just scalling the buildings and exploring was just so much fun, there was nothing there but wowe, i spent hours running around seeing where i could get where i couldnt, exploration makes everything so much more fun as you find easter eggs and unlockables

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I can tell you games are not getting shorter then what they used to be. I remember when RPGs on the first run through would clock in at about 70 hours of play time, yet I could play through them again and beat it in 12 hours doing the same amount of content. Hell, I've watched someone beat Final Fantasy 7 in 8 hours, completing every side quest and I myself have completed Chrono Trigger in 9 hours when completing every side quest.

Games have gotten easier however, with the advent of hard drives attached to home systems, the autosave feature was the downfall of gaming. Most games now seem like you autosave to a new file with every step you take so you can start again in the event of a death without much worry.

Part of the challenge of the older games was that you couldn't save or you were limited in when/where you could save. Games were you could not save had limited lives and when they were gone you had to start ALL over, not the start of the level but the start of the game. I can't think of a single game that does that anymore and there for games have no true challenge to them.

Though I have heard demon souls is trying to bring it back
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Ninja Gaiden (Not sigma, just Ninja Gaiden on Xbox).



That game was unreasonably hard, but beating it was soooo satisfying. Thats how games should be. You should need to replace the now-fragmented controller at least once before you finish the game.

By far, the worst company, the committing the greatest, most heinous atrocities in this area, is Nintendo. Anyone remember the old Mega Man days? When games were absurdly difficult, and beating them was nothing short of a goddamn miracle? Thats how Nintendo was. They used to make challenging, fun games, like Metroid, or LoZ, or Super Mario Bros. Now, they make total shit. The only thing the Wii is riding on is Brawl and Galaxy. Without those, the Wii would be absolutely fucking pointless. And now, to top it all off, they have the "Demo Play" feature on some of their newer games- This is a feature that causes the game to play itself, where if you hit any sort of difficutly whatsoever, you jsut turn it on, and the game beats it for you until you resume again- Which means you never ever have to do anything challenging. What the fuck is the point of the game then? Things like this are worse that just making bad games- Its a betrayal. Us hardcore gamers made them rich by buying Mega Man and Metroid. Now, they just shake their Asian dicks at us while laughing their asses off all the way to the bank by making bullshit games that take no skill and even less thought to complete- And soccer moms and grandmas everywhere thank them kindly for it.

I have to commend Bungie on one thing with the Legendary on Halo 3. Even though it was unarguably easier than the Legendary in Halo 2, the difference was that in 3 the skulls would unlock from the menu once you found them. You could then activate as many as you like- Its commonly considered that turning on all the gold skulls but Black Eye and Iron (Because there are certain levels where using them makes the game literally unplayable) is one of the most difficult gaming experiences known to man. I tried it once, and they aren't lying. You will die about twenty times in the first gunfight alone. Its because of this customizable ramp in difficulty that the Legendary on Halo 3 is acceptable and technically harder.

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try halo 3 all skulls activated i dare you but other then that i agree like odst to easy for legendary
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