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Default Things that should be in a W40K MMORPG

It would be cool to have battles between races constantly that you have to participate in to advance for certain career paths.

Also be able to do the career paths of all of the imperium services like the inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

And make it so that out of battle it's 3rd person but for shooting units it can be firstperson in battle like the tank commanding parts of COD 3

And if you can, when it comes out i'm going to try to become a grey knight, when it comes out look for me, i'll have the same name if I can
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I'm excited about this and i'm hoping this will be a great game. I am also glad they are taking time to create this game in which says they are using their brain. I played wow and was not very impressed, I feel like it needs to be something different. If anyone has played tabula rasa, that game has a similar feel to what your characther might play like in a 40k mmo. well heres for good games!!!

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i loe the idea of this
and i love he idea of mybe a whole galy being at war nd such
but thy may scale it down and look deeper into like having something like chapter wars or chaos vs space marines were you could create diffrent chapters or legions and hav friends join and such and have wars, now id like toseethis mixed in with someqad like action inside the game

do you really think that i..I would would collect warhammer HA HAHAHHAH you silly silly man its not just a collection ITS A WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

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Id like that you pick a race, and kind of have to work you way op to a better type of warrior,thief etc. Kind of like in for example Fire Emblem/pokemon: you reach a certain level and evolve/change class. IMO that would be way better, than just starting the game, picking a class and then you just have to level up, only being able to gain new skills and equipment.

With the class change (ill just call it that) you get new missions, equipment and skills, but also the oppurtunity to see you character itself grow/change.

For example: you start as a simple Chaos Warrior. After that you become a Chaos Terminator, then you become one of the four lesser deamons and after that you become a middle deamon. (No greater deamons as those are just too strong).
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All i know is that there is are countless possibilities in game like 40k to go from.

I'm sure whatever is created will be awesome. (But they better pay attention to 40k-fluff detail!)

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Default changed my mind

instead of the 1st person, 3rd person, make it like gears of war, 3rd person with cover. and also, compare Marcus Fenix with a space marine sergeant, and an ork with a locust. and since GOW is like GRAW, compare captain mitchell with an IG.
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it would be good ,but everyone would just shoot eachother and there would be no way of getting things done.

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here is a link to the 40k mmo press release, it is being developed by Vigil games and released by THQ interactive.

Vigil games press release

Here is an article from tom's games that projects the game release about 2 years away.

toms games article

I think it would be a pretty cool game if it is well supported. However before getting your hopes up you have to remember that about 10 MMO's get scraped every year. And game companies are about the most unstable businesses on the planet. Who knows if THQ or Vigil will even exist in 2 years. All we can hope that whatever happens on the business side the 40k brand has enough strengh to get picked up.

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Actually, it's supposedly going to be more action/war oriented than questing/adventure. I don't know - it's too early to tell. Quite frankly, I think if they make it anything like current MMO's it'll be shot down. Who knows, eh? We have until 2009.
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I hope they don't take the WAR route, which is to make the player a wandering independent character whose questing and fighting in any realm help to gain control of it. It would work however. It would be a good system if they wanted to include the other races. Questing however becomes stricter, mission-based, stay with your squad. Or you could perform non-combat functions if the race allows.

I was wondering if the system could be where the player can only join the Imperium. But that would be unacceptable to many people.
How the hell are you going to have an independent Tyranid or Necron? Isn't oneness like the religion of the Tau? So what room is there for independence for the player? And Orkz and Eldar don't seem to give much leeway for starting a new guild, Orkz giving much more than Eldar in comparison. I'm not sure about Dark Eldar. And I doubt there's independence for players who are Chaos. Although as a human, they can always join Chaos as a heretic.

So what if you joined the Imperium as a normal Human who can join the Imperial Guard, or go it alone. I'm not sure if this is how it works, but after serving for some time, you could join one of the other areas in the Imperium or stay and rank up in the Imperial Guard, giving you access to better equipment, greater choices, more information, and higher command over the army. Other branches include the Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Soritas, Adeptus Mechanicus, and of course, the Inquisition. Go-it-alone, or join-a-group, paths are Mercenary/escort, Merchant/freighter, Explorer/scientist, Gangster, and Cultist.
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