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I see endless possibilities for a game like that...

Hopefully its done well.

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I would hope you would go up in ranks as you progressed, eg. Space Marine ranks being, Novice, Neophyte, Initiate, Tactical, Sergeant, Veteran Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Master, Chapter Master.

Probably with some filler in there, to keep people from going too high too quickly.

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Ah yes please I need something which to burn 16 hours a day of my life on in order to gain the respect and prestiege of millions of other lifeless people.
All while demonstrating that I have the talent to click a mouse for hours upon hours a day. No thats not a carpal tunnel wrist brace it's my magic gauntlet woohoo!

Sorry WoW flashbacks. I played and played but in the end the occasional fun times were far too heavily outnumbered by the boring times. Yes I was max level, yes I was in a guild. I had rank did raids, dungeons, pvp, and nothing to show for it aside from wondering where that year of my life went.

As always all things in moderation. Problem with MMO's is you have to play them day in, and day out for months to accomplish anything. Even then you haven't accomplished anything except burnt time.

Makes me think of my buddy who would come over once a month IF his internet was down, and talk about WoW the whole time. He was like I've been grinding for a week to get enough gold for my epic flying mount it's awesome.
I was like yeah...did you think about maybe getting a job to fix that epic POS truck your driving? lol

MMO's bad games with great chat engines attached. Hows it work it's simple...
First they give everyone something in common - the game. It's not much of a game but there is lots to do in it.
Then they attach this big chat engine that lets you talk with everyone in the game. Now suddenly you can chat for hours on end, and somewhat interact virtually with thousands of people.
They give you a false sense of accomplshment. IE you've defeat garbazz the great of the mukluk dungeon. When in effect it equates to you burned 3 months, and uncountable hours grinding to a level at which point the basic game mechanics would allow you to be able to kill garbazz. Provided you go with 4 other people who have wasted an equal amount of time.

Could be a fun game however I've played...
Anarchy Online
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars
Star Wars Galaxy
Everquest II
Eve Online
and a few smaller less known MMO's. In the end I felt dirty for every single one of them. I could be an actual black belt in martial arts, and really pwn some people if I had spent as much time practicing Karate as I had playing those games.
16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You be level black belt in no time.
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i think until this comes out we can all be satisfied with DoW. but yes a MMORPG of 40k would be amazing.


Back in the 40k saddle after a long break.
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thing i hate about MMO's (i'm a wow addict) is that you can't just play for say an hour, go cook dinner, play for 1/2 hour, go out with friends, play a bit and go to bed.

No...you almost need to play at the very least 4 hours uniterupted game time. Every night.

that is if you want to see all the content and be near the top. if your not loging on for 4h you can't raid and no point doing much with friends as you'll end up ditching..

they get a way around that and i'm in.

Yeah, well the Space Marines never dropped forty thousand feet in a drop pod WITHOUT power armor.
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Hmm. This is an interesting topic. There are a number of things that would be good about. The fact that it could allow you to grow your own hero in the 40k universe is a great prospect (could effect tabletop games as well). But there are elements I can't see working. The evenness of the teams would never work. There would be a million people n00bs playing as space marines. Also, shooting wouldn't be great unless you had full manual shooting control (a 40k third person be great imo). And vehicles wouldn't work.

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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Originally Posted by chrisman 007 View Post
Hmm. This is an interesting topic. There are a number of things that would be good about. The fact that it could allow you to grow your own hero in the 40k universe is a great prospect (could effect tabletop games as well). But there are elements I can't see working. The evenness of the teams would never work. There would be a million people n00bs playing as space marines. Also, shooting wouldn't be great unless you had full manual shooting control (a 40k third person be great imo). And vehicles wouldn't work.
Space Marines should be limited to NPC's, otherwise everyone's going to be pooched thanks to the massive difference in skills.
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They could never make a 40k mmo giving players the option to be a member of more than 4 or so 40k races without it being terribly unbalanced (for example, if they give marines stats equal to the way they are represented in fluff) or unfluffy (if they underpower marines). They could make a game where you can play as a guardsman, eldar, or an ork (with the option to turn to chaos if you start out as a guardsman). Or perhaps a game taking place during the horus heresy letting you play as a marine or chaos marine, with guardsmen, aliens, and traitor guardsman (if there were any during the heresy) acting as NPCs.

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the warhammer online age of reckoning is going to be bad ass
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Default The Way i See It

I'm a computer programmer and design games in my spare time. As I see it there are several different ways you could go with this.

1) If you basically take Dawn of War like soul storm, with multiple planets to conquer and unit types as a base. First off you build your army before you go into combat, you may even be able to queue up reinforcements that you can call in. You would have full customization of your units and can use experience you gain by completing missions to bling out your solders with all sorts of goodness. Like weapons and armor. There could also be a Artifact system where you can find different ancient artifacts like power swords or weapons that give you special bonuses that you find on missions. Also you could group up with your friends to fight as a unit against other players or the AI. Also instead of conquering parts of the worlds directly by fighting a battle the player does missions on different continents of a world your race slowly gains dominance of that part of the world. Each race can control a whole world but then other races and just attack it again. You can even do a fleet war type dynamic where you not only build up your armies but you also build a fleet with it. There was a game out for the X-Box 360 that did a similar WAR Dynamic. In the game you can complete missions in different areas of the map to aid your faction to conquer the world. Actually that was one of the many problems with that game, clans of hard core gamers ended the entire war in a day at first, latter the raised the number of missions you needed to complete in order to win a area of the map. This made wars last a week. But in this game there will be lots of planets so the races can loss one and not be crippled or anything. I think it would be awesome if as chaos you could work your way all the way to terra or similarly fight to the heart of the eye of terror. Basically the if Earth was destroyed then the map would be reset or something. When you group up with your friends a group leader selects where the attack will be initiated. Then the group can wait for a real opponent that wants to contest your attack or the group can go up against bots (and they better be good bots). Or they can join up fighting a enemy group that wants someone to fight in one click.

2) You basically give it the Star Wars: Battle front routine. I think it would work exactly like the other Idea one but instead of playing Dawn of War it is a third person shooter. The player can group up and stuff just like the other Idea but the player can also chose right before the mission from four different characters. For space marines you can chose between a chaplain, Normal Space Marine, Tech Marine, you get the Idea and they will all play differently. Each Character you can chose from can be upgraded with artifacts and other bonus. I think if you really look every race has itís Space Marine Like (and I use the term loosely) characters that can be considered allegories for them. The Orks have big Orks that can match up with a space marine for example. Each race also has a weaker but more numerous components as well. This Idea balances them out by giving weaker factions of each race more units to control. If you chose space marines you control one space marine alone. However if you were to choose Gretchens you would control a small Ork as the leader with a platoon of Gretchens that can given commands. This means while Space Marines can be extremely tough but heís alone. He doesnít have any meat shields so an Gretchen player can put overwhelming fire power on their side. Under the Imperial Guard I see Commissar being an option. He would only have a squad instead of a platoon but he would have Moral boosting powers to any Guardsman in an area around him. So if your friend is playing as a platoon he gets the bonus as well as the Commissars squad. This would be a nice reward to having every player in a group be the same faction. This also makes vehicles a little easier. One of the things that could be given as an upgrade or an artifact is a vehicle. Now with the imperial guardsmen they can use it without anyoneís help because they have Guardsmen, but a Space marine would need a friend to hop in with him. This gives a nice down side to being a space marine. If Space Marineís fighting Gretchens and they have a tank, they could just blow the space marine apart with the tanks main gun. Or at least force the Space Marine to change up tactics to avoid death. You could also more easy add NPCís that from the books or the table top game that could give you special objectives on your missions that then can give the group special rewards.

This is kinda how I see it. The main advantage to the first Idea with that a lot of the code and other materials are already written and well tested. This should really cut down the development costs. The down side is the game has already been around, itís not new or fresh so itís doesnít expand the audience. Also there would be some balancing issues even with that because someone could have there army all blinged out so that they are invincible. This would make noobs frustrated and they would quit. Thatís why I tend towards by second Idea. Itís more fresh and can expand the number of players exposed the Warhammer 40K universe. Namely shooter fans. Also I think shooters are more forgiving to noobs. Thereís less a chance someone becoming invincible. In shooters the noob always has a shoot to win, it may be slim, but he has a shot. Even if the other player has a Ubber tank that destroys most everything, one well placed explosive and itís dead and the noob won. I think this is especially true when thereís a team. The focus is less on how tough each player is and more on how well the team works together.

Your Idea about the Inquisition was all right but it sounds more like a single player game, with possibly some limited multi-player options. I see that as a game that generates plots for you to foil as you travel the galaxy with some larger story mission. Kinda like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with more random content to keep the player busy. I love that Idea but thatís not a MMOG.
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