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Oh and all DoW games out are in the DoW title series not DoW 2, for instance in medieval total war(to use it again) there is medieval total war and expansions(also stand alone) and medieval 2 total war again with stand alone expansions, so alhtough they are stand alone DC, SS are both part of DoW 1.

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With Dawn of War: Soulstorm comin' out, i doubt there will bee a DoW 2, Instead 9 Expansion packs.

and tyranids will cause the game to crash. 4 units of 32 hormagaunts, all doing complex movment tracks. the game wont be able to cope
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or they will up the required stats and YOUR computer will crash, but the game will run fine on better computers
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ithink there should be flyers

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that would be sweet, im liking that idea alot
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Yeah all the races are a must and they certainly have to get the thousand sons, noise marines and plague marines in the there as playable units.

They need to get the game balance right first time, not just wait for us to be there testers and give into all the whiny kids who think that just because they lost that everyone elses units are overpowered then release a billion patches to really screw around with peoples day. That really got to me about the original.

As for the campaign aspect of it i'd rather something like the original DOW with a set path, maybe some choice as to what you fight influenced by choices you make in game, some army customisation would be cool too. Seriously to hell with the goddam risk esk type the new dark crusade had which seems to be the same damn thing that every other strategy game on the planet now incorporates. I think it sucks. Sure the end battle of the races were cool but the rest bored the piss out of me. Why not make a whole series of levels as cool as those ones? But i digress, a set campaign with an army you yourself create, paint scheme wise and commander wise would be enough in my book.

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It would be awesome to get a COMPLETELY customizable commander and sergeants. Like, RPG-style custom, with weapons, wargear, spells, abilities, perks, etc.

I would also like to see ALL unit blocks removed (Limit: 1). I don't care if you have seven Baneblades, you had the money to buy them, and the time, so I should suffer the consequences of my stupidity.

I would like to see (but this will never happen) a pre-Heresy style game, where Space Marine Legions go to war against thinking machines and vile aliens. I would LOVE to see ship-to-ship boarding actions and fighting (as seen in Star Wars: Empire At War). I would like, basically, to fight the Great Crusade from my computer, complete with ship support, Tactical fighter units, tanks, infantry, support, and flyers. I would like commanders that are not carbon-copies of Gabriel Angelos or Davian Thule, and I would like for my army to be more than 50 marines and 5 tanks. La-ame.


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the camera needs to be able to scroll out more, this game gives me the ability to blitz within 10minutes with 30/20 SMs and thus I need a bigger view to more properly coordinate attacks.
Something more SupCom-esque.

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doctrines. and bike units.

*sigh* I have to point out that despite what you see in games, lasrifles win wars. Just because lasrifles suck at killing superhuman killing machines in power armor does not mean that they are bad weapons. You are shooting them at the wrong targets. The most common enemy the Imperium faces is lightly armored humans armed with lasguns or autoguns, NOT SPACE MARINES.
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deep striking eldar units (swooping hawks or a deep striking ability for warp spiders), chaos thousand sons/plague marines/noise marines, ork warbikes, Imperial Guard catachans or vostroyans, extra weapon options for Tau vehicles (ex. missile pods for hammerheads), space marine vindicators/whatever else the marines don't have in dawn of war, and anything that the necrons don't have in dawn of war (I don't think there's anything that qualifies for that).

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