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Default Need help with PC update

i really have aboslutely no idea about anything to do with a computer.I just buy what sounds nice and use it.

But the time has come for me to finally know what i'm getting.

Now my computer is okay but i'm planning on getting a new eveything , and i'd really like to know whats the best thing on the market.

What i'd like to know :

- Best CPU (is that the main bit where you put all your disks and usb stuff in etc or it called something else?)

- Best Desktop/screen

- Best speakers (i love my music)

-Best graphics card

-You get graphics cards video cards and a few others i think.What is the actual difference and can i have multiple graphics/video on one computer abd is it reccommended. If so could i have like 1 grpahics card and 1 video card on my computer at the same time , and with many other mixes of computer card stuff.

I'm sure there is much more that could be helpful so if theres anything i should know please fill me in. I'm a really dumby when it comes to computers so expalining things simply would be nice but if you want to explain it more techinicly but explain what it all means that would be even better for me.

To anyone who posts , a great big thank you!
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First off, DON'T buy a pc off the shelf from a place like Walmart or Staples. Go to a respectable computer store that will build you one from the ground up. You will get a FAR FAR FAR better computer that way. Now for the rest it all depends on what you are doing with your pc. Since this is the video games area I am assuming gaming so that means you are going to want to get the fastest pc you can afford. Regarding your list:

Best CPU (is that the main bit where you put all your disks and usb stuff in etc or it called something else?) - you are referring to the tower which holds the cpu, motherboard, harddrive, etc. As far as the best cpu goes AMD and Intel are both interchangeable so get the fastest one you can afford, preferably a quad core cpu. This will determine the motherboard as well so you really don't have to worry about that.

- Best Desktop/screen: Entirely up to you. Get the one you like the looks of with as low a response time as possible.

- Best speakers (i love my music): Again, entirely up to you. I have a Logitech system with 5 speakers and a subwoofer that was fairly cheap and sounds fantastic.

-Best graphics card: Nvidia Geforce all the way. DO NOT cheap out on the video card. Get the fastest one available or something close to it and swallow your pride when you hear the cost .

You get graphics cards video cards and a few others i think.What is the actual difference and can i have multiple graphics/video on one computer abd is it reccommended. If so could i have like 1 grpahics card and 1 video card on my computer at the same time , and with many other mixes of computer card stuff.
A graphics card and a video card are the same thing, there is no difference. The is no need to have more than one.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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this is a good website for graphics cards if you need to make a choice, idk if itll halp you as by the sounds your not very technical.

it has the stats on every graphics card to my knowledge, on that page you can compare 2 to see which is the best so if you have found 3 cards in your price range note their name, jump on the site and compare them, now im not 100% sure what are the most important features but a high core clock speed is good, also the other info should be high but im not sure what half it is so i tend to not worry about it so much

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Don't listen to wraithlord about graphics card. Shop around, there are hundreds of sites dedicated to reviewing graphics cards. And ultimately, why spend £250 on a top of the range nvidia, when an ATI radeon HD 4850 will cost you £100 and still play everything on full. Also, look into crossfiring. Plugging two HD 4850s together will give you significantly better performance then any single card costing the same amont. In the end though, you'd be a fool if you went for the most expensive thing on the market.

Don't forget, also, about RAM. With a quad core, you want at least 4gigs of RAM and maybe as much as 8. The best thing about it is it's so cheap compared to every other component.

Make sure you get a power supply powerful enough for everything you're running, and a decent cooling system, otherwise you'll end up frazzling all your nice new bits.

Ultimately, you can go out and spend a huge amount on the best bits out there though, but honestly, if you're spending more then £800 on the thing, then you're spending too much.
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Personally, I would suggest NOT getting quad core as at present, it's really not worth the difference in cost to performance from, say, the AMD Black series of dual-core processors. Beyond anything, programmers still can't properly optimize two cores to work parallel perfectly, any more is just madness that won't be truly reaching it's potential until it's obsolete anyway.

Personally, for my next build, I'm going for a system that can be used well for audio recording as well as gaming.

This is going to be an AM2+ motherboard (not decided on specifics yet) that is SLI ready.
I'm personally going to probably go for 2 9800GTX cards SLI'd just 'cause I can and they're now in a really good price range for doing this without living on noodles for a year.
As far a processors go, I'll probably go for one of the Phenom X2 CPUs as I really like them and they're well priced for performance, and 4GB of decent speed DDR2 RAM. However, the thing to remember with RAM is that if you spend the extra for a name, you're probably paying for the lifetime warranty it usually has. Personally, I'd say this is worth it, within reason. "Gaming RAM" is, however, normal RAM with a black PCB and an obscene pricetag.

Don't worry about what's best, because in 18 months it really won't be. The other advantage to not buying bleeding-edge is that in the 6 months to a year from when it came out, there will be many, many bugfixes, tweaking possibilities, it'll be cheaper, and just as effective as ever. "The best" is a fleeting bragging right whereas year-old-and-reliable is still reliable and that's more important if you have more sense than money.

On that note, I will offer this advice. Set yourself a price point and DO NOT go over it unless you know for certain you're not getting shafted. A great SLI'd gaming rig can be made at present, with some shopping around, for around about the 400 mark.

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have a look here for some good price's on parts and systems
and the forum there is great for getting advice if your building your own rig.

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I bought my pc from here, got a 7.1 surround sound system, 22" widescreen monitor, and the tower itself was a gaming machine, all for just under 1000 2 years ago. good thing is as well they sell upgrade packs designed for gamign so if you get a tower and power supply cheaper you can save all round then

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Best to make sure all your pieces work together to their full potential. The fastest cpu is only as fast as it can talk to the mother board. Similarly a cpu can only read from the ram so there is no point spending lots of money on a great cpu and slower ram. The relationship is tricky but worth thinking about and studying.
Make sure you know what your getting and how it stacks up against every thing else in the market before you buy. I find computer magazines with upgrade specials and buyers guides specials hand too.
Take some care with the motherboard. While not necessarily the most important part of the computer its most likely to be the longest lasting. Every other component in the computer can easily be replaced if it need upgrading.
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