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Just finished playing the demo. Meh is all i can say. I'm not going to go all gooey over it. The intro movie took me by surprise i must say i was quite excited and relieved by that point but sadly that was the high point of it for me. To be quite frank i found the dark eldar rather well, how do i say this? Boring and badly put together? Terrible?

Point 1. I dont know what sized map the dark eldar were made for playing on but the size of their bases and buildings are the same size as everyone elses HQ's + some more excess room just for why nots. As for your population cap, whereas it was good for the eldar as they have very compact and functional webways to boost their unit restrictions, the dark eldar have enormous hulking slave pits which serve only to annoy as i found myself running out of room faster than a sumo trying to get into a phone box.

Point 2. The flyers made me yawn so much i almost snapped my neck. I was hoping for something better and more original.

Point 3. I see the god damn risk esq style of singleplayer is back with avengance. I wonder how monotonous and boring this one will be in comparison to DC. I'm guessing tonnes. If the singleplayer level of the demo is anything to go by the only good thing about the DC singleplayer (the last levels where you got to slay an enemy race and see their intro/dying cutscene) has been hit with the crappy avalanche. The SM captain who was so 2D i didnt even bother to mentally clock his name seemed like a pathetic shadow of Davion Thule and his little speech at the beggining sounded more like Ricky Gervais in the office series giving a pep talk. Boreale that was his name i only remembered it just now because of how like boring it sounded.

Point 4. Where the hell are the nids?

Point 5.Hey relic/THQ/Ironlore where the ffing hell are the nids!? Anyone with any sense who played the first incarnation of Dawn of war could see the nids would be awesome in the format. Somehow when THQ or relic decided to ask people what races they would like to see next in the series the people they asked were either 40k ignorant or dark eldar loving sycophants. I know they've got the witch hunters as well but quite frankly both new races would have been bottom of the list beneath Nids. And i primarily play witch hunters.

Unless for the last special level or something the nids show up and you have to survive wave after wave of them (ala necrons in winter assault) and for completeing the game you unlock them in all their glory i think somehow this'll not be joining the illustrious vaults of my gaming media.

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There are gonna be flyers for the armies, but I'm wondering about Necrons...Ah, and Alexander_67, The nids where availiable since the first or second game or so, it's a mod you can get, and you can get the emperor too! He's awesome, but Horus is pretty awesome too, though only one site has him, at least to my knowledge


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Hey All,

The SS Demo made a very minor ripple within the DOW modding community, many people share your sentiments Alexander_67...I think SS will simply be bought as a race expansion and thats that...

The new units...unimpressive...the new race's...meh, more choice(?!)...and yes...
Point 4. Where the hell are the nids?
Before DC Relic put up a vote on the forums asking "Which race would you like to see in DOW?"...and you can imagine the most anticipated race was the Tyranids...but then details/gossip emerged that Relic believed the Nids were too hard to get in game with the current DOW engine...and they promptly went for IG & Necrons...

BUT, the good news is that one of the most talented modders out there, Styrer with the help of some godlike community members are deep in progress with the SplinterFleet Mod...such is the dedication to get the Nid's done properly that Styrer spent time at London Zoo taping animal sounds for SFX...

Anyhoo..the DOW community will be pleasantly surprised when the Sons of Sanguinius drop in to spread the love!


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Default Soulstorm Tournament

GGL.com is holding a DoW:Soulstorm tournament. The top eight players get flown to new York for the final. Sweet.
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I agree that the demo and the risk-style campaign mode seem terrible and boring. I'm still going to buy it just because I still have high hopes for the Sisters of Battle and the other races' flyers (even though the dark eldar flyer sucks). I think it would be great if they made an official expansion with nids, just because they'd probably have to make a non-risk style campaign due to the nids' lack of a supreme commander. If they make another expansion or a sequel where they still have the risk-style campaign mode, they might as well call it Dawn of War: Boredom Crusade.

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Some people already got it.

- Apart from adding two races, IronLore worked off an huge list with balancing issues Relic never patched in DarkCrusade.
- The game requires an inserted CD in order to be played.
- The voice actors for the new commanders only appear in cutscenes. In-game commanders still have their DarkCrusade voices.
- No dialogues between commanders in stronghold missions.

The multi-player part seems to have improved quite a bit - campaign players might be disappointed though.
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I dunno whether to bother with it, it adds nothing good and interesting to the game

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I wonder if the sisters of battle would scream when hurt? I would think they would be a little tougher than that and maybe grunt or something. I'm probably still getting it even if it is dissapointing.

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all of the commanders' poses in the race selection screen look the same as they did in Dark Crusade. That really stinks! What's the backstory to the imperium's forces fighting each other this time?

EDIT: I just got the game and I think it's terrible. I played the tutorial as sisters of battle, a skirmish as necrons, and I started but didn't finish one battle in the campaign mode. Personally, I think the campaign seems more boring and irritating than the dark crusade one. I didn't see any cutscenes (except for the one that Fluff'Ead posted) and there is no reason given as to why the imperium's forces are fighting each other. All it does is vaguely hint that the Sisters of Battle consider everyone on the planet a heretic and that the Imperial Guard wants to defend its honor (or something like that). It doesn't mention anything about why the Space Marines want to kill the Imperial Guard and the Sisters of Battle. The Necrons new unit, the Deciever, is pretty terrible, especially since you can't transform into the Deciever and the Nightbringer consecutively (if one of them is used you have to wait for a cooldown to finish in order to use either of them). Also, the attack scarabs are now aircraft that can only attack other aircraft, so unless your enemy is trying to send a massive air attack on your base they're pretty much useless. There's nothing great to be said about the other races' new units either. Unfortunately, since my original dawn of war cd key isn't being accepted by the game, i won't be able to get the most out of multiplayer either, but I assume it'll be pretty good, at least I hope so. The sisters of battle are pretty good and I like the new skirmish maps in soulstorm, but so far those are the only good things I've seen in this game. All together, I've seen mods that improve the game better than soulstorm has. Honestly, I'll probably get more fun out of the demos and videos in the bonus disc that comes with it than the actual game. Unless you really like the Sisters of Battle, the Dark Eldar, or a risk-style campaign with a massive and somewhat confusing map, I wouldn't recommend getting this game.

Edit 2: I take some of that back. The Dark Eldar didn't seem half bad after I gave them a second chance and the campaign is pretty fun once you've gotten through a couple battles, especially since the new headquarters missions are amazing. Also, although there is no race-specific opening movie, playing as one of the Imperial armies and defeating the other Imperial factions reveals the backstory in more detail.

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DoW2? My Nid sense is tingling.

After all SoulStorm is supposed to be the last expansion.
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