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Its Great , better than the original. 32 51.61%
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they are both about the same. 7 11.29%
Never played it. 15 24.19%
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Stella, it's pretty much impossible to recreate tabletop on PC in real-time. We all know this.
However, DoW 1 (and 2!) are both great games if you take them for what they are. That is, 40k based RTS games.
As for complaining about the graphics, it was 2004, and the game was built on an enhanced Warcraft 3 engine. What were you expecting? Besides, graphics are the least important part of a good game, and playing DoW online is just that. Fun and a hell of a lot of it, to boot.

Anyway, DoW2 is good! I'll get around to playing it online at some point.

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Originally Posted by Talos View Post
Did you play MP or Sp. As I have to admit that DOW was not a good game to play SP.
Also I dont understand the bit about tanks not taking damage if you used AV weapons they took alot of damage.
I mean actual damage, engine damage, weapon damage, more damage gained from hitting the rear, a simple thing to include really
Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
and playing DoW online is just that. Fun and a hell of a lot of it, to boot.
I'd say the complete opposite, it was never fun playing online, I enjoy base building and attempting to make impenetrable defenses, and massive battles, but online it was all about winning in less than 5 minutes and calling everyone a "NOOB!!!" everytime they wanted advice, truly pathetic, the worst part being people wouldn't play you unless you were a veteran, which was a bitch for those of us who had been playing it for years and only just started MP games so obviously had no games to play, everyone was just an elitist pig

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True about the engine damage and stuff but relic only added that into COH which was after DOW.TBH I had not seen it in a normal RTS till COH. DOW was used as a testing ground for relic to try new ideas such as morale and cover which they expanded on in COH. Sure they could have added it in DC or ss but DOW was built on a old engine ( impossible creatures which was made in 2002 I think not sure)

DOW was never fun to play single player it was only fun to play MP as the AI and campaign where crap in sp. Yes games could end in 5 mins if you where rushed and wherent very good. Most of the time games lasted till teir 3 if you played some one with equal skill. I never ran into any elitism in DOW but did in COH so each to there own.
TBH this is getting very much off-topic we should be talking about DOW vs DOW2. I dont think we will be able to change stella's mind and there is no point if you dont like DOW games that is fine. Just no point coming on to a thread and telling everybody they are crap.

Also a question have you played DOW 2 as it has none of the issues you talked about with DOW 1
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FoK has engine damage (and I believe it may also include weaker armour on the rear).

Advertising time - ;)

Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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One thing i do like though is the fact that in DOW2 you have to kill tanks with anti tank stuff. It makes things that bit more realistic.

Having a guardsmen shoot a lasgun at an enemy baneblade and blow it up just doesn't work for me.

Also the tanks are a but more life sized now.

On an ork side , slugga boyz are far more effective. They weren't worth it in DOW as you had to reinforce them to even be slightly effective. In DOW2 they are effective and don't have to be reinforced to be effective.
Also in a far more orky fashion in DOW shoota boyz were the way to go as they did loads of damage and could actualy out match most units in a fire fight. In DOW2 they don't kill everything they are how shootas should be.
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I have not plated it yet, then again I don't think it is out yet in the states. All of my friends love DoW and want to me to play Dow2 with them. So I guess I will just have to wait and see.
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Spot the Grot, you've obviously never played a game when Free Sluggaz spam just totalled the enemy - there's nothing like free Slugga Spam, then load 3 Mad Docs into Transports, drive them into the enemy base while they're gunning down the Ork Boyz (as troops have higher autotarget priority than Commander armour, usually) so you can nuke the base easily. It's funny starting a nuke, and then leaving it under a tank - everyone scatters, then you Waaagh up the Nobz with PK's and MANz.

Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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Default Amazing

Honestly I don't know why you pessimists are all angry about dow 2 and dow's in general. Sure dow 1 was easy cause you could spam ur enemies with termies and such (nor were the graphics great), but they gave a great tast of the 40k setting for players (like me) that never had heard of it before. the dow expansions were boring and horribly repetitive, but they introduced the other races of 40k and gave some interesting storylines.

As for dow 2, sure you could rant and rave about how the multiplayer's got some huge problems/bugs,
the units (apparently) can sometimes shoot through buildings???,
and the graphical requirements stated were not accurate (there is a big differance between the graphics cards specified and what is really required. a graphics card designed for a PC and a graphics card for a laptop, though they might very well have the same model name, are NOT the same (the one M does all the damage, so the DOW2 programmer found through the beta testing ).)

~But the game is a TITANIC step towards the real 40k universe as we know it when compared to the original DOW. The units are now sized correctly, the graphics have been ... completely redone, and the game is no longer has any damn buildings to make (closing in on the tabletop)...i mean, the nids are invading, the eldar are protecting, and the orkz are as usually waargh'in. its a huge step in the right direction, and so personally - Spot the Grot- its awesome. I love dow 2 (and all the dow's but winter assault) for that matter.


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I agree with stella on this. the game was easy as hell. it had no real relation to 40k apart from the names. I'd prefer it if there were limits as to how you could make up your armies in it, basically every marine army was the same apart from colour, the physics weren't great, it glitched a lot, MP was dull and overrated and dow2 hasn't fixed many of these problems.... Still if you guys like it play away... I'm not going to stop you

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wow, i must suck at rts bad, on easy i was having trouble in DOW lol, as for cabbage patch i think some units are meant to be able to shoot through buildings, the eldar rangers are supposed to be effective at that.

as for gameplay, ive only done the tutorial (then the power died ) that was great fun, hiding my marines behind rocks for cover and shooting at the orks pilling out of the truck, then a group of orks made it through all the bolts and smashed the cover i was using leaving my guys in the open. it was so much fun

a warning on a crossbow

'It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not be purchased by children under the age of 9. '

if your bored my MSN is, add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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