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Favourite and Worst Character Ever

Who is you all time favourite character in a game and why? Could be for anything. The looks, the attitude, the powers, the way they died, anything!

and In the Same boat who is your most despised character in any game and why? did you not like their hair, their voice, the way they fought anything again!!

If you shit in one hand and wish in the other we all know which one will fill up faster.

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ohhh, um most despised is Gaz from modern warfare, i have never seen such a dick in my life, the amount of times i shoot him because he was with the enemy looking at me was unbelievable, then he would desert me when a nade landed nearby instead of getting rid off it.

fave would have to be sore from kingdom hearts, (great game) how cool does he look when to goes to master form, pimped clothes and dual key blades, that is just coolness

a warning on a crossbow

'It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not be purchased by children under the age of 9. '

if your bored my MSN is hells_fury@live.com, add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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the worst character is easy. That whiny bitch Cloud fucking Strife.

Favourite, well...I don't know. Right now, I'd say possibly Max Payne.

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best is hands down Link. i love the look of that character.

worst would be any of the characters from sonic the hedgehog. they all suck
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Favorite: Dom from GoW. Probably the most dynamic character in the whole series, and most of the story in GoW2 revolves around him. Plus, he's a badass.

Worst: Cloud Strife. Allow me to list the reasons why;
1) He is a pansy. Just look at his clothes; why would a "soldier" dress like a metrosexual?
2) He carries a "Buster Sword," which goes well beyond the edge of my willing suspension of disbelief.
3) He gets gangbanged by a bunch of 1930's strongmen in a jacuzzi.
4) He gets gangbanged by a gay mafia don (or whatever the hell that guy is).
5) He makes Boy George look straight.
6) He is an absolute douchebag. He is unnecessarily rude to every single person he meets.
7) Final Fantasy VII brought emo gits into the gaming world; mostly because of this pansy ass; Doucheroth would be a close second.
8) Look at his hair.
9) Like Squall after him, Cloud is too thick to know when a woman is coming onto him.
10) He is not Dom from GoW.
11) Nuff Said.

Yes that is 11 reasons why I hate Cloud. Don't take this the wrong way; I don't hate FFVII. I hate what it did to the gaming community.

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Amen to that, brother. FF7 was enjoyable, but you're not SUPPOSED to like Cloud, in my opinion.

Best character in any game would be Lars Umlaut from the Guitar Hero series. There is NOTHING cooler than an obese scandinavian in bondage gear and corpse paint.

Worst character in any game? That would have to be Momo from Breath of Fire 3. In a JRPG, you really need to be consistent, and Momo's accuracy was in the toilet. She was a decent healer, but they gave her such a high attack power then give her crap for accuracy. Frustrating.
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Favourite: Snake from MGS, just uber cool in my opinion. A proper tragic hero.

Least: What ever the hell the guy from Black was called, totally one dimensional character, no personality just nothing. Luckily the gameplay made up for it.
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Worst: Mario. Hang on before you lynch me. He's like the Ultramarines of Nintendo. How many games has Mario been in? It's ridiculous.

*sigh* I have to point out that despite what you see in games, lasrifles win wars. Just because lasrifles suck at killing superhuman killing machines in power armor does not mean that they are bad weapons. You are shooting them at the wrong targets. The most common enemy the Imperium faces is lightly armored humans armed with lasguns or autoguns, NOT SPACE MARINES.
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Favorite: Either President Eden from Fallout 3 or Martin from Oblivion. They are simply cool, for whatever reason. Or Lucien Lachance from Oblivion, best sociopath ever.

Worst: Voldrina Qarra (leader of the Qarra vamp clan in Morrowind.) Couldn't stand the ego, she was worse than all the other vampires in Morrowind, either her or Amalexia, she was too batshit for her own good.
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Best: Any Elite from Halo, particularly Thel'Vadam (The Arbiter) and Rtas'Vadum. IMO they're the best alien in any video game. I love their sense of honor and their ridiculous fighting abilities.

Worst: I suppose most of the soldiers from Call of Honor or Medal of Duty (wait, what?), they're not very good at fighting. I found myself bailing them out more then killing enemies.

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