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Originally Posted by Col. Schafer View Post
are you kiding? To human is considered the greatest thing ever by everyone I know who has played it(Plenty). I havent played it myself, but the reviews are all good.
Wouldn't say that now

watch the above review
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I dont know. Maby it was just around here.

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One that I have seen little coverage of is Lost Odyssey. Fantastic story, lots of side stuff to do, beautiful modeling... just an all around enjoyable game. It's still, "new-er," so picking one up for $40-ish USD would be an expendature well invested. Lots of fun. For the 360.

Older games... If you've never played, "Techmo's Deception," on the PS1, DO try to get a copy. Eliminating your enemies with clever (and not so clever) traps... good times for many hours.

Level me up! I, too, wish to storm the lands of mortals reaping what is truly mine...but for now, I am but a wee spot of energy...


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I agree with Wraithian on Lost Odyssey. But the one game I'll always stick by for the simple fact of game play, originality, and storyline is Xenogears for the PS1

Those of you that played the Xenosaga series you probably know some of the story. I played Xenogears the day it was released. It was under-rated by a large portion mainly due to Square-Enixs' concentration on their flagship (FF series).

Even though it was rushed at the end, I didn't feel all that bad about it, until I found out they were not going to do another one.

If you haven't played it, give it a whirl. It will blow your mind. That is if you can find it.
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I have xenogears and I really enjoy it.... A lot of Square's stuff that isn't FF is really good but there's never any hype for them.... that's one of the reasons i like them...

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Rise and fall, pc.

One of the best rts i've played, featuring 3rd person hero action, and hundreds of 3d unit battles.

I just love to line up my preatorian roman infantry and have my hero say charge, and then see all those roman infantry rooar while they run towards their inevateable deaths!

And the ship combat is cool too!
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Ancient wars Sparta Is another one I never saw anything for until we got in the shop on budget title. Customisable units with weapon selections of your shoice, including weapons taken from the dead on either side was brilliant. Plus for an RTS it had the best use of wind. Going against or through the wind made ships move slower and ranged weapons less accurate and weaker. With the wind made them better. Plus good all round graphics.... well worth the 8 euro I spent on it.....

If you shit in one hand and wish in the other we all know which one will fill up faster.

And as I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I will have no fear For I am the scariest mother f*cker in that goddamned valley!

Damn nature, You Scary!!!
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Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 for the Playstation. The first is one of the best survival-horror games every made, and the second is one of the best action/rpg games ever. I don't think a game has scared me nearly as much as Dino Crisis did...I was literally sweating and shaking after playing it for a few hours.

The sound of an approaching Therizino still keeps me up nights lol

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best game / worst game ever is space hulk for the pc was great grafix for the time and good controlls and hard as hell to beat ... but was not supported well with expansions or (with typical gw attention to detail) able to be kept in a more prossessor efficient system ... ya were always running laggy with it cause it required too much for the times now ya can't get it to run with curent machines

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Default my opinion (oh god!)

Originally Posted by Fluff'Ead View Post
Battle Realms - fantasy RTS in the style of feudal japan, cool armies.
1) i own the above game, and its second version - winter of the worlf, great games, allthough the origional is better. I do highly advise this to people as allthough it may be rather old, its graphics arent bad, and if i remember correctly (UK only as far as I know) you can pick it up in CEX (computer entertainment Exchange) for about £3. Very good game, I've spent many-an-hour on that there game!

Originally Posted by Fluff'Ead View Post
Arx Fatalis - RPG set in a gloomy dungeon world, pretty good atmosphere.
2) reminds me much of Neverwinter Nights (not mentioned in this thread!) probably because its a good game (RPG-fantasy) for the PC. I think it has kind of been out done by its new counterpart Oblivion (which I wouldnt recomend on PC, but on PS3 instead!). However, it still allows you to raise your levels, customise your character, and beat the crap out of goblins and ogres, mages, demons and the likes. Yes its old, and out dated, but if you go now and watch Dungeons&Dragons the movie, then play this game, you will seriously like it!

3) To the list I would have to add Starlancer: basically you are on a Spaceship, in a fleet (a la BFG), choose your fighter and go out on missions, collecting people from ejector pods, blowing up stuff, and generally causing bad-graphic bits of old ships to float around in space (the game has good graphics everwhere else). Again, can be picked up in CEX for about £3 on the PC (dont think it was on any other platform).

4) I would also like to add pretty much any TYCOON series game, mainly Mall Tycoon (allthough bad graphics - pretty much all of them did) and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (not including expansions, they kind of ruin the feel to the game IMHO).

5) oh yeah, Dead or Alive 2 for the PS2, i have broken my disc by accident, and regret it greatly! was a good old game!



EDIT: oh yeah, also I'd like to add Gore (PC) to the mix, great game, silly phrases by oafish drunks: "I'm gonna drink you under the table!" or "You spilt me beer!". ahaha lol. Good shooting, good music in the background, military feel and storyline. It may be an old old old game, but there are still a load of people who play it online (probably because of the fact they enabled Gore1 to pick up the servers of Gore2!) Never played Gore2 myself, but the first game was good, so I would advise you to risk it! (UK only AGAIN) CEX should sell it for under a fiver, so its not bad if you wanna play-test it, to see if you would like Gore2!



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