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Darth Druchii
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Default Fave MMORPG/Video Game RPG Game Characters

After a little thought I'd like to try and keep the thread over in Roleplay Games for characters from Pen and paper RPG's, and as I was thinking its a whole topic on its own, thought I'd start a thread for folks to talk about their fave characters they have created for MMORPG's or Video Games.

This is more about characters you created, not if you like Master Chief etc. So who have you made up for MMO's you really like. I'll start off with two of mine.

Both in WoW, the first is my main, a Lvl 71 Draenei Hunter 'Shaedrah' who pretty much since lvl 24 has fought alongside her faithful companion 'Banshee' a ghostsabre from Darkshore. She's done loads of pvp in her time, has managed to hit 7 exalted factions which for a casual player I see as an achievement, and is just starting to push on to Grand Master Leatherworker now shes in Northrend. I just love the Hunter mechanic, click shoot and stand back doing your hair as Tanks and Priests have to deal with all the annoying stuff, okay I admit it I'll feign once in a while.

Her fave mount

Grinding Leather begins once again

Relaxing at the local Inn

The second character is my alt 'Wych' a lvl 80 Night Elf Rogue, ironically the first member of the guild I belong to that reached 80. Well I thought it funny and summed us up as a casual guild, we also had a member get first Grand Master fisher on our server as well. Even though shes 80, she will always remain an alt. Sort levelled her much quicker than Shae, she had only turned 70 the week before Wrath was released. So I found that she was changing gear from the first quest hands in in Northrend. Where I see this character being used a lot is in battlegrounds where I plan to make special use of the stealth to aid in Alterac Valley, hopefully with a couple more like minded Rogues and one or two Druids.

Her fave mount

Did you hear something?

When does this beer garden open anyway?

I have other alts as well who wouldn't quite make my faves yet, my Deathknight has just hit 62 and is aiming to hit exalted with both Cenarion Factions to get the title before she hits Northrend the way shes playing I could see her being a fave, unless Blizz over-reacts to their power lvl and nerf's them to oblivion.
I also have a Lvl 61 Holy Priest who will be eventually lvl'd once Shae hits 80. Oh and I can never forget my first WoW character, a Lvl 60 Orc Rogue who somehow ended up on the same realm as my Alliance alts. I've got a few more in the 25-40 bracket, but those I've mentioned above are the main alts I'd play after Shae.

Come and join us by the fire, to chat about the games that matter to you at the Roleplay Games Forum
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mine is spleens fury or aka sister fury, i created this character for urban dead about 5 months ago.

She spent most of her early months in a mall going around killing zombies and healing the wounded, roughly 2 months after birth a foolish mistake led her to be eaten by the zombies. luckily some scientists had engineered a serum to reverse zombiness and she was soon among her fellow survivors.

soon after life became boring at the mall, survivors were killing survivors, rape was rife and the zombies in the area were moving out in search of easier targets. then over the radio a distress call was sent from a fort in the north, the zombie forces had breached and ruined the fort as the survivors retreated. it was a call for reinforcements that she took up as a change of pace.

upon arrival she was greeted by many battle hardened and worn soldiers who had been fighting the zombies none stop for months in an intense battle. many bore wounds from when they had been killed and brought back. yet as she looked around more survivors streamed in, these were the fresh reinforcements that was needed. within a week the zombies had been pushed out of the fort and the surrounding area. soon she grew bored again.

about then more fresh reinforcements arrived, they brought rumors of the north. their was a suburb cut off from the humans, the last report from the area declared that the zombies had left except for a few stranglers. the human population was about 10 and the had no access to the revival syringes due to the supply route cut off. deciding to help these few survivors she set off there, upon arrival the general retreat was being sounded, zombies were pilling in from the south and overwhelmed the defenders, ammo and first aid kits were scarce making it a dangerous place to be.

retreating to the east she encountered the imperium, a group that fought for the emperor in this hell hole, signing up to the sisters of battle she now cuts her foes down with a chain axe and bolter pistol while using her healing skills to heal her fellow sisters, brothers and imperial guardsmen.

urban dead is a text based mmo where survivors fight the undead, revival syringes bring you back from the dead and zombies are unkillable so no-one loses their profiles. the story i put up is wats happened to my character put into story format for entertainment. rape is redfered to text rape where the player verbally does it with the other person.

a warning on a crossbow

'It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not be purchased by children under the age of 9. '

if your bored my MSN is hells_fury@live.com, add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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(the character in this comic: )


Tzunedaine, from Guild Wars.
I've been making bits of comics and storybooks to explain her background, but I never finished any of it. Mostly because I don't have the time to work with it anymore.
The comic above is made from in-game screencaps.

She's a ranger, native to the cold mountains of Tyria, she's been through all the campaigns but she's still got some personal business to attend to; the reason why she set out to complete the game's storyline in the first place. Hopefully she will find closure before Guild Wars 2 is released ;P
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I don't have the account anymore but I used to play Final Fantasy XI. I made a little Tarutaru. He was the sweetest little character I have ever made in any MMORPG.

Google them to see their cutness!!

Pint sized ball of black magic. Awesome!

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Favorite had to be Arkis Wake, my Assassin from Guild Wars. Loves to teleport in the back ranks and cause all sorts of havoc.

Hm, need to bug some friends of mine and finish up Eye of the North now that I think about it.

P.S. Badass prologue kaede. Definitely post more links if you ever get more of that done.

Fear the blindman!!! ::charges off::
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