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Darth Druchii
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Default Recommend a Bargain

Basically I thought a nice little idea would be a thread where folks recommend the games they love and still play months after release, so the games are now at bargain cheap prices. Can also be a case of seeing a game you always fancied, but spotted it just recently for silly money, picked it up and it was as good as it looked all those months ago. If you want to list where you got it, I'd say thats fair enough, of course if mods disagree I'm happy to modify the post.

I'm happy to start and I have two to start us off.

The first is Star Trek Legacy on the xbox 360, got mine for 9.99 at Had a mixed bag of reviews, but after picking it up a few days ago it a cracking game. Obviously being a Trek fan helps seriously in this purchase, but if you are and missed it first time around then I'd advise you go get it asap.
If you are not it still has a very detailed space combat game in there, but I would say you'll need to do the Tutorial mission to see how it plays. It takes a few battles to get used to the 3-D movement, but once you do the game is quite complex, with the ability to repair ystems mid combat, adjust you speeds, jump to warp and even set yourself to self destruct as a last desperate act of taking the enemy with you.
As a Trek fan some of the big bonuses for me are all Captains voices present, plus a wide selection of ships from the main three factions and the Borg. You have a pretty solid Campaign mode which requires you to fufil a number of objectives around a system and a very good battle mode. With a few different types of battle, the standard being deathmatch and online gaming as well.
Overall an excellent title, made sweeter by the price. Some of my fave moments so far has been using a wing of Klingon Birds of Prey against Romulan warbirds, and the Defiant against a Borg Cube.

edit - forgot all about this for two days, my bad.

The second game I was going to mention, was Carsconne, a downloadable version of the board game on X-box Live, think it works out at about 4-6 for the game, and it is a great tactical turn based game which is lots of fun. The game works on the principle of laying square tiles with castle pieces, roads, Temples and farmland, with you and your opponent taking turns to lay a tile.

You have between four and seven followers which you can place with the tile as you place it, to claim one of the four things I mentioned above, and yes tiles can have more than one thing on them. Then as you complete roads, castles, or in the case of Temples surround the temple tile with eight more square tiles, you gain pts towards victory. Simple, and easy to play, but tactically challenging especially when you ramp up the AI and add up to 4 opponents. You can also get expansions to start the game by setting up a long river, and another which grants you bonuses for owning the most road or the most castles.

Another game I'd recommend to anyone, especially as it helps hone your mind tactically, and teaches you to concentrate on the game while having fun.

Hopefully this thread will allow us to grab some of those little gems that got missed first time around.

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Months, eh? Then I say....Halo 1 for the Xbox. So shiny.

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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Homeworld. Picked it up for a quid the other day, and discovered one of the deepest RTS games I've ever encountered. Highly recomended.

Also, keep an eye out for the fallout box set. I picked it up for 7 quid a few weeks ago, and got fallout 1, 2 and tactics. Most of you should now be waiting eagerly for fallout 3, and this box is the perfect precursor if you've not played it. Even if you're not waiting for fallout 3, I'd reccomend this to any RPG fans. Fallout 2 especially is phenomanally good.

Deus Ex will be easily buyable for at least under a tenner, if not a fiver. If you've not played it yet, you havn't lived.

Honestly - in terms of bargains, just look for any game over 2 years old that's regarded as a classic, and it will be a bargain, no doubt about it. My entire game collection (with a few marked exceptions[the orange box - which is in itself the best bargain in the history of games])consists of fantastic games all picked up for under a tenner, about a year or so after release - KOTOR, Far Cry, Morrowind and so on.
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The Hebrew Hammer
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Call it a blast from the past. Pick up XCOM if you don't have it already. It's probably only like 15 bucks tops, if you can't find it for free since it's ancient and loaded with abandonware. Despite its age, it's still the best game made to date.

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Oblivion, I can start this game over and over again and find new things all the time. Currently am playing as a high elf mage, summoning is fun

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I dunno what Oblivions is running now but this game is a great deal. It is the new age FF7 in terms of playaility, fun, and replayability.
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I dusted off my PS2 recently after picking up God Of War II for 7 euros. Maybe not as long as the first, but Kratos still kicks ass.

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I'd recommend Dead Rising. came out on the 360 at launch, and is a great zombie game. it's hard as all hell, but it is so worth it.

On the subject of Rat Ogres:
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Originally Posted by djinn24 View Post
I dunno what Oblivions is running now but this game is a great deal. It is the new age FF7 in terms of playaility, fun, and replayability.
I wouldn't say so personally. Scaled difficulty ruined it for me, and it just wasn't very long, with a tedious overworld. Mod it though, and it's a whole new story. Bethesda stuff has always been the king of modding, and Oblivion is no exception, but you're gonna have to put in a lot of time and effort to get it to a stage where it's massively enjoyale. I just prefer morrowind though, and will always look upon morrowind with rose tinted specs.
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9 posts and no DooM?!
Since softmodding my XBox, I've started a run through all the old Doom games from start to finish. Going to finish Thy Flesh Consumed in a few minutes, actually.

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