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for me it's:

Dark Crusade Campaign: Eldar (two seer councils with full upgrades and an attached farseer in full wargear is all but impossible to kill)

Soulstorm Campaign: Space Marines and Chaos

Offline Play: Necrons

Online Play: Space Marines and Tau

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My favorite class would have to Tyranids...
but not counting that mod it'd have to Necrons
slow start, but eventually i just teleport right into your main base, jack your powerful vehicles and decimate you
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Eldar - Hit and run tactics really annoy people and ruins their focus. Banshee's warshout will break any units morale and start raping them. Reapers out shoot mont'ka firewarriors because they have longer range and do more damage (kauyon firewarriors have longest inf. range). 3 squads of Fire dragons will kill landraider/baneblade with ease. Warp Spiders are 2nd most powerful shooters in the game (flash gitz being first). 1 Harlequin can kill 4 full squads of guardsmen without commisars. Tier 3 Rangers own Terminators. Wraithlords > Drednaughts. Vypers own anything if you have like 5 of them. Falcon tanks are the best transport in the game. Avatar increases production speed of units by 25%. Webway gates can be built anywhere and bonesingers have insane teleport range.

2nd would be space marines because tactical marines are the most versitile unit in the entire game. Greyknights+chaplain is the most deadly combo in early game. Stealth scouts with snipers are my fave unit.

If chaos had drednaughts that can deep-strike, 3 other cult troops (plague marines, noise marines and thousand sons) and terminators they would be solid. They would have more variety and be more fun to play, rather than the standard tech to possessed, oblits and prince that i see most chaos players do.

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This is tough for me, I really like imperial guard, mainly because I find them challenging, they take a lot of dancing to work well against close combat squads, and you always have to be careful - march a squad past a unit of heavy bolters and you can kiss them ALL goodbye.

I find space marines to be the easiest and lamest of the lot, with 2 squads of terminators it takes most armies forever just to kill a single squad of them with combined fire, then factor in the tanks they can have flying around, all the extra marines, and the landraider.

Other than IG I like orks, mainly because they are interesting and have lots of different ways to deal with things, not like marines where its just all marines and wait for tanks, or eldar where its always reaper spam, there are options for orks.

But maybe my favourite all up is chaos, because they are just great, they are the bad guys, and they will kick your dog and poke your fish tank.
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I think Chaos is awesome in DOW, as their basic marines can infiltrate. If you get good with this and use defiler artilery to take out their detectors, you can easily destroy the enemy without losing more than a squad.

Other than that, I would say Orks. Once you can get the "More Sluggas" upgrade you can crank out free mobs of slugga boys, which serve as an endless meat shield and will do some damage. Throw in some Flash Gitz, and the enemy doesn't have a chance to stop the literaly endless horde.

"Did you just deploy your guardsmen in ranks?" - Quote from my last battle

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