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Default Need Game Reviews

I'm looking at a few games and need some opinions on them

Dragon's Dogma-
Gears of War Judgment-
Halo Reach-
Halo 4-
Bioshock Infinite-
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Dragon's Dogma- This game wants to be a Skyrim type of game and fails. I tried to like it, put about 6 hours into it, and just couldn't like it. I would avoid it. Can't say anything about the expansion for it though.
Gears of War Judgment- GoW has always been a favorite of mine. And this one delivers more of the same with a good story.
Halo Reach- Halo is....Halo. It's fun, but if you like multiplayer then it's a great game.
Halo 4- Same as above
Bioshock Infinite- How this game won so many awards I will never figure out. I hated this game with a passion. Tried to play it, tried to like it, but it was horrible. Was not impressed by the graphics or the story in the least.
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Originally Posted by Shas'Ui View Post
Overall alright game, worth a playthrough or two because of the distinct playstyles (brutal and open or passive and stealthy.)

It has some fun concepts and multiple ways to complete missions, though the ending does leave a bit to be desired. The AI feels clunky and easy to exploit at times, but there are far worse sins other games have committed. I found it to be fun, though would recommend finding a pre-owned copy so that you aren't spending as much on it.

Originally Posted by Shas'Ui View Post
Gears of War Judgment-
Have you played any other gears of war games? If yes, then this is more of the same with an addition here and there and serves as a prequel to everything (and aside to some of the stuff in gears 3.)

Originally Posted by Shas'Ui View Post
Halo Reach-
Halo 4-
They are halo games, theres not much to expect from them that the others haven't done. Reach added in armour abilities, like running and jump packs and temporary invulnerability, while at the same time seemingly taking a shit on the story around the fall of Reach.

Halo 4 is more or less the first one updated. What do I mean? Well if you have played halo 3 then you know of the clusterfuck that became the covenant and the elites stance towards humanity and everything else; well in 4 your back to fighting a splinter faction of the covenant, there are human survivors on an ancient alien construct, you eventually fight elements of said ancient alien race whom the covenant forces revere.

The only cool thing they introduced, in my opinion at least, was spartan ops. "Spartan Ops is a story-driven episodic game mode, that can be played solo or cooperatively on two player split screen and on Xbox Live with up to three other players." This mode is delivered in ten week seasons, each week giving five missions and supposedly amounting to about twelve hours of additional gameplay first season.

Season one is free, though I think future seasons will come at a price (though still seems like a cool thing.) The campaign itself is mediocre, weighing in at a measly eight hours on normal and heroic (or I was just that good.)

Originally Posted by Shas'Ui View Post
Bioshock Infinite-
Loki has clearly expressed his dislike of the game, personally I liked everything but the end of it. I thought the story was far better than the original, with the protagnist not only having an actual name, but speaking as well. (Yes I know the original protagonist had a name, Jack Ryan, and the other protagonist may have been Johnny and was reffered to by his designation but you knew from the start that you were Booker DeWitt and that he had some miles on him.)

Gameplay is much the same as the others, though with the open sky replacing the claustrophobic ocean floor, and Booker is only able to wield two guns at a time (rather than eight.) Vigours replace plasmids, but are functionally the same thing and the shock one is generally the best (or at least when fully upgraded I certainly found myself defaulting to it most of the time.)

Elizabeth, the companion of the game, is far more useful than the little sisters of 2 with her ability to find money, or ammo, or health items (generally finding the latter two when your running low in the heat of battle.) Some complain that makes the game easier, I just found it more fun to be blazing away with the machine gun, be halfway through my last clip, and for her to toss another one with a fresh clip to me.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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Dragon's Dogma: Not good if you look for an awe inspiring story. Story is ok, but nothing new. Fighting system is extremely fun, no matter your class. Finally a Game, that gets battles with giant bosses right (you can climb on them etc., not just stand around and punch their ankles).
Gears of War Judgement: Is GoW. If you've ever played one, you know what to expect. I personally cannot take the "story" serious in anyway, it's ridiculous and the characters are laughable. Gameplay was fun at first, but after 3 parts, it just got old for me.
Halo Reach: I agree with Loki. I personally do not like it, but if you had fun with Halo before, you will most likely get fun out of this.
Halo 4: See above
Bioshock Infinite: Very awesome Gameworld and environment, nicely designed characters. My main problem is, that it suffers from the Bioshock title. The Vigors (the new equivalent to the plasmids) basically serve no function in the story, and there is almost no point in them being in the game except for "This is Bioshock, we need some plasmid like powers in the Game!". For more details see the ExtraCredits episode (I think it's called "A service to the brand" or something simmilar).

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just got dishonored on greenman gaming for 23 bucks and so far love it. doing full on stealth mode and it is really well designed for it.heard it is very short if you go full kill everyone mode though.

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Dishonored- This game is good if u like Role playing with choices. The in-depth story line and game play is certainly unique, but does beg some better mechanics and flow to combat. It is hard to actually stay hidden, but does leave the player open with unique take-down moved. Magic and stealth are blended good, and the game play is interesting enough to keep ones attention. Overall I felt a repeat of Fable 3.

Dragon's Dogma- This game..............nothing good to say really. It's not like Skyrim, so don't fall for that. Boring game play, very linear story line, it's not open world as they stated. The idea of "Pawns" just failed to grasp anything. Really bad

Gears of War Judgment- Now being a long-time fan of Gears i was let down a little with the game. It had all the awesomeness of a Gears game with a interesting Campaign that left one asking for more answers than questions. The new multiplier mode OverRun brought a new form of game play that is still played.....a lot!! A few new guns, some new toys, but nothing really jumps out and grabs you on this game. Worth the cash if you like Gears game play, but a hold-off-till-later if you don't.

Halo Reach-Classic, good, a mix of COD and genuine Halo style game play. Good if you like Halo, bad if your not.

Halo 4- The current Halo 4 master, it has received mixed reviews. On the one hand the game play is great, with new tweaks to change up the mode and the addition of the Spartan Op's series that breaths CO-OP game play back into the series. The Campaigns a little lacking, and the Spartan Ops video surely lag and are not all that exciting within themselves. Also the removal of Forge World and it's new replacement (which is severely lacking) really cut out of a lot of what is core to Halo.However if you want

Bioshock Infinite- Interesting game, really good story. The character interaction is really good, and the protagonist and side kick to the player are excellent pieces of storytelling. Core Bioshock game play is still the same with new tweaks and addition of more upscale powers.

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Dishonored: I liked the gameplay, loved the artstyle (very "fable"ish) however the story grew kind of stale to the point I never got past the 3rd mission. ( Might pick it back up later)

Bioshock Infinite: Fun game, keeps you playing, interesting premise, however gets kind of inceptiony on you (pretends the matter is deeper then it is and provokes tons of pseudo science rage discussions all over the internet). Did still finish it in about a week, so it is engaging as a whole. Interaction between the main NPC in the game is very good and the atmosphere it manages to create is brilliant, especially in the early stages of the game.
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