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nice boy, daft though !
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PS4 already pre-ordered it from amazon and an extra controller.

What really strikes me about this ps4 vs xbox1 thing was, the xbox announcements carried alot stuff that made people go "hmm not sure i like the idea of that" where as the ps4 was like "hmm im happy with all that including the price"

plus there is apparently an interveiw with an xbox Don Mattick boss chap he was asked about the having to go online every 24 hours thing and he allegedly said "we already have a product that does not need to go online,if people dont have the internet connection they can buy a 360 classic"

Now i cant help think that microsoft's heart really isnt in this if thats the reply they give to critism about the log in a day situation.

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I loved the 360, and I plan on sticking with that for a while, but if I had to make a choice I'd go with the PS4, hands down.
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The Emperor Protects
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Call me old school, but I still like the idea of swapping games with friends, selling them on or trading them back in. None of which you can do with the new Xbox. That and the PS4 is about £100 cheaper.

Combine all this with always having been a Playstaioner and it's a no brainer.
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Wii U

no but seriously PS4, I'm not paying 500 bucks to get a camera that watches me in my house.

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Always been a PS'er, I won't get one on release since I'm currently happy wot my PS3 especially now the HD Collections are in full swing and such and normally when I upgrade I trade in my old console in this case my PS3 so without out solid information about using previous era games I wouldn't do it, I've read about streaming and such, but either way I'd wait.

But yeah I will get a PS4 it's just a matter of price especially at that price. You can't pick Xbox with a PS4 at that price.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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Originally Posted by d3m01iti0n View Post
PS4, since I keep getting screwed out of Metal Gear on my 360.
I do not understand. Metal Gear V will be on Xbox One; in fact I think it's exclusively Xbox One (correct me if I'm wrong). Additionally it was rated the best game release trailer behind BF$ and Titan Fall.

Since the announcement of the Xbox One (the original announcement) I have been having heated debates with many of my fellow Xbox 360 pals and friends who use this system. On one occasion I have a moment of rage and smashed another poor control against the wall in pure frustration. Therefore, after much deliberation and angry fist pounding, I will take the Xbox One.

In two words; "Quality/Content." I see Xbox One as the brave pathfinder of a new generation of games that is bringing cutting edge technology to the frontlines and trying out new "out-of-the-box" thinking on electronic entertainment. Though the original video worried many people, the Xbox Conference soothed a lot of hearts by introducing new explorative titles that brought new idea's, genre's and stories to the forefront. Key of these was Metal Gear V; being redefined into an open-world sandbox game with the most intense and thrilling trailer of E3. Additionally the mastermind behind it all, Hideo Kojima, has given up on Play station and joined up with Microsoft. That is a major move...considering his influence in Japanese media (for all you anime geeks out there). Then there was Halo......just enticing of the new game along with a Live-Action TV series directed by Steven Spielberg and hosted by the infamous NBC is having nerds drooling everywhere. Plus the intricate social media system, I feel, will bring players closer together. No need for chat rooms of crap when you can have 6 man video Skype calls (that includes people on their PC's, your GF for example )

As many of you remember the Xbox 360 received a similar skeptical view at first. Here was a machine coming from the not-so-popular Xbox Original and comparing with PS3; the sleek, utterly quiet (supposedly, I have my doubts) new graphical successor to infamous PS2. Yet in little over 3 years Xbox 360 stormed the video game market with titles such as CODMW, Battlefield Bad Co., and Halo 3. Overtime it was the first to introduce Netflix, Hulu, online streaming, Video Rentals, Internet Explorer, and much more. It gave young game developers who would otherwise go unnoticed a chance to shine and sell their products. It sparked new creativity tin game designers and pushed the boundaries of gaming development in the name of competition. It did all this..............all this.

I see the Xbox One as no different from the Xbox 360. It has received skepticism on the main basis that it's too much. They bitch and whine about these new features will fail, have bugs, crash, fry the system, logistical errors, key coding, Smartphone will not access and more. Yet as Microsoft fixed all bugs that came before and ironed out the process so too will they do the same for the Xbox One. So to my fellow Xbox fans I say this; Have A Little Faith. In a year or two the One will be the dominant system, and many Xbox exclusive titles will be missed if you go PS4. Besides Microsoft uses their money wisely, and I find that Sony talks big with no bite. It's no wonder Anonymous put them in their place (SLAP!!!!)

Speak of the PS4; let me tell you why I find it inferior. As Darkreever said earlier it was...lacking in its presentation at E3. It had a rare chance to smash Xbox and Microsoft in the face after Xbox's diabolical choice. Yet it was boring, uninformative, and utterly senseless. The PS4 does have some very impressive specs in comparison to its prior version. The GDDR and increased RAM are nothing to bark at, and the new Kill Zone game certainly looks well made. The AMD and Radeon are even more impressive, making this thing almost borderline with my HP Dv6 Laptop. However that’s all it's got.......power.

THERE IS A COMPLETE LACK OF INNOVATION AND ADVANCEMENT FROM SONY AND THE PS4. Perhaps it's too soon to judge but there doesn't seem to be anything other than its faster, better, stronger, cooler. I see nothing innovation the Sony network, or bringing new options for users, or simplifying the online currency. It's like a new version of Call of Duty, or the latest candy bar, or the newest version of a Laptop/Desktop. I rarely find these things innovative, other than a new plot line, or increased portion size, or faster tech.

In conclusion, Microsoft has definitely got more ambitious, but it seems like they’re trying to carve out a new niche for themselves in the market (the "do-everything smart box") rather than just sticking with what they know people want. The names said it all really – the PS4, which gives you more of the same; and the Xbox One, which wants to set a new precedent. Microsoft is taking a big leap of faith, but if successful could corner the market on video games, while rival Sony sticks to its guns of a bigger, better machine.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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I think Angry Joe just about sums up why a lot of people are pissed off with Microsoft about the Xbox One and why a lot of people won't be getting it.

The deal with used games, requiring an internet connection every 24 hours to continue playing, the fact that it is trying to be an all in one box, the fact that it looks like crap, requiring the Kinect which will always be on and is able to scan your fucking room (breach of privacy, like I even need to say it), etc etc. Those are reasons why people are pissed off at Microsoft. Those are reasons why a lot of people won't be getting an Xbox One.

Will they switch to PS4? Not a lot of them no. Some will, some will go to PC, and then there are the PC elitists that couldn't give a shit and think they are so much better than console players.

I'm switching to PC gaming and PS4. Xbox One is one giant fuck up in my eyes. Will still get use out of my Xbox 360 though.

My youtube channel. Feel free to stop by and have a look if you're interested. I do Airsoft, some warhammer related videos, and gaming videos.

R.I.P. Uncle Lee. You will be greatly missed by us all. We will see each other again some day.

Originally Posted by CamTheApostle View Post
Remember kids: Violence isn't the answer, its the question. The answer is yes.
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
The deal with used games, requiring an internet connection every 24 hours to continue playing, the fact that it is trying to be an all in one box, the fact that it looks like crap, requiring the Kinect which will always be on and is able to scan your fucking room (breach of privacy, like I even need to say it), etc etc. Those are reasons why people are pissed off at Microsoft. Those are reasons why a lot of people won't be getting an Xbox One.
This ^

Microsoft may be trying to open up a new direction for games consoles, however they've done that by severally restricting the capabilities of gaming systems as we know it, they've also shown a blatant disregard for gamers privacy and circumstances with their arrogance. Great big middle finger from me. PS4 or PC.
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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
Please do tell where the innovation in Xbox One is. It has announced social media integration and the ability to get achievements while watching TV. Indeed, they focused on the fact that you can watch TV... On you're console... On your TV. (Insert "Yo Dawg" meme here)

It comes with a mandatory Kinect, has subpar specs, a requirement to be online to even get to use the thing and very few games that aren't already available on other platforms.

Now I used to own both a PS3 and a Xbox 360. But with the features that are announced on both fronts here, the Xbox One is a disaster. They seem to be focusing more on being a hardware version of Netflix than they do on being a console.

(But hey, at least I get a achievement for standing up and saying "I'm loving it" when the McDonalds comercial is showing!)
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Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
Please do tell where the innovation in Xbox One is
I love how you Playstation fans seem to completely overlook half of what the Xbox One offers that PS4 is just plain old missing. But for the sake of arguement I will indulge the ignorance.

First it brings home the combination of Gameplay DVR and Twitch TV Live Streaming from the console. The idea of having your Xbox record your best moments without have to buy expensive capture cards, upgrading your PC, hassling with connection issues between PC and Xbox. It even responds to voice commands in the process of this......come on people thats just cool. Anyway I can record that moment for my freinds. To teach, to show, to be badass, or for self-gratification. PS$......don't see anything like it.

As for Twitch TV, it has been popular with gamers for a few years now. For years many gamers have dreamed of wanting there own Video Game show, or streaming there gameplay for people to watch and freinds to observe IOT learn new moves/strategies/equiptment set-ups. Until now that has only been in the hands of the people who have the knowledge to run capture cards and link PC's to their consoles. The Xbox One brings that together, and even responds to voice commands. Damn PS4 you ain't got that.

Second it introduces advanced media on a level never before seen in console history. As with LIVE we had Internet Explorer 8 introduced to us. Not only will you have this on the One, making transfering those DVR segments I mentioned earlier easier, but now you have access a complete version of Skype. Not only that but you can Skype while playing any game with up to ten other people. 10 People!!! While playing a game, thats alot of bandwidth and processing power. Converse with the people without having to switch to computer, and having the ability to see them is revolutionary my freind; and while I admit there may be a bug or two here they will qucikly iron it out. PS4 couldn't do it if they wanted because of copyright issues.

But lets take a step back into the Third point I have here. The Xbox One brings voice commands to your console, allowing your voice to easily take command of your machine and direct it without a control. This process has been smoothed out over years of refinement, something the all and power Sony seems reluctantto try. Maybe in the future PS4.....damn you suck.

Then the fact that you can seemlessly move from watching TV to playing games to social media Apps, to Netflix and other Apps that will soon be offered. I mean Jesus no more loading screens; thats cause enough for me to give this machine a try but I will yeild if your more patient than me. Probably coming to PS4 with further development but for now is missing entirely.

Oh, did I mention Apps? Yes, they will be there too. While not intially being released with it Mircosoft plans to integrate Windows 8 App software into the One so your phone can hook up with the machine in the near future. Why Mircosoft has not trumpeted this around......I do not know. This is not only part of their larger scheme, but also for the "Destiny" game thats in progress as we speak. In short, no more controller needed unless playing games, now your phone can run everything. Thats revolutionary in itself and will set the standard for years to come. Again....PS4 lacking.

Now I want to switch tracks quickly to the TV ability of Xbox One, which PS4 clearly has just flown over without looking. When Microsoft held its first press conference, the focus was on features besides games. People were furious, how dare anyone say such heretical things at a game Expo. But here’s the fact; television is important. Most of us watch it, and it’s not going away. The problem is that while technology becomes more advanced, our access to television has fragmented, which makes for a confusing experience. Personally, I have a Laptop for streaming, a PS3 for Blu-Ray, and a 360 for gaming, and a TV for everything else. The result is 3 different remotes to shuffle around, 2 controlers, and a complicated software that often glitches on me. The Xbox One aims to solve this inconvenience, and that’s actually a rather big deal, because none of the currently available solutions (like smart TVs) is adequate. There is a catch here; Microsoft has to deliver. If its interface is terrible, then it’s game over. But if the interface is good, the value Xbox One adds to the living room will be astounding. So suck it Sony, suck the big metal dick up your arse.

I will give on the graphics portion, because Sony seems to have it beat there in hardware. But Sony still did at E3 in 2005, and the game designers of 360 eventually overclassed them just in the innovation alone. What I'm saying here is that hardware is all well and good, but if the game designers can push the system to new highs and feats; then Sony be damn no matter what it puts in there. Might as well design a PC while there at it. :p

Fourthly we look at the games themselves. It is true the One is not backwards compatible; which PS4 trumps it there. However PS4 was lacking very much so in new content that grabbed players. The Order: 1886, Kingdom of Hearts III (a very highly anticipated game), and Elder Scrolls: Online were certainly impressive, Elder Scrolls taking home the cake. But really....another typical KillZone game, more sports games, another Final Fantasy, and Mad Max? Your joking right? I don't see how anyone thinks PS4 is great with these titles, and the rest that were mentioned are cross-compatible with Xbox One. I can almost bet you that once all those PS4 "converts" start missing there Xbox One exclusives like Halo, Titan Fall, and iconic COD and Battlefield 4 they will immediatly scramble to buy Xbox One's.

Indie Games have now come to the forefront of game development; allowing a lot of young and inexperienced amatuers to climb the ladder and make a small profit. Sony has screamed it's lungs out about how great they are for adopting Indie game friendly policies. Can I point out Mircosoft beat them to the punch ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO!!!!??? People seem to forge tthis simple fact, and I think it's huge personally. Mircosoft is more Indie freindly, and now offers the same with huge system leaps which will lead to even better creativity.

I will be the first to admit I have been somewhat slow to embrace digital content, having talked in the past how I don’t like to buy games off Steam and Arcade due to memory issues. My concern was that the games we play have no future; they’ll eventually disappear. That being said, there’s good reason why Steam is the most popular PC gaming platform and phones have embraced digital as the only form of distribution. Digital distribution is convenient, instant, and just works. Yes, you can still buy games on disc for Xbox One, but why would you?

What people are forgetting, what Sony is trying to supress, and what the crappy Xbox One PR team have not blasted enough is that gamers can share games. With the One you can either log in to your friend’s console with your account, thus giving your freind access to your games permenantly, or you can share your game library using the Xbox One’s built-in share feature. WOW ,did you all forget that from the breifing? Your friend can then play your games as long as you keep them on your share list, and the only restriction is that you can’t both play the same game at the same time. Therefore I personally feel that Digital downloads will become the way of the future, and PS4 stupidity to not realize that is going to kill it in the near future.

Then there is the Cloud, a near unlimited power of procesing that is slowly changing the computer industry as we know it; and therebye the world.One of Microsoft’s big selling points is the cloud. While Sony intends to use cloud technology to stream games to the PS4, the Xbox One goes much further by offering developers access to a huge number of Xbox Live servers which can handle any sort of data imaginable. And yes, THEY ARE DEDICATED SERVERS WHICH MEASN YOUR LAG ISSUES WILL GO BYE-BYE!!

Most people think of improved graphics as the potential benefit, but that’s actually one of the least suitable applications. The true benefit of the cloud is in features like persistent world-building, AI development and social sharing.

Forza 5 is the perfect example. The game will include a feature called “Drivatar” which builds a custom driving profile based on your movements that can be used to run races you don’t want to. More importantly, it’s uploaded to the cloud and used to build AI that drives like you and populates your fellow gamer’s single-player experience. Your Drivatar continues to race online when you’re not playing; when you log back in, you receive credit for races it won. Now apply that thinking elsewhere and think what Developers could make: multi-player team games more balanced by the insertion of AI bots that play according to a profile built from players who recently left the game. Perhaps developers might let your AI profile manage your base in a strategy game while you fight a battle. Or there might be a persistent open-world combat game where players fight while also commanding an AI squad that uses profiles built from the play-styles of Xbox Live friends.

And this is just AI. The possibilities are almost limitless, and I’m sure developers will find many creative ways to use this feature. With the ability to access nearly infinite computing power as special server locations this can lead to games that will be so big, so in-depth, and so advanced we may not be able to comprehend them at this time.

Additionally, a fact that both Mircosoft and opponents seem to ignore is the improved fan system. 360 has always had the risk of overheating, even the newer versions. The double fan cooling system in the Xbox One is refined, and more exposed to the air to prevent "Red Rings" and other error messages from overheating. That, at least for me, is a big step for them from their previous screw up. Well PS4's got that covered to a draw here.

In conclusion, while I admit PS4 has it's benefits and advantages over the One, Xbox is clearly going to lead the way to the future. This, all of this, is Mircosofts innovation Nordicus; I invite you to read into this some more and perhaps see why so many people are making a mistake by switching to PS4.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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