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Live action trailer:

Rome was the best of this series so far, hope sequel wont let us down.
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Just take my money XD x

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Originally Posted by Bane_of_Kings View Post
A Warhammer Fantasy one would be epic, though. /thoughts.
You'd be very happy to know that there is a mod for Medieval 2 for Warhammer Fantasy.
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I dare anybody to say that this will not be the greatest time strategy game in the history of time strategy games after seeing this video. The lie will be so great that your tongue will shrivel and turn to ash.

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I'd be lying if I didn't say that video gave me nerd wood.

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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post
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Fantasy Rumors
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Did not like empire total war so hope this will be not know if this is common knowleage anyway I heard that total war is going to be making an warhammer themed game (soure humakt)

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why can't they just reveal one more faction?! im sick of checking the faction page and seeing so many "coming soon"s.
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I'm hoping that the people who made "The Third Age" mod for Medieval 2, could remake it using the new engine and graphics of Rome 2
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I'm even more excited for Rome 2 now that all the factions have been confirmed.

Originally Posted by Rome 2 Factions
The Roman Republic

The Roman Republic is a mighty faction located in Italy. They are a people skilled in metalworking and have long and distinguished military traditions. Their recent major victory over Pyrrhus of Epirus has left open the doors to greatness for the Roman Republic. The areas around the Italian Peninsula are ripe for conquest, and the Roman Republic is expanding with great speed. To make a conquest of this scale possible, it has one of the most disciplined armies and navies, and is among the strongest military powers of its time. Quick to learn from its mistakes and ready to assimilate other cultures into its own, the Roman Republic has indeed become a serious threat to its neighbors, some of which time has not treated so kindly... The Roman Republic will be divided into three influential and mighty families; the Julii, the Junii, and the Cornelii. It also features a Senate system, where public happiness is based on the happiness of the upper and lower classes, possibly similar to earlier Total War games. The happiness of these masses is the prerequisite for succeeding in diplomacy and surviving the constant plotting in the senate. The senate of Rome is a treacherous environment, one which can prove fatal should a rival family gain too much power. A player can attempt to send a senator of a rival family away by giving them an army to command and bestowing them the rank of legatus, or general. However, by doing so, there is always the risk that even then the senator will gain too much power and attempts to start a civil war against the current government.[10]


The second faction revealed in the game's brand new official wiki was Carthage, a coastal city-state with colonies across the Mediterranean sea, boasting a considerably strong navy, and is the sworn enemy of Rome. Like Rome, Carthage is also ruled by one of three major political powers, which will each bring further bonuses to military and economics. Since both Rome and Carthage have a unified system that relies on one of three political powers, it is safe to presume this is in fact a new gameplay feature to be introduced on Total War: Rome II and to be implemented on certain factions such as Carthage and Rome.


The third playable faction is Macedon, one of the Diadochi kingdoms which emerged after Alexander's death.[11] Macedon has been cited as enjoying a military advantage when facing other Hellenistic factions and barbarians as a long-established military power of south-eastern Europe. Macedon struggles to return to the position of power Alexander the Great once bestowed upon it. For this reason, Macedon retains a considerable military force and is one of the more powerful Hellenistic factions. Rich in resources, Macedon has also excellent trading possibilities. Even though backed up by its formidable army, Macedon has to rely on other Hellenistic city-states for naval support, as its own navy is moderately weak. Despite its alliances with several Greek city-states, they remain suspicious about Macedon's imperialistic tendencies and it will prove hard to win their trust diplomatically.


The fourth faction revealed is the Iceni, a powerful, warlike and ferocious Celtic tribe from Britannia famous for their use of armed chariots. They are skilled ironworkers, and their warriors wear war paint unlike the other barbarian tribes. Even though they are by no means as advanced as the Greco-Romans are, the Iceni are far from uncivilized savages. They mint their own coins, and are renowned for their skillfully crafted golden jewelry Iceni kings and nobility wear. The Iceni will have population happiness bonus by the number of armies on the war front, as the entire tribe is crazed about war. They have many rivals, and therefore ample opportunities to satisfy their needs for war. Their traditional tactics are as efficient and straightforward as the people itself. They usually crush their opponents with a combined cavalry and chariot charge, followed by hordes of warriors, all painted blue in honor of their war goddess, Andraste.


The fifth faction revealed is the Arverni, a Celtic nation located in Central Gaul. An aggressive but proud people, the tribe is built upon a warrior society and united by a common pantheon ruled by their priests, the Druids. The Arverni have retained much of their ancestors' traditions, and hence are one of the most technologically and culturally advanced barbarian tribes in Europe. The economic boons of the Arverni comes from their highly skilled craftsmen, but no less, the people are formidable warriors, commanding respect among the barbarian tribes of Europe. To be a man among them is to constantly prove one's skills as a warrior and leader, as the tribe respects only strength. They go to war by the order of the Druids, who read signs from their gods, deciding whether or not a war is in place. They are one of the trade focused factions in Total War: Rome II, and have diplomatic bonuses amongst other barbarian tribes because of their martial prowess and craftsmanship.


The sixth faction is the Suebi; a savage tribe of barbarians hailing from central Germania. They are a diverse people who are united by a common language and religion. The Suebi are ferocious fighters, and are rightly feared by other barbarian tribes. The Suebi have very limited technology, and therefore cannot create armor or advanced weaponry. Instead, they rely on fighting either unarmed or using maces and spears. The Suebi are renowned for their frequent raids over the river Rhine as well as using ambushing tactics to achieve victory. As a savage people, many abhor and fear these cruel barbarians, and they must face considerable resistance from those they conquer.


The seventh and second to last faction is Parthia. Parthia is a confederation of tribes, that has recently wrestled control of Parthava, protectorate of the Seleucid Empire that struggled to separate itself from the Hellenistic sphere of influence. Parthia is famed for its heavy cavalry and mercenaries alike. Parthia also employs tribesmen, primitive men from the hills that fight for their homeland. It has preserved the military drill style the Seleucid Empire used, and is a force to be reckoned with. Parthia's religion is diverse and full of influences from abroad. Both Iranian and Greeks gods and goddesses are worshiped in its temples, and nobles rule its vast agricultural holdings, those upon which the very economy of the country is based on. Parthia is a tolerant nation, one which is ready to spread and assimilate foreign cultures into its own, much like Rome. Parthia has the prerequisite for spreading quickly across the Eastern world; using the excellent road system left by the Seleucid Empire, its armies can move rapidly towards conquest and the silk road, which spies and other agents can use to gain precious bits of information from travelers and merchants.


The last playable faction revealed is Egypt. A Diadochi kingdom like Macedon, the Ptolemaic Egypt has preserved many of its ancient traditions in addition to the Hellenistic influence in its culture. The Egyptians are an awe-inspiring civilization: they continue to build great monuments and temples in the image of both the Hellenic gods and goddesses as well as their own. The upper class has taken influences from both the Greek and Egyptian cultures, a fact which has given birth to a unique Greco-Egyptian culture. But most of all, it is the Greek way of life that is held in high regard throughout the Ptolemaic Kingdom and greek citizens enjoy priviledges native Egyptians do not, a fact that has caused many a revolt and mutiny among the lower classes. The Pharaohs trust in the use of formations of spearmen, much like Alexander the Great did. To provide support and flanking attacks, Ptolemaic Egypt also has more exotic units to call upon; swordsmen trained in the traditional Egyptian fighting style, scythed chariots and war elephants like its rival, The Seleucid Empire. With their vast armies and riches, the Ptolemaic Pharaohs look forward to expanding their nation, be it in the east towards the crumbling Seleucid Empire or to the west, where the city-state of Carthage lies.
I know who i'm playing as. The Roman Empire!

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More excited to see what comes of the modding scene, really. The basic games are getting prettier, but ever more boring and samey and hard coded. With the new graphics of Shogun and the addition of XP, Third Age would have been even more amazing, especially with making Multiplayer a more important thing.

With more flexibility rather than hardcoded shortcuts in the coding, Call of Warhammer could have been really interesting, instead of being simple reskins and over-scripted trash.

If it's anything like what we've seen in the last few games, we'll be limited to HD retextures, until they're dropped in favour of Official Paid DLC.

Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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a rectum spectrum, if you will
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