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Default Modern Warfare 3: Initial Thoughts

Hey Heresy,

Well, I was really excited about the new Call of Duty, so naturally I pre-ordered it and played it through the night, so heres what I have to say about the game thus far; please share your comments as well:

Well to start on a positive side I really liked the idea of the new strike packages and gun experience. They both added some additional realism to the game and rewarded people for different play styles. I myself am more of a 'team' player (protect spawns, watch flanks etc.) so the support package is pretty helpful.

The one thing I really miss from Black Ops was the COD points. They made designing classes and beefing up your guns a lot easier. Now it seems I need to play for ten hours at a time just to unlock the next gun, then in another 3 hours have half of the equipment unlocked I wanted for my gun. In short, I think COD points and the increased experience points per game in Black Ops, allowed players to play with the guns, perks and equipment they wanted, without to much muck'in around to get them.

I also really liked the different perk 'classes' from Black Ops, with one perk that described your players role, ex. Ghost: sniper, infiltrator. Lightweight: runner etc.) which also effected the appearance of your character. And then two perks that described your additional equipment, skill or attributes; not any of this 'x2 Lethal Grenade' rubbish from the MW series.

I hope I'm not alone on this, but I really enjoyed combat training and zombies. I think both of them were cool to play with friends, and the fact that you could run real multiplayer games with AI is a lot more fun than the new MW 'Practice Missions' (I actually kind of liked the MW2 ones...)

My last problem with MW3 are the generic dooms day/urban maps. I really get tired of playing maps that look the same as the first, like Resistance vs. Arkaden, Mission vs. Village, or Interstate and Downturn. I liked the maps from Black Ops, because they always varied in style, layout and appearance.

On a positive note, I really like the new weapons, and the old weapons that they brought back (especially the Barret 50cal, but I guess they would bring it back no matter what) I think the Assault Rifle selection could be a little more diverse, ex. In Black Ops there was a multitude of weapons with different stats, looks, manufacturers etc.

Well there you have it, theres my little rant for the MW3. To sum it all up, I think Black Ops was a much simpler, cooler, clear playing and looking game, and I think any criticism that went out towards Treyarch during the first week of Black Ops release was very unsupported (and ended within the first two days )


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We have a video games section yo.

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I really disliked Black Ops tbh, i only went along with it cause everyone i knew seemed to abandon MW2. In my element going back to MW. I hated the COD points if i'm honest, you jsut didn't have to work for anything anymore, everything was just avilable to you straight away really, it just took alot of incentive away for me. I like working toward the next good weapon, my current weapons next upgrade etc. How my character looks really doesn't bother me in the slightest in a FPS, so thats another addition of Black Ops that i just didn't care for. And i prefer the MW3 maps, prefer maps in a modern day enviroment,

So yeah essentially apart from Zombies(though even then i like survival mode just as much) i prefer MW3 in every single way.
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Personally i thought Black ops was an awesome game but now its a thing of the past. MW3 does seem like a very good game though (from what iv heard).

The survival mode has been improved heaps! Now the zombies have got shot guns! Whats even cooler is that you once you've killed a zombie you can pick up its weapon. This really helps when you start off cos you only have a pistol.


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I don't know if it's me or not but every time i play i'll have a realy good spell, then from no where i'll get killed by either someone who can fast scope far too quick with a sniper rifle or someone with an assault riffle who shots me in the leg once, and it really pisses me off, i think this willbe the last Call of Duty i ever buy
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my initial reaction to mw3

Co-op with some buds is the only thing i liked, especially the suicidal dogs, peta can eat a dick
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Originally Posted by RedThirstWill Destroy View Post
I don't know if it's me or not but every time i play i'll have a realy good spell, then from no where i'll get killed by either someone who can fast scope far too quick with a sniper rifle or someone with an assault riffle who shots me in the leg once, and it really pisses me off, i think this willbe the last Call of Duty i ever buy
This for me has been a problem in all the CoD games. Sometimes it seems you can't be touched, getting a good long kill streak, and then all of a sudden you can't stay alive, constantly respawning as someone runs around the corner behind you and you end up with a good long death streak. And that fast scoping with sniper rifles really pisses me off. Pure bullshit.

On the whole though I'm impressed so far with this latest incarnation. I'd like to see some of the maps from the first MW in the first map pack though, because they haven't really been bested since that game.

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