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I'm going through my entire bitz box and so far I have sorted and listed the following:


16 SM
3 Casualty Converted SM
15 Mutated CSM
10 CSM
2 Tyranid Warrior
4 Ork
9 DE
3 Female DE
2 Tau No Helmet
4 Tau Helmet
1 Kroot

15 WoC
12 Helmed Marauders
7 Orc
5 Night Goblin
11 Empire Knight
3 Empire Horse
1 Casualty Converted Brettonian Horse
6 Empire Footsoldier
2 Undead
4 Casualty Skulls


3 SM Front
4 SM Space Wolves Front
1 SM Adeptus Mechanicus Front & Back
4 Tau

3 Orc
1 Night Goblin
2 Undead


8 Tau
1 Broken Tau
2 SM Casualty Cut

5 Undead
1 Undead Broken
1 Mounted Empire
5 Orc
4 Night Goblin
1 Broken Night Goblin


2 Tyranid Monstorous Scytching Talon
1 Tyranid Venom Cannon
1 Tyranid Barbed Strangler
28 Tyranid Left Shooting
5 Tyranid Death Spitter
18 Tyranid Devourer
44 Tyranid Spinefist
4 Tyranid Flesh Borer
11 Tau Pulse Rifles
10 Tau Pulse Carbine
2 Tau Kroot Rifles
3 Tau Grenade
2 Tau Sensor
6 Tau Left Shooter
3 Tau Kroot Left Shooter
9 CSM Left Shooter
12 CSM Right Shooter
7 CSM Chainsword
1 CSM Plasma Pistol
1 CSM Heavy Bolter
2 CSM Heavy Bolter Left
1 CSM Power Sword
4 CSM Bolt Pistol
4 CSM Mutation
8 DE Left Shooter
1 DE Left Splinter Cannon
4 DE Splinter Pistol
11 DE Splinter Rifle
1 DE CC Weapon
1 DE Splinter Cannon
7 IG Catachan Left Shooter
1 IG Catachan Right Shooter
2 IG Cadian Lasgun
2 SM Chainsword
2 SM Bolt Pistol
2 SM Bolter
2 SM Gunner
1 SM Devastator sgt. Pointing Finger
12 SM Right Shooting
1 SM Left Missile
19 SM Left shooting
1 Ork Shoota



5 Tau Pulse Carbines
2 Tau Kroot Rifles
1 Tau Burst Cannon
1 Tau "Flamer"
1 Tau "plasma"
3 Tau Pulse Rifles
1 DE Knife
2 IG Knife
1 IG Lasgun
8 CSM Knife
1 CSM Powerfist
6 CSM Bolter with grip
2 CSM Old Bolter without grip
3 CSM Old Bolt Pistol with grip
1 CSM Heavy Bolter with ammo feed
1 CSM Plasmagun with grip
1 SM Metal Razorback Heavy Bolter
1 SM LS Multi Melta
2 SM LS Heavy Bolter
1 SM Dread Storm Bolter
2 SM Old Rhio Bolter
1 SM Heavy Bolter ammo feed
2 SM LS Heavy Bolter Grips
1 SM Hunter Killer Missile Front
1 SM Old Bolter wthout grip
2 SM Old bolter with grip
1 SM Flamer with grip
1 SM Flamer without grip
2 SM Bolt pistol without grip
4 SM Bolt pistol with grip
2 SM Melta bomb
5 SM SW Knife
3 SM Knife
1 SM Plasmagun with grip
6 SM Bolter without grip
10 SM Bolter with grip
1 SM Honour Bolter with grip
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It's not crap, but an painted Leman Russ?
And a broken oop sentinel?

"You left the objective? I see you have the tactical genuis of a soap dish."
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i have a stack of codexes, bitz, models - i even have a oop Cold One Knight
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Ive got daemon hunter codex, old ork codex, 9 chaos space marines berzerkers, 2 fire warriors, chaos space marines metal lord. 9 empire flagellants, 9 free company, 4 white wolf knights, 1 empire captain, mounted with lance+shield

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
I'll update from Prisoner Cell Block Nerd when they extradite me.
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Tyrannids for sale if you want them...

Originally Posted by Lucio View Post
Camo is the color of cowardice but if the only ones to call you a coward are now a puddle of plasma there isnt a problem.

Last edited by Inquisitor Varrius; 08-23-09 at 01:54 AM.
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I have 40 ork boys
bunch of other ork stuff.

i have brand new box of scouts dark angel veterans and lots of everything.

"Flowers Are Like Blowjobs To Men."
"Im As Offensive&Creative As Handicap Porn."
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Also a little fantasy that is basically just crap.

"Flowers Are Like Blowjobs To Men."
"Im As Offensive&Creative As Handicap Porn."
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