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Default Selling my 40k

Shipping will be determined by order. Prices are negotiable. I may be interested in trades. Might be looking for NIB or still on the sprue stuff. Make an offer, wost ill say is no. I try to be as explicit as i can about the conditions of the items. If you want more detail or pics let me know, ill do my best. PayPal is mutch preferred.


Tactical Marines(8): $2 each. They are painted above average. And have Black Templar transfers on the shoulder pads.

Special Weapon Marines(6): Most are primed black with white shoulder pads.
Marine with Power Fist(2): $3 each. 1 is painted a bit well, as a Templar. Specify which you want.
Marine with Meltagun(2): $3 each
Marine with Power Weapon: $2
marine with Power Weapon and Plasma/Bolter Combi weapon: $4

Heavy Weapon Marines: Mostly primed and white shoulder pads and metalics.
Marine with Plasma Cannon: $4
Mairne with Las Cannon: $4
Marine with Missle Launcher: $2
marine with Heavy Bolter: $3

Bolt Pistol and CCW Marines: 31 Marines. Some have a weapon snapped off, but easily fixable. Most are primed black with white shoulderpads and metalic weapons. One squad is painted above average quality(hilighted, a few extra details).
Primed models (24): $1 each
Painted MOdels (7): $2 each

Assault Marines(10): All are metal. They are primed black and have white on the jump packs and metalic weapons. Most dont have shoulderpads on as i was planning on using BT shoulderpads. I think i can find enough pads in my bits box to get enough.
Assault Marines(10): $2 each
Assault Amrine with Power Fist and bolt pistol(1): $3
Assualt Marine with BT shoulder pads(1): $3

Scouts(2): $3 each. Both are metal. They are primed white, one has some black painted on it.

Special Edition Emperors Champ: $20. Painted as a BT
The newer Emperors Champion: $10. Primed white, red robe, and a black shoulderpad.
Converted Model I used a chaplain. Has a Double bladed axe held over his head. I can provide pics. Asking $15 for it.

Termies(5): All Assualt Termies with lightning claws. Mostly primed black and white pads, with red lightning claws.
Assualt Termies: $5 each
Asslaut Termie sergeant with Power wepaon and Storm Bolter: $6

Dreadnaught: Painted a bit whell. some good details. $15.

Rhinos(4): 3 old rhinos, 1 new one. The old ones are primed black. One has some white panes on it. The new one is primed black and one side has white panells.
Old Rhinos(3): $10 each
New Rhino(1): $12

Whilrwind: Older style. Primed black. $15.

Predator: Older style. Has Sponson Las cannons and turret las cannon. I think the Auto cannon bit is in my bit box somewhere. Youll get both i if do have it. $20.

Land Speeder: Has a multimelta on it. I have the assualt cannon bit somewhere. Ill throw that in as well. $10.

Razorback: Old style. Is a rhino with 2 lascannons from the land raider kit glued to the top. $10.

Random Stuff:
Chaos Lord Model: Has a giant scythe instead of an axe. Unprimed. $6.
GW Army Carrying Case: Nice, hard plastic case with foam inserts. Space for 96 models. A couple of the foam spaces are larger for larger models. $25.

Codexes/Rulebooks: All are 3rd Edition. $10 each, unless stated.

Warhammer 40k Rulebook $25
Space Marines x2
Eldar(Has a "store copy" sticker on it and written on it) $5
Craftworld Eldar $7
Chaos Space Marines
Black Templars
Dark Eldar (Has a bit of water damage) $5
Chapter Approved $15
Index Astartes
Assassins $5

Pre 3rd edition Books: All 15$ unless noted.
Assassins $5
Imperial Guard
Warhammer 40,000 Codex Army List
Codex Imperialis
Sisters of Battle

Necromunda Rulebook and Sourcebook. $15 for both.

Warhammer Montly Issue 74 $3
Eternal War graphic novel $10

Old White Dwarf Magazines: $2 each

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How much for the whole lot?

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
Chief Librarian Beetroot the Fister, wielder of the big headed blue vein staff says he's not a toy and anyone that says so is lucky GW fucked up the Space Marine codex otherwise hed kick your ass!
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I'm interested in two of the old Rhinos as well as the GW case.

Could you provide pictures of both please?
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Bump. Looking to sell the whole lot. Just the minis i can do $300. The books are going to be a pain to ship, so ill have to come up with something if you wanted all of them.
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How muct to post the Chaos lord to U.K.
Also can i pay in pounds and how do i send money.

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Pics of the land speeder, newer rhino, and assault marines? Pm me, thanks.


In need of more space marines!!!!
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I'm interested in:
2 Marines with Meltagun
2 Termies with lightning claws

Could you PM me pictures of both please?

Space Marines, PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!

3000 Dark Eldar

5900 SM Emperor's Wrath
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Interested in new rhino, and twenty marines with ccw/bp. Pictures yes?

And the land speeder.

I keep forgetting how hilarious my old posts are.

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hmmm...the white dwarfs are quite attractive to me, how much for the whole lot?
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