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Default W: Metal SM scouts, dwarfs, bfg sm, more, H: Dwarfs, HE, WE, CSM, SM, Eldar, LOTR+

I need more metal (and cash), Send me a PM with offering/inquiries.

Missile Launcher Scouts (ideally - 2)
Sniper scouts (equal counts of the 2 poses made)
Bolter scouts (equal counts of the 2 poses made)
CCW scouts (as many different poses as possible)
CCW scout sgts
Dark Angels Scout Sgt. Naaman

My Dward needs:
1 or 2 LE BSB, most recent version (2005 release, has a pipe in mouth and more dangly bits on the banner than previous version)
BFSP Starter box "Grudge Pony", "Kings Wall" and "wound markers".
metal longbeards (15)
metal longbeard champions (2)
dwarf lord with hammer and shield (1)

My forgeworld needs:
1 pack of each BFG SM escort.
1 Dark Angels Land Raider doorset.

My SM BFG needs:
1 Battle Barge

and of course - money.

I have: 2e/3e/4e/5e/6e/Ce - relative editions for respective games

13 - Marauder Era Thunderers
Command MM series MM11/12 and MM11/11.
Also have: bits from 6e warriors, 7e warriors, 7e thunderers, 7e miners sets.

5e/6e Chaos Dragon with Lord.

Wood Elf:
?? - 2 Warhawks (no riders)
6e? - 1 lord on forest dragon (painted)
4e/5e - Marauder era:
~15 wardancers
1 panther beast master
1 bear beast master

High Elf:
6e - 1 Imrik on dragon (poorly painted, imrik's horn was cut off, a mess)
4e/5e - 2 Imrik on Dragon
?? - 1 Hero with two swords (shadow warrior looking)
?? - 1 Hero with spear and shield (thought it was LE)
6e - 1 Tiranoc Chariot
Ce - 8 Dragon Princes (full command + 1 Banner)
5e - 11 Silver Helms (2 full command sections, 5 regular units)
6e - 2 mages on foot (different poses)
6e - 1 mage on horseback
6e - 1 Khorhil
6e - 1 Eltharion the Blind
Ce - 1 Eltharion on War Griffon

Ce - 3 Jetbikes (1 fully sprued, 1 partially sprued, 1 desprued, primered-black, not glued)
2e - ~60 Harlequins, including Death Jesters, Shadowseers, Avatars, etc. The original 18-model box set is included with correct contents.
2e - 12 Harlequin jetbikes (3 with cannon)
3e - 1 unit of 4 Dark Reapers plus 1 Exarch with Shuriken cannon
3e - 1 unit of 5 Dark Reapers
3e - 1 unit of 4 swooping hawks (may be current release, will check for interested party) plus 1 3e Exarch.
3e - 1 unit of 9 Fire Dragons plus 1 Exarch with firepike
3e - 4 Heavy weapon platforms with crew (several weapons available)
3e - 12+ heavy/support weapon crew
3e - 2-4 Farseer with singing spear
2e - 2-4 Farseer with Witchblade
(the counts on these two change as I send them out, some people trade me new ones)

Here is an Eldar 40K army available (sans HQ, room for 2 troop, 1 elite, 3 fast attack):
3e - 2 squadrons of 3 warwalkers - unassembled, amble supply of weapons for them.
3e - 1 Battery of 3 Support Weapons with Vibro AND D-cannon bits
2e - 2 units of 10 Harlequins with Shadowseer, Death Jester, 2 Fusion Pistol and 2 or 3 H.Kiss per squad.
3e - 2 units of 10 Guardians with Heavy weapon plat and Warlock with singing spear (partially assembled plastics, some still sprued, metal platform with multiple weapon options)
3e - 2 units of 10 rangers

Space Marines:
3e - 2 Command Squad Box Captain with PS+SB
3e - 1 Command Squad Box Vet. Sgt. with Auspex
3e - 1 Command Squad Box Standard Bearer with Bolter
3e - 2 "LE" Captain with Power Axe and Combi-Melta (later released normally by GW, including Adeptus Astartes Box)
Ce - 2 UM Tryanid Hunters (Bolter/ccw model, bolter arm cut off at elbow)
3e - 1 Command Squad Box Standard Bearer with Bolter (broken banner pole)
3e - 1 Marneus Calgar in Power armor body

Daemonhunters/Grey Knights:
Ce - Coteaz Torquemada
Ce - Inquisitor Lord
Ce - Approximately 16 Retinue models (2 or more of almost ever general type SANS servitors, just ask if you have a specific type you want)
Ce - 4 Justicar
Ce - 8 Grey Knights in powered armor
Ce - 3 Brother Captain Stern

Grey Knights Redemption Force Apocalpyse Formation : (estimated size, I think there are more models in this army - in the process of cleaning it)
Ce - 1 Brother captain Stern + retinue (4 GKT with sb+ccw)
Ce- 3 units of 4 Grey Knight Terminators (BC w/ psycannon, reg w/ incinerator+CCW, 2 reg with sb+ccw)
Ce - 4 units of 7 (or 8?) Grey Knights in Power Armor (Justicar, incinerator, psycannon, 4-5 other

Chaos Space Marines:
Ce - 1 Power Armored Lord
Ce - 1 Khorne Lord on Juggernaut (metal)
Ce - 1 Abaddon the Despoiler
Ce - 1 Abaddon the Despoiler SANS head
Ce - 1 Kharne the Betrayer
Ce - 1 Ahriman
Ce - 1 Dreadnought
Ce Metal - 1 unit of 10 Chaos Terminators, 2 with reaper, rest mixed combi-weapons

Battlefleet Gothic -

Eldar BFG:
2 Battleships (Void Stalkers)
5 Cruisers (3 Shadow, 2 Eclipse)
2 Aconite
2 Hemlock
1 hemlock hull section
1 Hellebore
1 hellebore engine section bit
1 nightshade (missing a wing)
(I had more escorts, and they were complete! Then they vanished - not sure how)

Lord of the Rings:

Balrog (metal)
Easterlings (large box, 2 extra boxes of kataphrakts, Khamul blister, and 2 extra command blisters + 8 metal halberders and 4 sword/shield),

Good: -- all good models are metal models

Allies - Rohan:
2x armored Eomer
2x armored Eowyn

Allies - Fellowship:
Legolas (on foot)
Gandalf the White (foot)
*Merry, Knight of the Mark

Allies - wildmen of Druadan
2 full boxes (18 wildmen and 2 Ghanburighan)

Allies - Army of the Dead
4 Army of the dead
2 King of the Dead

Rangers of Ithillien:
Damrod painted

Faramir (with bow) painted
6 Rangers (with bow)
2x Pippin, Guard of the Citadel
3 Citadel guard with spear blister
5+ Guard of the Fountain Court
1 avenger bolt thrower (with 2 crew, might have 3 crew with it, but I don't know for certain - I think one was lost to battle).

I also have some Other:

Why I hate Spike12225:
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I can read the damn thing.

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