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MASS FORGEWORLD + WH40k - Clean out my closet!

I accept paypal, money order, cash, check.
All Forgeworld items are NEW, UNBUILT, UNPAINTED - all still in bags.
All GW items are New on Sprue (Unless specified) - 100% new, complete, unbuilt, unpainted.
You pay exact shipping via USPS.
You will also Delivery confirmation.


Forgeworld Items

If you want to know what these Forgeworld items look like - please refer to the Forgeworld website located here:

DKOK - Krieg Items: Forge World DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG

3x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Commisar 1 (1x model) 14$ each
2x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Command Squad (5x man squad)- 40$ each squad
4x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) HQ Command Squad (5x man squad)- 50$ each squad
4x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) At Ease Squad (10x man Squad)- 65$ each squad
4x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Firing Squad (10x man squad ) - 65$ each squad
4x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Advancing Squad (10x man squad) - 65$ each squad
Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Grenadiers Squad - 65$ each squad
1x Death Korps of Krieg (DKOK) Death Riders (5 man full squad) - 100$ for full squad
Chaos Regenade Ogryn Berserkers - 100$ for full squad
Tyranid Trygon - 145$

Warhammer 40k Items

SM Battlecompany (minus 10x devstators - otherwise all contents ) - 350$ shipped

8x Apocalypse Command Sprue - 5$ each sprue
2x Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Rulebook - 40$ Shipped each
3x Baneblades - 75$ shipped each
Cities of Death Codex


3x SM Commanders - 10$ each
4x SM Command Squad - 24$ each

60x Tactical Marines - 12$ for 5x Marines ::: 22$ for 10x
10x Devstator Marines - 25$ for 5x Devisatators
8x Rhinos - 20$ each rhino

2x SM Land Raiders - 38$ each
3x Space Marine LAnd Speeder - 20$ each
6x Ravenwing Upgrade Sprues - 9$ each


Tau Codex - 15$
4x Crisis Suits - 14$ each
20x Drones - 8$ per 4x
6x Devilfish 22$ each
2x Skyray - 28$ each
2x Hammerhead 28$ each


2x Necron Lords w/ Resurrection ORb - 10$ each
120x Necron Warriors - 24$ per 12x Necron Warriors
12x Necron Destroyers - 14$ each Destroyer
2x Monolith - 38$ each


6x Tyranid Warriors - 22$ per 3x Warriors
6x Carnifex - 32$ per Carnifex
16x Genestealers - 18$ per 8x

10x Chaos Terminators - 36$ each 5x
10x Possessed Mainres - 18$ per 5x

Chaos Daemons Codex - 15$
Skulltaker - 12$
5x Fleshhounds of Khorne - 18$
Karanak - 10$
Fiend of Slaanesh - 12$


1 Avatar primed black - 18$
1 Prince Yriel bare metal - 12$
1 Eldrad - 12$

1 Harlequin Squad nib - 20$
1 harlequine troop master nib - 6$
1 howling banshee box set assembled - 20$
5 Wraith Guard - 10$ each or 45$ for 5x
10 warp spiders 18$ per 5x
7 Dire Avengers previous edition metal - 18$
20 Guardians assembled bare plastic - 26$
5 dark reapers previous edition - 20$
1 wave serpent - 22$
1 Falcon mostly on sprue - 22$
1 wraith lord previous edition - 14$

My Wants List:

Lord of Change
9x Flamers of Tzeentch
30x Nurgling Bases
30x Blood Letters
2x Daemon Princes (Nurgle or Normal is OK)

If you are interested in trading items for Warhammer 40k, i may consider items.
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Can you hold on to both the rulebooks, all the speeders, all the commanders, and all the command squads?

PM me please.

Last edited by Casual_T; 08-11-08 at 09:51 AM.
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hey bro ill take all of your carnifexis and warriors if you offer me a deal , also any trades of any sort i got quite a few things laying around if you dont want 40k related items
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i'll pm you.
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interested in all forgeworld,
PM me or send some photos of all by e-mail at

Last edited by robertodelbene; 10-01-08 at 08:39 PM.
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how long will the land raiders last (intrested in one, but im broke) if not long ingonre this message
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I am interested in your some of your Eldar stuff
PM me please

Chaos- Black Legion & Steel Brethren
W:16 D:7 L:9 W:9 D:2 L:5

Eldar Dragon Claws Corsairs
W:16 D:4 L:2

Da Skull Krushaz
W:27 D:2 L:13

Space Wolves
W:14 D:0 L:3
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Quite interested in the FW stuff- particularly soem Krieg infantry and those renegade Ogryn.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
-The Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear, Dune

The Swordsworn Chapter WAAAAAAGH! GOBSMASH
W: 1 T: 1 L: 6_________________W: 8 T:2 L:6
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Yo Trader! Particularly Interested in ne of the DKOK Commisars, do you have the one drawing his sword?
The Genestealers!
Maybe a few of the Destroyers?

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Anyone bought from this guy yet?

Otherwise, I'm interested in a couple of Rhinos, PM me please.

1500pts Celestial Lions
1000pts Warboss Judge Skull'Umper
500pts Vostroyan & Cadian 119th
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