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H: Numerous armies FS W: Daemons some SM

all primed black unless noted
40 Stealers – 32 partially painted, 8 primed with carapace
Flyrant – partially painted
2 sniperfex – partially painted
1 dakkafex
1 zoan
24 or 28 termagaunts
3 warriors – scything talons, rending claws, adrenal glands


13 Plague marines (assembled, bolters, CCW's)
4 Plague Marines champs (assembled with bolter arm, CCW arm left off incase a PF was wanting to be added)
4 Plague marines with Plasmaguns
2 Plague Marines with Meltaguns
extra bolter and CCW arms for Plague marines
1 Abbandon (in ok condition)
15 CSM (NOS)
1 Chaos Termy lord/sorc (assembled to be both, conversion, pics available)
1 lascannon havoc
1 reaper autocannon havoc (i think so anyways)
5 ML Havocs (2 assembled 3 NIB)
8 raptors (assembled, 1 champ with lightning claws, 2 missing bolt pistol arms, 3 missing heavy wep)
1 Greater Daemon of slaanesh (assembled with nid lashwip and bonesword for “lash prince” look)

5 BA Death Company (bare metal, bodies based, guns/ccw still not, jetpacks can be included)
Dante (assembled)
Lemartes (on base, jetpack not put on)
12 servitors (6 Heavy Bolter, 6 CCW, not assembled)
1 Termy Captian partially assembled
Ravenwing Battleforce (NIB)
Master of the Ravenwing (NIB)

1 Fire prism (NIB)
2 Falcons (NOS)
6 Harlies (assembled)
6-8 banshees (assembled)
2 Vypers (one assembled minus weapon attatched, hadn't decied what to put on it, one NIB)
3-4 Warlocks with one seer (assembled)
1 shining spear box
3 Jetbiks (one nos missing top rider, legs still there, one assembled, one assembled no rider, good for conversion)


2 Broadsides ( one torso assembled, other converted in sniper pose, missle pods not attatched but have them)

Very large army, won’t part out, message if interested - serious enquiries only (half assembled, other half NIB)


lascannons for land raider (the extra stuff you don't use in the LRC kit)
10 or so shoulder pads
4 torso's
12 backpacks
lots of left and right arms w/o guns on them
2 metal Power weapons
2 dread flamers
2 dread melta's
some grenades
7 plasma pistols
rhino turret pieces

some left over bits from termy lord/sorc sprue
5 pairs of metal plague marine bolters and CCW arms
1 right hand metal plague marine bolter
3 plague marine left hand power weapon swords

bunch of warrior ranged guns
24 spinefist sets
24 devourers for gaunts (around that, have to check)
bunch of different stealer heads (10 of each special one basically)
32 or so pairs of scything talons for stealers (so 64 arms in total)
bunch of extra fex heads and biomorphs
rippers (regular and ones with spinefists)

many backpacks
many pulse rifles
a few crisis suite weapons and attatchments

heavy wep team items (9 lascannons, 9 HB's, 9 Mortars, other pieces)


Only Thing I am wanting is Tzeentch Daemons, all types and many of them (horrors, flamers, screamers, greator Daemon of Tzeentch), including the disc of tzeentch model (2 of those).
SM wise some HB, ML, and PC devestators, 1 ven dread, 4 razorbacks, 3 vindicators, any deathwing bits, ezekiel, 1 termy CC box and 1 reg termy box.
*** really want - fantasy wise - 2 Lord of Tzeentch models (the ones on the cool disc) and 2 High Elf Chariots****
Thanks for looking guys!!!

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i have 10 horrors, painted, i can strip them if you want, but they look really good.
I would like your broadsides, and crisis bits.
LMK thanks John.
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PUFNSTUF's Flag is: Canada
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any pics of horrors?

heres the necron list

2 monoliths (one NIB, one partially assembled)
5 Destroyers (3 NIB, 2 assembled)
2 Heavy destroyers (NIB)
1 Deciever
6 scarab swarms
2 lords (one partially painted)
6 Immortals
6 Flayed ones
1 warrior box (NIB)
24 or so assembled warriors

pic of converted broadside


(ignoring Hormagaunts, those are gone)

Unpainted and partially painted Hive tyrant

Chaos sorc/lord

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i have a bunch of the SM heavy weapons. i have a lot of each, so name how many you wanted. im after all of those guard teams youve got listed. let me know if this sounds good
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