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Default H: IG,SOB,SM,Nids,DE,DoW,Books W:$,FW Armor Books,FW Valk,FW

I usually start at 35 % off of retail and then if you purchase more I begin to take more off sometimes as much as 40- 50%. For bigger groups of models shipping is free.

Cadian Command HQ primed
6 Heavy Weapon Squads based and primed (great action!) (Mortar, lascannon, autocannon, hvy bolter)

60 Guardsmen - assembled unpainted

1 chimera built
1 Chimera assembled, painted airbrush urban grey
1 Hellhound built and primed
1 chimera assembled, and primed
1 Basilisk built
Imperial Guard Codex

Forge World
Vanaheim pattern Basilisk Gun Shield,
Search lights (Imperial)
Cadian Decal sheet
Chimera/Trojan Gigantic search light
basilisk earthshaker upgrade

20 sisters w/ bolters
4 sisters converted w/ melta guns
3 sisters w/ storm bolters
3 sisters w/ flamers
3 sister superiors w/ power weapon
1 sister superior w/ bolt pistol + cc weapon
1 old style cannoness
2 sisters w/ heavy bolters
5 sisters w/ mulit-meltas
2 sister superior seraphims
1 sister standard bearer in blister
3 icon bearers

1 female inq
2 scribes
2 mystics
1 familiar

Rulebooks and Codex
Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard
Imp Guard Codex - Old
TechPriest - NIB
Priest - NIB

4 Sister Superiors
2 Sisters with bolters
4 sisters with flamers
1 Seraphim Superiors
Penitent Engine

Space Marines
F48-36 Chief Librarian Tigurius
BattleForce Mk 2 Unassembled
TechMarine & Sefvitors - NIB
SM Term Capt - Bare Metal
2 bikes on sprue

1 long out of production METAL Tyranid Hive Tyrant
12 genestealers - 1 Ed Back
1 metal Tyranid Biovore w/ spore mines blister - 1 Ed Back
3 metal zoanthrope blisters - 1 Ed Back
1 Metal zoanthrope - New Ed

Possessed CSM - 5 Primed no paint

Dark Elves
12 Spear Elves - Warriors - 5 painted.. rest bare
2 Musicians with spears
3 sgts with swords and shields
8 Complete crossbowers- 3 painted
10 corsairs - primed
16 witch Elves - primed
2 witch elf hags - primed
10 executioners - bare stripped
3 executioners - command bare stripped
10 black guard - two.. primed
3 black guard command
1 hydra with crew - stripped (Crew is beastmasters with whips?)
1 bolt thrower with crew - primed
5 cold one knights - knghts stripped bare, 2 cold ones bare, one primed, two lightly painted green
1 on foot sorceroress - stripped
1 mounted sorceress - primed
1 cold one charriot - stripped
2 dragons - one stripped one black.. easy strip
1 cold one - lgihtly painted green
1 shadowblade - stripped

Dogs of War - painted 9/10 needs to be rebased
20 Beorgs Bearstruck Bearmen including command
14 Long Drong Slayer Pirates including command
20 Lumpkin Kroop
1 Female Sorcerroress with the italian name
1 Witch Hunter/Priest of sigmar combo

In need of repair
4 goblins on wolfback
4 Birdmen of Catrazza

Black Library - open for trades beyond those listed
Annihilation Squad – Gav Thorpe
Blood Bowl – Matt Forbeck
Blood Bowl Dead Ball – Matt Forbeck
Crossfire – Matthew Farrar
Daemon Slayer – William King
Death’s Messanger – Sandy Mitchel
Dragon Slayer – William King
Faith & Fire – James Swallow
Fire Warrior – Simon Spureier
Giant Slayer – William King
Gilead’s Blood – Dan Abnett
Grey Hunter – William King
Grudge Bearer – Gav Thorpe
Kill Team – Gav Thorpe
Mark of Heresy – James Wallis
Necromancer – John Green
Nightbringer – Graham McNeil
Plague Daemon – Brian Craig
Ragnar’s Claw – William King
Sacred Flesh – Robin Laws
Shadow Breed – David Ferring
Skaven Slayer – William King
SPace Wolf – William King
Star of Erengrad – Neil Mcintes
Storm Warriors – Brian Craig
Swords of the Empire – Marc Gascolgne
Taint of Evil – Neil McIntosh
Tainted Blood – Nathan Long
The Ambassador – Graham McNeil
The Bleeding Chalice – Ben Counter
The Dead and the Damned – ohn Brew
Troll Slayer – Danabnett
Ursun’s Teeth – Graham McNeil
Valnir’s Bane – Nathan Long
Vampire Slayer – William King
Warblad – David Ferring
Warrior of Ultramar – Graham McNeil
Way of the Dead – Marc Bascogine
Witch Finder – CL Eerner
Wolfblade – William King

Imperial Guard Vol 1 (HB) and Vol 3, 4
Inquisitional Forgeworld Stuff
Valkirie Gunship (MSP)
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