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View Poll Results: Jeff should be called Jeff-i-fex and be masot of Heresy-online
yes, we should all tell our friends and make jeff-i-fex our mascot
666JasonDark666, aboytervigon, admirzay12, atatjacob1, Atrum Lux Lucis, Bane_of_Kings, Blackheart_101, Blammer, Bloodcuddler of Khorne, Bmwrocks2, bobss, Brother Selacious, buckythefly, BunnyMaster42, Cato Sicarius, Catpain Rich, chaosmutant, Chaoz94, cheesy, chrisman 007, ckcrawford, coalheartly, Cruor99, DaafiejjXD, darthham, DAvo001, dedredhed, Derotzka, DestroyerHive, Dies Irae, dobbins, Dragearen, Drizzt_13, Emet, Paladin of Truth, Emporers Champion, enieffac, Fire Lord, flankman, Fumble Tumble, General. Gray Wolf, gesis, ghazghkull-killyork, goschar, Gothic, Guddijon, HandOfNephthys, hippypancake, Holmstrom, Initiate, inqusitor_me, IntereoVivo, Iron Angel, jakkie, JB Mallus, JDMJapan, jimmy gunn, johnnymajic, jpunk, jubjub369, Kale Hellas, Katie Drake, Khazaddum, khornateemperor, Khorne's Fist, khorneflake, Khorothis, koppo, liforrevenge, Ljudas, Llamafish, lonnebo, Lopspoon, Lord Sinkoran, Lord Sven Kittyclaw, LostIsland, Lucien7, MadCowCrazy, maomolin, Marneus Calgar, marxalvia, Master Andael, Master WootWoot, mcmuffin, Miami, MidnightSun, Mossy Toes, NagashKhemmler, Necrosis, normtheunsavoury, octopec, ogrebane, OIIIIIIO, PapaSmurf124, pchandler43, Petbe, Raptor_00, riskman, Saint7515, Sarcastro, Scathainn, shaantitus, Shadow Hawk, Shaun_wi, Sleedon, smfanboy, snarst, sobespartan, Styro-J, techwitch, teh1337llama, the Brayn, The Fallen, the-ad-man, The144thCadianPlatoon, Todeswind, Truefaith, tssxxx, TunaSammich, Tyrannus, VaUgHaNy86, warghuul, warp778, Winterous, Wolf_Lord_Hellclaw, World Eater XII, xan517, Yog-Sothoth, Zanrian, Zorenthewise, Zwan
130 75.58%
no, I dont think so bud 35 20.35%
i dont know 11 6.40%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 172.

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