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View Poll Results: How Close Are You Your Significant Others Siblings
They are my best friend(s). They introduced me to my significant other. 0 0%
We do everything together. They are the sibling(s) I never had. 1 14.29%
We hang out occasionally going to the movies as a group or doing other activities. 1 14.29%
I see them at larger family functions but we do not go out of our way to get together. 1 14.29%
I am ambivalent toward my significant others siblings. 1 14.29%
There is no love lost between us but I can hold a genuine conversation with them. 0 0%
I don't really like them because they are generally of an ill nature whenever I meet them. 0 0%
I absolutely hate them. They are worthless and I do everything I can to avoid being around them. 3 42.86%
I'm above it all and do not care? 0 0%
What does ambivalent mean? 0 0%
Voters: 7.

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