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Default The biggest 40k eBay lot ever! Worldwide postage from UK

Hi, I have just listed over 300 Warhammer 40k eBay auctions that will end on Sunday 7th June. They are are a huge variety of different 40k miniatures, including many space marine lots. Most items are preowned, but not all of them.

Most items are starting quite cheaply compared with other eBay auctions (I fully expect all of them to sell in this listing). If you’re looking to economise, I combine postage (usually at a rate of 50p per additional item, although multiple items outside the UK can be a little more than this). I will post worldwide from the UK. I am a trusted eBay power seller with a high positive feedback score – so if you have any questions please ask!

Pictures and Full List of Lots:

Blood Bowl Boxed Game

Space marine infantry

New tactical squad on sprues
Tactical squad
20 Tactical Squad Marines (lot 1)
20 Tactical squad marines (lot 2)
25 Tactical squad space marines
10 Assault marines (lot 1)
10 Assault marines (lot 2)
10 Assault marines (lot 3)
10 assault marines without jump packs
10 terminator marines (lot 1)
10 Terminators (lot 2)
Command squad lot 1
Command Squad lot 2
3 space marines with plasma guns
4 missile launcher devastators (lot 1)
4 missile launcher devastators (lot 2)
4 Classic OOP space marines with missile launcher s
4 Devastators with plasma cannons
3 Multi melta devastators
4 Heavy Bolter devastators
4 Lascannon devastators
10 scouts with sniper rifles
10 scouts with combat blades
9 Scouts with bolters
9 scouts with shotguns
3 new scouts with sniper rifles
Job lot of scouts spare parts
20 Classic OOP Terminators
5 classic oOP terminators
Job lot of metal OOP terminators
30 classic OOP space marine tactical marines
Previous edition space marine codex

Space Marine Characters

Chaplain on a bike
2 captains from assault on black reach
Captain with jump pack
Captain with power sword (lot 1)
Captain with power sword lot 2
Techmarine with servo arm
OOP terminator librarian
OOP terminator captain
3 Imperial pilots / engineers

Space Marine Bikes

6 space marine bikers
3 Bikers with special weapons
Attack bike multi melta part
3 Attack bikes with heavy bolters
3 Attack bikes with multi meltas

Space Marine Tanks + Vehicles

Rhino lot 1
Rhino (lot 2)
Razorback with heavy bolters
Razorback with Lascannons
Predator Tank lot 1
Predator tank (lot 2)
Predator tank lot 3
Land Raider 2
3 Land speeders with multi meltas
Land speeder typhoon
Land speeder tornado with assault cannon
2 land speeders with heavy bolters
3 Dreadnoughts
Dreadnought with missile launcher
Dreadnought missile launcher and lascannon arms
Metal dreadnught with multi melta
Classic OOP Predator (lot 1)
Classic OOP predator lot 2
Classic OOP vindicator (lot 1)
Classic vindicator (lot 2)
Classic OOP razorback with lascannons
Classic OOP whirlwind
3 Classic OOP rhinos
Classic OOP rhino
Vehicle upgrade frame

Dark Angels

12 DA veterans
Chapter Master Azrael
Chaplain asmodai
Chief librarian Ezekiel
Dark angels captain
Dark angels vehicle upgrade frame

Blood Angels

New BA codex
New Blood angels tactical squad
Baal predator tank
Furioso librarian dreadnought
Mephiston Chapter master dante
Astaroth the grim
9 death company marines
8 Sanguinary guard
6 old metal death company
Captain Karlaen from Deathstorm
Old BA codex
Furioso dreadnought armour plate bits
Baal predator bits

Space Wolves

12 space wolves grey hunters / wolf guard
Bjorn the fell handed
Wolf guard with power fist
2 wolf scouts
Ulric the slayer
Rune priest body

Grey knights and inquisition
5 Grey knight terminators
3 grey knights strike squad
Inquisitorial cherub
servo skulls

Chaos Marines / Daemons / Khorne Daemonkin

6 plague marines
12 chaos terminators
5 chaos space marine bikers
20 chaos space marines
10 pink horrors
5 possessed
Finecast skulltaker (khorne herald)
Abaddon the Despoiler
8 khorne berserkers
4 Unassembled khorne berserkers
Chaos Spawn (lot 1)
Chaos spawn (lot 2)
Land raider (lot 1)
Land raider chassis
Chaos Predator tank
Chaos rhino
Classic OOP plague marine
Classic OOP Terminator Lord
Chaos vehicle accessory frames
Chaos rhino
Previous edition codex
Bloodletter daemon
Classic OOP chaos space marines job lot

Imperial guard / Astra Militarum Infantry Models

10 catachan jungle fighters
10 new catachan jungle fighters
35 catachan jungle fighters
24 cadian shock troops
Company command squad
Metal Ministorum Priests
Classic metal ogryn
Captain alrahem special character
Lord commissar
4 Sniper guardsmen
4 Ratling snipers
Plasma gun and melta gun guardsmen
3 New catachan heavy weapon teams
3 Autocannon heavy weapon teams
3 Missile layncher heavy weapon teams
3 lascannon heavy weapons teams
3 Heavy bolter heavy weapons teams
3 Old Metal Guardsmen
Guard bits lot 1
Guard bits lot 2
Metal autocannon for heavy weapons team
Previous edition codex

Imperial guard / Astra Militarum Tank and Vehicle Models

Hellhammer super heavy tank
Manticore tank
2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
Leman russ exterminator
Leman russ demolisher
Basilisk (lot 1)
Basilisk (lot 2)
Basilisk / Chimera Chassis
Chimera (lot 1)
Chimera (lot 2)
Damaged chimera and parts
Scout sentinel with lascannon
2 sentinels with multi lasers
Metal tank commander
Classic OOP Sentinel
Sentinel cockpit part
Chimera lasgun array parts


30 ork shoota boyz
30 Boyz with sluggas and choppas
10 new ork boyz with sluggas
10 Nobz with Sluggas and Choppas
4 Burna boyz
2 Ork lootas
3 Tankbustas
20 ork gretchin Warboss with power klaw
Warbuggy / Wartrakk
3 Deffkoptas
Ork Trukk
2 OOP ork killa kanz
Gorka Morka OOP trukk
Job lot of OOP orks


5 tyranid warriors
10 Unpainted Termagants
12 termagants with fleshborers
14 termagants with spinefists
8 termagants with devourers
20 genestealers
Damaged genestealers job lot
10 spore mines
3 ripper swarms
Metal hive tyrant
Tyranid carnifex
Metal biovore
Metal gargoyle
Tyranid bits lot
Tyranid scenery job lot


4 XV8 crisis battlesuits
12 fire warriors with pulse carbines
24 fire warriors
20 Kroot mercenaries
10 damaged kroot
Unpainted metal ethereal
Anghkor prok kroot shaper
4 kroot hounds
2 Pathfinders 6 XV25 Stealth suits
3 Classic OOP Broadsides
2 Damaged forge world broadsides
Hammerhead with railgun
Unpainted hammerhead with ion cannon and railgun
Devilfish (lot 1)
Damaged devilfish tank
2 piranhas
5 OOP Stealth Suits
4 magnetised shield drones
8 Marker drones
Gun drone job lot
Tau bits lot
Cyclic Ion Blaster and Airbusting Fragmentaton Launcher
Commander farsight’s shield generator
Ion cannon from hammerhead
2 heavy rail rifles


20 necron warriors
Damaged necron warriors
Necron lychguard Deathmarks and Immortals Job Lot
Damaged necron lord
Damaged necron pariah
Damaged trazyn the infinite
6 cannoptek scarabs swarms
Damaged metal flayed one


Falcon grav tank
Vyper jetbike
8 guardians
3 dire avengers
War walker
Reaper Launcher Part
Warp jump generator
Metal striking scorpion
Classic Metal Wraithlord
Vyper jetbike turret piece
Perspex grav tank windscreen

Warhammer Fantasy
2 bretonnian knights
Lizardmen skinks spare parts
Night goblin fanatic
2 lizardmen jungle swarms
Wood elf dragon


Job lot of good miniatures
Job lot of minas tirith
Job lot of ork and evil miniatures
24 Haradrim Warriors


5 melta guns
Huge random 40k bits job lot
4 Large job lot of random minis
Techmarine power axe
Servitor servo arm
4 space marine banners / standards
Cyclone missile launcher
2 Mighty Empires tiles
Assault cannon
Classic dark elder bits lot
Dozer blade

Terrain / Scenery

Large ruined building
Jungle trees (damaged)
3 citadel model trees
8 forcefield generators from battle for macragge
Chapel of sanctuary rubble
Citadel ruins new on sprues
6 ork barricades
Crashed shuttle terrain piece
Miscellaneous 40k scenery

Hobby Supplies
Large citadel carry case
Citadel carry case
Army painter strong tone wash
14 citadel paints
Citadel dice cube
Small dice pack
Job lot of transfers
Citadel sand basing pot
Citadel static grass pot
Apocalypse gaming templates
Job lot of paint brushes
6 gaming templates
2 Old 5th edition rule books
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