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View Poll Results: What will it be?
Rogue Trader 24 22.22%
Hereditary Aristocrat/Planetary Noble (think Pontius Glaw before his corruption) 10 9.26%
itor (of any Ordo) 25 23.15%
Inquisitor's agent 7 6.48%
IG Officer (let's say a colonel) 9 8.33%
Arbites Detective/Investigator 2 1.85%
Hiveworld Bountyhunter 6 5.56%
Mechanicus Tech Priest 10 9.26%
Ecclesiarchy Preacher 1 0.93%
Adeptus Administratum Tax-Collector (for you sadistic ones) 4 3.70%
Farmer (on an agri-world of Ultramar) 5 4.63%
Chapter Serf (of a chapter of your choice) 5 4.63%
Voters: 108.

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