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Default Top 5s

So, I just mentioned that I thought The West Wing was the 4th best TV show ever, so that got me thinking about my Top 5s... So, here are mine:


The Wire - On every count, incredible. Slow-burning, intelligent, well-acted, superbly scripted. Season 5 is, for me, a weak link, but everything up to then is incredible.

Battlestar - Came out of nowhere for me, mind-bogglingly brilliant. Layered, beautiful, twisty. Again, Season 4 on, it got a bit too much. The Final 4 disappointed me, and the Final 1 annoyed me. But seasons 1-3, wow.

Game of Thrones - Sean Bean.

The West Wing - Aaron Sorkin's lightning fast patter makes this the cleverest, funniest political show ever. Love it.

Open - I'm not sure about this, I want to put a comedy series, like 30 Rock, or The Big Bang Theory down, but I'm not sure... Ohh... or Band of Brothers... shit!


Black Hawk Down - A controversial choice perhaps, but pure awesome. An incredible, 2-hour gun battle that's exceptionally executed by all involved. I love Eric Bana.

Tron: Legacy - A perfect marriage of sound and visuals. The most incredible looking and sounding film I've ever seen.

Bridge to Terabithia - Incredible moment changes the movie in ways I won't mention.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - Airplane for a new generation. Joke after joke, visually stunning, great cinema.

Open - Bit of a copout, but I can't think of anything right now...

So, that's mine, what about yours?

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Damn you and your lists! I hate doing top 5/10's because I feel inclined to join in, but it's so hard to just choose 5

I don't watch TV much, so onto the movies:

Leon: I adore this film in every way possible. I still have no idea why Luc Besson stopped directing proper films to make movies about fairyfolk.

Jackie Brown:
Always slips through the net when people talk about Tarantino, but 100% his best film.

40 Year old virgin: Good quality, clever & accessible comedy, i'll always be in the mood to watch this. Carrell, Rudd and Rogen are pretty much at their best too.

Goodfellas: In some respects it's outclassed by what's come before and after, but overall this is the gangster film.

Eternal sunshine:From it's concept, core and execution, this is spectacular film making. An arthouse, sci-fi romance sounds insane, but it's immensely watchable.

and now i've run out of picks......

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My favorites for tv tend to be what I currently enjoy watching with the wife.

Big Bang Theory - nerd humor at it's greatest
Warehouse 13 - very quircky scify show
Bones - the cast is great, the stories are intersting
Eureka - another quircky scify show
Burn Notice - it has Bruce Campbell and the humor is great
Lie To Me - Roth is perfect for this role

There is more and yes that is more than 6 but they all are equal in my enjoyment, so honestly there is no 'top 5' for me on them.

Same situation with movies I do not really have 'tops' more like favored movies. Looking at my dvds I can say that I like Bruce Campbell movies, Danny Kaye movies and John Cusack movies a lot :-p

Idiocracy - makes smart people want to breed more
Grosse Point Blank - Cusack at his most mental, Aykroyd also out there
Shaun of the Dead - Zombieland is almost as good at this but I just find the humor better in this one
The Court Jester - One of my favorite Danny Kaye movies
Tombstone - A long, gritty cowboy movie

The above movies are ones that I would toss into the dvd right now if I had time and the urge to watch a movie so say those are my top 5 of the movies I own.

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Television Series:

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - My favorite show for around a decade now. It is Joss Whedon's masterpiece with amazing characters, dialogue, plots, and what other series get to make such an awesome musical!

2) The West Wing - I get so into this show when Bartlett is giving one of his inspiring speeches that I've shed more than a few tears over how emotional and deep it gets. Plus I love watching an idealized liberal government. An amazing cast as well.

3) How I Met Your Mother - It's all about Marshall, Lily and Barney for me. Ted and Robin are kind of meh. All around hilarious and if I could emulate one television character, it would definitely be Marshall. That character is too sweet and charming.

4) Angel - Huge Joss Whedon fan here. He did some amazing things with this series as well and it turned into more than just a spin-off of Buffy. The final season is like a work of art and the final episode "Not Fade Away" was another emotional one for me.

5) Not sure what to put here. I think Veronica Mars would probably be my fifth (seriously check out this show because it's awesome and not well known). Others I really enjoy would be Firefly, Dollhouse, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Burn Notice.


1) Watchmen - Loved the graphic novel. I believe the movie was breath-taking in its translation to the big screen. The ending was even better than that of the source material in my opinion and Ozymandias is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. I totally sympathize with him and when I see him at the end (of both the movie and graphic novel) all alone after having saved the world, it just kills me. Having to live with this on your shoulders, knowing you did the right thing, would be unbelievably difficult

2) Nightmare Before Christmas - Yes I am one of those guys who idolizes this movie. Incredibly inventive and I'm a sucker for musicals. I also really enjoy stop motion animation.

3) Forgetting Sarah Marshall - A great cast for this movie. I cracked up non-stop throughout this movie. I also have some special memories watching this with some friends of mine. It's like after having watched it and enjoyed it with these guys I knew that we would be great friends for years to come.

4) Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Not as good as the graphic novels (who can blame them really since there are six of them), but still amazing. I love the humor but wish they could have delved into some of the finer details of the source though.

5) Bladerunner - Just go watch this movie. If you have not seen it you are seriously doing yourself a disservice. The ending is mind-blowing.
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TV Series:

1 - Doctor Who - Awesome sci-fi, and I've enjoyed it ever since I saw the first episode of the first series of New Who.
2 - Top Gear - The UK one, obviously. Love the specials, although in recent years the show has suffered a bit.
3 - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock Holmes, do I need another explanation?
4 - Family Guy - Have you heard, about the Bird?
5 - South Park - Takes the piss out of everything like Family Guy, and enjoyable.


1 - Inception - complicated but enjoyable.
2 - Solomon Kane - Practically a Warhammer Fantasy Movie.
3 - Gladiator - "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."
4 - Walk the Line - "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash!"
5 - Lord of the Rings - Enjoyable Epic Fantasy, and practically a classic.

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TV :
1 - Supernatural
2 - Game of Thrones
3 - Lie to Me
4 - Stargate SG1
5 - Criminal Minds

1 - Dog Soldiers
2 - Doomsday
3 - Aliens
4 - Predator
5 - Die Hard (all of them)

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Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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TV Shows

1 - South Park - I just love the abuse
2 - Twin Peaks - THe surreal aspect just draws me in and both series endings are great
3 - Spartacus Blood and Sand / Rome can't really decide 'tween the two
4 - Embarrassing Bodies - Laughing at poeple's misfortune is priceless
5 - Lie to Me - I think Tim Roth is a fantastic actor

1 - Full Metal Jacket
2 - Oldboy
3 - Goodfellas
4 - Nightmare before Christmas
5 - 300/Black Sheep I just can't help myself re watching either
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TV series:

1: Supernatural
2: Merlin
3: Family Guy
4: Futurama
5: Soul Eater

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I watch zero tv but do enjoy some series on dvd. I own few dvd's, film or tv series as they just tend to sit on a shelf untouched after being watched once so i only buy those that i know i will watch more than once.


2. Star Trek TNG
3. Star Trek Voyager
4. Star Trek TOS
5. QI


1. Alien Quadrilogy
2. The Transporter Trilogy
3. Fifth Element
4. Half Past Dead
5. Star Trek Nemesis


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10 films in a top 5? That's impressive...

and secondly, of all the Trek movies... Nemesis?

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