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nice boy, daft though !
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considering some of the movies people have mentioned i get the impression that you havent seen that many really bad movies, putting movies like expendables in the worst movie ever is crazy, almost every actor in expendables has at least one movie in there back catalogue worse than that movie,stallone alone has 3 stinkers spykids3,rhinestone and rocky 5, dolph lundgren was in masters of the universe and fat slags for fecks sake.

I have to say i enjoyed Vampires suck more than i enjoyed Twilight but it wasnt a great spoof/parody or what ever the term is

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I love Vampires Suck simply because having seen all the twilight films, I hated them all soooo much.

Just made me laught my feckin' arse off
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Porn King!!!
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I have a few that all equal each other is terms of horrible status in my mind.


Emo vamps with no teeth that sparkle in the sun. Fuck off, seriously??

Little Miss Sunshine

I don't care how badly a little girl wants to enter a talent show, no one keeps going with their dead father in the trunk for it, never mind the rest of the lame shit in that movie.

Halloween 2 (the Zombie remake)

Wow, just.....wow. I absolutely love the original two and didn't mind the first remake but this one was so bad that I couldn't even finish it.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
I can't really explain it. There was absolutely nothing about the film that grabbed or held my attention. When watching the DVD at home I started daydreaming about new paint schemes and eventually went to get my codex to write a new list.

I honestly tried to watch it, but it was like grabbing at dry grass when you're rolling off a cliff... I just couldn't summon up any interest in any part of the film at all. :shrug:
Fair enough. But since it didn't make you clench your fists it doesn't seem worthy of being on a "Worst Movie Ever" list.

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
So you're a wanker?
Who cares? Anyone that says they don't wank is a lying twat. Wank hard, wank often.
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Definitely the Fantastic 4. No movie is quite as obnoxious as that movie. and its sequel.
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The Room. People have said that it's the Citizen Kane of bad movies. I rest my case...

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I give you Ankle biters. It's basically about midget vampires, yes I said it Its that bad that the closer the camera gets to someone the louder they become because it's obviously done on a hand held camera and the mics attached to it. It remains the only film I have ever turned off halfway through and I'v seen every other film in this thread so far.
Heres the trailer, enjoy.

No mercy for the weak!
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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
considering some of the movies people have mentioned i get the impression that you havent seen that many really bad movies, putting movies like expendables in the worst movie ever is crazy
I'm with this. Literally, people saying that annoys me so much. If you honestly think that something like the expendables was the worst movie of all time. It says 2 things.

You've seen about 4 movies.
and the 2nd I can't say without breaking the rules.

And besides.. the expendables is fucking brilliant. I could name 100+ films, off the top of my head, that aren't as good as it.
Admittedly it's got nothing on Pulp Fiction.. But for what it aimed to achieve (Which was a super-awesome, cheesy, explosion crazy action movie).. it was brilliant.
It wasn't supposed to have a story line, if you like films with story lines, and not just OTT action, why the fuck would you go and see the expendables anyway?!!

The guy who wishes he never sold all his warhammer. Haha. Such is life.
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anything farted by michael bay is shit
inglorius bastards (the recent one) was shit
spiderman was shit
superman was shit
the new batmans were shit
social network is shit
wolverine was shit
Hulk was shit
many more are shit, but the greatest blight upon mankind, the worst thing to ever be created by the mind of an idiot, 100x worse than bayformers, is fucking Twilight, that pile of gobshite needs to be burned.

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Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
spiderman was shit
superman was shit
the new batmans were shit
wolverine was shit
Hulk was shit
And thats why i dont think Comic books, long running series' in particular shouldnt be films, they do terrible jobs which ruin my fav characters (yes i read comics) as much as I like the Spider-man films (only really becuase one of my fav comic book charaters is on the big screen) ill admit they are terrible films.

Worst film for me is Babe Pig in the City, that just bored me it did wheni was the age for it and it does now.

Trees the Movie should be mentioned even though i kinda like it

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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