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Dicaprio has been in a couple of excellent movies as already stated. The departed was fantastic and his role was done as good as any other actor could have pulled off. The Aviator was also a great movie were he did a fantastic job. Guys be hatin' because he was a teen heart throb back in the beginning of his career and some people can't let that go. Now he gets down to making movies and doing a good job at acting in them.

As for the Inception movie, I haven't heard a single negative comment yet. But, I cannot and will not spend the ridiculous ticket prices to see a movie in a theater ever again. Netflix has seen that I get my movie fix on the cheap and on the quick. I can wait.
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Only about 4 for a ticket over here. And while i agree that sometimes it can be a waste and you may aswell wait till its out, some films like Inception i believe have to be seen in the cinema to get the full effect
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4 is equal to roughly $6.50 US. Over here (at the theaters near me, others may be more or less) it is $13 per ticket or 8.50, so a little more than double what your paying. Not worth going to one movie when I pay that same price for one month of netflix and get unlimited movies and a shit ton of watch instantly movies on my computer and Wii.

I also don't have people talking throughout the entire movie, fucking around on their cell phones, teenage girls being little fucktards and running in and out of the theater and such. Fuck a theater, not worth it.

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I feel for you. With a student discount (yay for universities), combined with Orange Wednesdays at an afternoon showing I can see most films for around 2.50 :p. I think the experience you have in a cinema is completely different from watching movies at home. In a cinema I'm able to detatch my critical hat and just immerse myself in the movie experience. Think if I watched all films on my computer screen or TV I'd never be wowed by a movie like you get on a huge cinema screen.

As for annoying people in the cinema, attending during school hours combined with britishness deals with that.
Just my two cents.


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Aye cinemas arent so bad here in Britain, i dont think ive ever been to a showing where people have made noticeable noises or distractions. But yeah 8.50 is a little steep
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it's a piece of magnificently planned out mind fuck with the tomes and all that, seriously, its like dividing by zero only in the literal sense
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I thought it was quite interesting. Definitely held my interest throughout the movie. Here's hoping they don't screw the pooch with a sequel.

As for theaters, this summer in particular I've become a big fan. I've been hitting matinee showings for the most part, so lower ticket prices and a lack of people in the theater have made the experience a bit more enjoyable. And seriously, nothing beats it for the sheer feel it can grant a movie. Everything's a bit more epic.

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It was ok. It wasn't absolutely fucking brilliant as some people made it out to be, but it was one of the year's better movies.

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Better than that uninspiring Avatar... Seriously, besides the visual effects, Avatar was boring.

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Just seen this movie.
Did anyone else hate it?

After seeing all of the reviews and people that rated it as one of the best movies of all time i was expecting it to blow my mind.
However, it was so full of plot holes and pointless crap that i had to face palm a couple of times.

There was ZERO character development for any of the characters besides him. The girl just basically dropped her whole life (which we know nothing about) to help some random guy in his dream. All of the other characters were like that.

And why was it that he could affect what happened in other peoples dreams, but nobody else could? The only explanation i can think of is that the entire movie was one of his dreams. If not, then its just another one of the massive plot holes that was overlooked.

And what was with all the action? I didn't see why the hell there were so much gunfire in the dreams. I know they were from the guy they were trying to implant the "idea", but it just seemed like a lame excuse to put guns in the movie to appeal to all the braindead people that cant THINK, and would rather just watch shit get blown up.

And the whole thing about dreams inside dreams, inside dreams, inside dreams...
And the fact that if they died they went to limbo...
The only reason i can see for the drug is just to add tension, but does nothing for the logistics of the story.
And why not let that guy die? He was only in 1 layer, and going by their mathematics he would spend bugger all time in limbo.

Sorry for the rant.
Yes, the movie was better than a majority of the other garbage that has come out this year, but in no way was it a "good" movie.
The idea was good, but it seemed like they destroyed the idea by turning it into an action film instead.

This movie would have been a LOT better if they made it a drama instead of an action, got rid of all of the guns in the movie, and actually focused more on the idea of the dreams and the character development.

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